I’m not sure whether this video posted by Danielle Bergen is the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen or the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen (or whether there is even a difference between the two).

There isn’t much to say other than that. It’s clay shooting and hockey. What else do you need?

Image is a screenshot of a video by Danielle Bergen on YouTube

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  • Greg

    She crushed them.

  • Arleen Massey

    Awsome…looks like a hoot

  • Greg Clark

    the kid is in front of the gun, very unsafe. all she has to do is slip and the gun goes sideways and boom!

    • Scott Dion

      Yeah that’s what I thought too. I always make sure clays are being tossed from just behind and well to the side of me or whoever I’m throwing for.

    • PauL

      You guys are a little paranoid

  • DL

    Reminds me of the old saying: I went to a (gun)fight and a hockey game broke out. 😉