Hunters often face many dangers in the wild, but a naked man claiming to be Sasquatch and armed with a handsaw is generally not among the usual hazards.

In October 2013, 58-year-old Jeff McDonald ventured into the woods of Manning, Oregon for a chance at bagging some venison. It was an area that he was familiar with, and known to be popular with other hunters as well. That was why when McDonald first saw 22-year-old Linus Norgren, the hunter’s initial reaction was to wonder why Norgen was dressed in tan clothing in the middle of deer season. However, it turned out that McDonald mistook Norgen’s completely nude body for flesh-colored clothes. The only thing the other man carried was a pruning saw in one hand.

“I was armed with a high-powered rifle,” McDonald told The Oregonian. “I thought he’s probably not going to do anything.”

Staying calm, McDonald asked the young man his name and what he was doing in the forest. Norgen simply responded that he was a Sasquatch from a family of Sasquatches. At this point, the hunter recalled making sure his gun was pointed away from Norgen to avoid upsetting him. McDonald even offered to help guide Norgen out of the woods. It was a bad idea. As the two men turned to leave, Norgen struck McDonald in the back of the head with a rock and the hunter lost consciousness.

When McDonald came to, he was on the ground and Norgen was attempting to strangle him. The hunter said that Norgen tried to gouge out one of his eyes and even shoved a fist through his mouth. With his shoulders dislocated from the fall, McDonald had a hard time fighting back, but managed to keep his attacker from inflicting further injuries. When the older man asked why Norgen was trying to kill him, the 22-year-old replied chillingly that “Sasquatch kills the hunter.”

The fight eventually came to a standstill and, unexpectedly, Norgen passed out. According to KPTV, McDonald was able to use this opportunity to retrieve his rifle and hold Norgen captive until police arrived.

Both men met again in a courtroom last Tuesday as Circuit Judge Thomas Kohl sentenced Norgen to 10 years in prison for the attack. McDonald addressed the court, saying that in the year and half since the encounter, Norgen has not accepted responsibility for the attack and has instead been in consistent denial.

“There’s no reason to believe that he is not physically and potentially mentally capable of repeating the same sort of attack that he did to me 17 months ago,” McDonald said.

In his defense, Norgen claimed that the attack was a byproduct of mental illness and an untreated bipolar disorder. Despite that, Norgen did not enter an insanity defense.

“I didn’t want to hurt him,” the young man said in court, adding that he was simply terrified.

You can hear Norgen’s account of the incident to the court below.

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75 thoughts on “Naked Man Who Attacked Oregon Hunter while Pretending to Be Bigfoot Sentenced to 10 Years

  1. I think he should of gotten more of a sentence as well. Only a phsycopath goes into the bush to do that. I hope he has a rough time in prison.

    1. Once the attacker was no longer a threat, there was no need to shoot him. Following your advice would get you convicted of murder.

      1. When an attacker is no longer a threat, killing him is not self defense. Not in Oregon. Not in Texas. Not in any other state.

        How can you possibly think that shooting an unarmed and unconscious man is self defense?

      2. And how long have you lived in Texas so that you presume to know how the case would be handled here? McDonald would not even be charged had he chosen to shoot naked bigfoot man. There’s a reason I live in Texas and not the Communist States.

      3. And, please do us all a favor and stay there. We have enough of you crazies running around the “Communist States,” already anyway. The likes of you are best contained in Texas.

      4. You communists and your Islamocommunist insane Leader Obama are endangering the entire country, but no worries, a civil war will solve that.

      5. @ Meir Kahane.

        I’ve been hearing “Civil War”, for the better part of 10-years now. Results, NOTHING “ALL TALK, NO ACTION”. The problem is, No One What’s To Be A Martyr For the Cause. And what’s the cause, you can’t even agree on that point either…

      6. Tell you what, Matlock, why don’t you go find a Texas incident involving an unconscious person being shot, and the shooter not being charged.

        Good luck with that, loony.

      7. Hey, Perry shitass why don’t you check Texas history. Plenty of cases of unarmed people being shot in the back.

  2. You people really need to learn what its like to live with someone with a mental illness or even be associated with someone who has it. Its hard and unpredictable some times. People with mental illness have no idea what there doing when there sick, its truly not there fault and its the result of the mental health care system. Letting people out of the hospital too quick, not setting up proper aftercare and follow up and the one im most upset about not letting family and friends make decesions about there loved ones with a mental illness,. These people desevered to be closely mointered but not jailed. Cmon now

    1. And maybe you need to learn what it’s like to come close to death at the hands of another individual. The attacker’s mental state is irrelevant.

      1. The mental state (“mea rea”) is critical in criminal law, and it has been for centuries.

      2. The mental state of someone like you is just as dangerous as that of naked bigfoot man, who should have been euthanized.

      3. @Tim_the_Bald.

        Ironically Texas does have The Advance Directive Act of 1999. Which does allow Euthanization of Human’s, unfortunately and/or fortunately it only applies to Patient’s in Hospitals with sever life injuries, and at Doctors Discretions…

      4. Outrageous! I will write to my representative forthwith to correct this deficiency in the law and extend it to naked bigfoot men who attack law abiding hunters. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Secundius.

