What would you do if you ever came across a sleeping deer? Despite their reputation as skittish creatures, it seems that some deer are actually heavy sleepers. This hunter can’t believe his luck when he comes across a young deer in the middle of a nap. Despite his attempts to wake it, the critter seems perfectly happy to keep on sleeping—at least until the hunter gets too close.

Image screenshot of video by catchingeels on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Sneaks Up On Sleeping Deer

  1. My only question is which state allows you to carry a gun and a bow at the same time? usually its one or the other lol Cool video though

    1. Most states to carry a firearm during archery is forbidden. But, you can use a bow or crossbow during the firearms season. (if that’s what you want to hunt with) I haven’t really heard of anybody carrying both, but during firearms season, that should be legal.

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