Are coyotes causing you to lose sleep at night? New Jersey resident Liora Sofer has dealt with coyotes before, but she hardly expected the critters to move in. According to the Daily Mail, two wandering coyotes took over an unused dog house on Sopfer’s property in rural Closter, and they are proving to be a thorn in her side.

“They howl so loudly that I can’t sleep,” Sofer told NBC News.

The coyotes are smart enough to vacate the area by morning, but every night since Saturday they have returned to sleep in the dog house. Sofer said the worst part is the howling, which habitually keeps her and her 15-year-old daughter up at night.

Coyote populations have been booming on the East Coast, where they are not a native species. As a general rule, the critters tend to shy away from humans. However, it is not uncommon for coyotes to venture into farms or homes looking for food. The predators are especially dangerous for pets, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection warns residents to bring pets in at night if they suspect coyote activity. Coyotes rarely dare to attack humans, but experts say that it can occur and residents should approach such animals carefully.

Sofer said that she was told to haze the coyotes and to board up the doghouse, which she has done, but it seemed to make little difference. The homeowner said that she is looking into a more permanent solution, such as hiring an animal control company to catch the coyotes.

You can see video of the animals below:

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3 thoughts on “Coyotes Take Over Doghouse, Pester Homeowner with Howls

  1. I love coyotes & hearing their chorus at night. I find it soothing. “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” Winston Churchill

  2. Their high tension, frenetic tipping and howling is not soothing at all. They aren’t singing.

    Winston Churchills quote was not fitting. He was referring to being resolute in the commitment to defeating evil in its form. A matter of human ‘heart’ in reference to other humans. Nazi Germany. Ethnic cleansing. Your attitude is what allowed millions of people to have been massacred. It took the U.S. far too long to get their head out of the sand and accept reality for what it is and ultimately do the right thing.

    Coyotes aren’t human. They don’t care about harmony or anything of the sort. Often times they are warning others packs to stay out in fact. They will “war” with any invaders. They will fight “within”. Other times they are running deer herds trying to single out the fawns in order to rip out their guts out while the deer is still alive. So think about that the next time you try to bask in their vicious “song”. They are vermin. Let’s not pretend that there is no such thing.

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