      5. @ Tim_the_Bald.

        Your Welcome, but I Wouldn’t Hold My Breath on see any action from the Politician’s. I don’t see them Sticking Their Collective Necks Out on this one. To Big a Pandora’s Box for Their Taste’s…

      6. Understanding the law of deadly force in self defense makes me dangerous?

        You have some serious problems.

      7. A person with problems is a person who wants to let a lunatic loose. That is what is wrong with this country, hey, we elected a madman as president, didn’t we?

      8. Exactly when did I say he should have been “let loose?” Are you hallucinating just like this nutbag?

      9. Maybe he will be released that soon, but I never said that it is a good idea to let him out that soon, did I? In fact, I never said one way or the other how long he should be locked up.

      10. As soon as he is released he will run back into the woods. Better for all concerned if he had been humanely put down by the hunter, and that’s why in Texas the authorities would turn a blind eye if he were found dead and the hunter claimed self defense.

      11. You have claimed that in Texas, shooting an attacker who has passed out will not result in a prosecution. However, you have not backed that bogus claim up.

        Now you have just added some junk you made up to the situation. If the hunter had shot him and then lied about the circumstances, yeah, he would not have been prosecuted. But that isn’t what happened, is it?

        A few years ago, my wife was driving, and someone with road rage had us boxed in and started swerving at us; he was threatening us with deadly force. In keeping with my right of self defense, I pulled my .45 out of the glove box. I didn’t have time to roll down the window before he hit the gas and sped away.

        At that point, he was no longer a threat, and shooting him would have been murder. That’s basic self-defense law. When the threat ends, your right to use deadly force ends.

        People like you who want to kill anyone after he has committed a crime are sick whackos. If I ever kill anyone, it will be as a last resort to protect my life and limb or someone else’s life and limb.

      12. People like you who want a sick psychotic killer to live and eventually be able to threaten/kill someone again are sick whackos no better than the criminals they defend. Given the perverted justice system you communists have created, killing should be a first resort.

      13. @ Meir Kahane.

        Just exactly, who did he KILL. There Nothing mention about him Killing Anyone. Or, is this Creative Licensing. Creating Facts that haven’t happen yet…

      14. @ Meir Kahane.

        I live just 15-minutes away from the White House in Washington, DC. What exactly has the President done, that qualifies as being MAD…

      15. Uh… doing all he can to help Iran get nukes? But don’t worry my good fellow. You’ll probably be killed quickly in the blast.

      16. @ Meir Kahane.

        The only way Iran, is going to get Nuke’s is. If the Congress Out Dumb Themselves by listening to “Bebe”…

      17. Like Meir said, you’ll probably be killed in the blast. Ironically the Iranians will be doing us a favor if they nuke DC

      18. @ Tim_the_Bald.

        Guess who is the Number ONE Spying Nation for the People’s Republic of China for American Technology since at least 1992 is, “Bebe” live and is the Prime Minister…

      19. Poor frustrated Nazi. It is funny you will end up being killed by Muslims, and even funnier that Bebe [sic] the Jew is the only one who can save you.

      20. @ Meir Kahane.

        If Israel was so worried, they would have already bombed Iran by Now. Why do it Themselves, if they can get the STUPID American’s to do it for them. That way it cost them Nothing, and they can sit out the Maelstrom that follows the attack…

      21. Ah, but the Americans ARE too stupid to bomb Iran, so the Israelis are going to have to do it. If they don’t, sooner or later old Secundius will be glowin’ green. Remember, it was the Israelis who destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, not the US.

      22. @ Meir Kahane.

        Why on Earth do you think “Bebe” came to the United States, Sir. To get the Moron’s Controlling Congress Stirred-Up into a Fight Frenzy. Israel DOESN’T want to fight Iran, they want US the United States of America, too do it. Do you actually think the people in the USA, want to go to WAR again. After being in a least 5 Wars, in the past 14-years. Are you that STUPID…

      23. Americans never want war, but sometimes you have no choice. The Jews didn’t convince the Iranians to chant Death to America. Do you actually think the Jews are our enemy and not the Muslims? Are you that STUPID?

      24. @ Meir Kahane.

        Just exactly who’s going to fight it Sir, What’s the incentive. You have a Congress who doesn’t what to fund any Wars, Give Benefit’s to the Troops Fighting the War, an Unfunded VA. Medical System, Soldiers being deported after serving, Three, Four and Five Rotations in Service, Thirty-Two Service Men and Women Committing Suicides Every Day. Are you planing to reinstate the Draft. Good luck finding Volunteers, Unless you plan to Join…

      25. We could defeat Iran with sanctions. Do you deny the Muslim threat? I currently serve in a constitutional militia.

    2. I imagine if you had your skull smashed with a rock, from a person you were trying to help, and the fall to the ground dislocated both your shoulders, but you still had to fight this idiot off or die, you might feel differently.

    3. There’s is NO mental illness here. I GUARANTEE you the defense counsel carted him around to multiple psychologists, “doctor shopping” for ANY shred of a diagnosis that might support a mental illness defense. The fact that they did NOT use that defense tells us that there wasn’t a single professional willing to testify (even for a healthy paycheck) that there’s any kind of mental illness here.

      This guy was tripping his socks off on acid when he did this, pure and simple. People on crack, meth, PCP and other hard drugs have been known to commit serious violent and homicidal acts as well. The drug does not excuse their behavior any more than we excuse drunk drivers when they kill people. Do you use drunk driving incidents to promote mental illness awareness? I suggest you find a better poster child.

      1. You have no idea what you are talking about. There is no such thing as “a mental illness defense.”

      2. What do you base this assumption of drug use on other than your uneducated (when it comes to drug use at least) opinion. There was absolutely nothing mentioned about drugs until your comment. I’m pretty sure he was taken to a hospital for evaluation and given a physical before being taken to jail. There would have been a tox screen done after such bizarre behavior. If they had found drugs in his system it would have came up in the courtroom.

      3. Actually, his own friends and former schoolmates have been going back and forth on various social media venues (FaceBook, Twitter, etc). Some claim it was an acid trip, while a couple said he was on mushrooms at the time.

        Either way, it sounds like he was tripping his socks off, and from what his own friends say, he was no stranger to hallucinogenic drug use. The bizarre nature of his nudity, his belief that he was “sasquatch”, and the ensuing attack all point to a very bizarre trip.

        This is not mental illness. Nobody reaches the age of 20 and suddenly has an incident like this without a long history of incidents and medical diagnoses. Nobody has been able to come up with any prior issues, so it all points to a drug induced frenzy.

        Also, in this forum, someone mentioned that he admitted to LSD use in an interview, but I have not seen that footage, so I can’t confirm.

      4. Sorry, but you, again, don’t know what you are talking about. Schizophrenia, can come on suddenly, and there are a lot of bipolars who finally go off the deep end without ever having seen a psychiatrist or psychologist.

        You are wrong about this, just as you were wrong about the supposed “mental illness defense.”

      5. Well, consider me rebuked. I guess the defense counsel should have skipped all those reputable mental health professionals when they were shopping for some kind of diagnosis. Perhaps they should have instead searched amongst the ranks of dime-store psychoanalysts such as yourself.

        You could make a pretty good living as an expert witness… if only you could get past the part where they ask you to list your credentials.

      6. You don’t even understand the issue or basic facts about mental illnesses. That doesn’t stop you from spouting BS.

        Having a mental illness, even a serious one, does not get you off the hook for a crime. You are thinking of the insanity defense.

        What you said about mental illness (“Nobody reaches the age of 20 and suddenly has an incident like this without a long history of incidents and medical diagnoses.”) lays it flat out that you do not know what the hell you are talking about in that area, either.

        Just what are your “credentials” by the way? Daytime TV viewer?

  3. please pass the bill HR3717 write your local congressmen.. family and friends should be allowed to make important decesions about someones mental healthcare, some people have no idea that there sick and never get help. They end up homeless committing crimes they would never committ. its just sad

  4. I went to school with Linus at Banks High School in Banks, Or…He was a valedictorian and extremely polite person. He did have a slight mental illness too which nobody ever knew much about. The untold reason behind all of this is that he was on acid, this does not excuse his actions but it does tell you that our government, law enforcement, and judicial system are too caught up in getting the convictions rather then paying attention to those who need real help. It’s a shame to see this happen to both men and hopefully people learn from this including Linus.

      1. Has nothing to do with our government. Has nothing to do with his mental state. The guy attempted to kill an inoccrnt man. Therefore he loses his privelage to be a free member of society. No excuses. The hunter has more restraint than me, I would have shot this weirdo dead.

  5. Did it ever even come out, as to why he was “running around” in the woods naked. Or was this just a “bad” LSD experience for him…

  6. Your reading comprehension sucks. I never said anything about this was “normal”, just that it has nothing to do with mental illness. The guy was tripping on acid. That FACT has been well established.

    1. Drugs change your mental state from normal to abnormal. People who take mind altering drugs like acid, meth etc usually have an underlying mental illness of some sort, ie need something to change the mental state they are in because of a traumatic event like death of someone close to them, child abuse, etc……they therefore, by definition have a mental illness.
      But……… They still need to be responsible for their action and have to accept that there will be consequences

      1. There’s absolutely no truth in the assumption that drug users have some underlying mental illness. Drug addiction, much like alcoholism, affects people across all social standings and strata. There is no mental illness or deficiencies required. All it takes is some bad decisions, and a dose of over-confidence.

        Ask any addict and they’ll tell you they NEVER thought they would become addicted. They were confident (against all evidence to the contrary) that they would be able to have fun as a recreational user, and not suffer any of the consequences. In fact, one of the hardest steps in combatting addiction is to get someone to admit that they are in fact, an addict. They will cling to the idea that there’s no problem… that they can stop at any time… even when its obvious to all around them that they have serious issues.

        This situation is absolutely no different than a drunk climbing behind the wheel and killing someone. You cannot tell a judge that the alcohol is somehow to blame because it made you “mentally impaired” at the time.

      2. @ CS.

        In a interview, Cary Grant the Actor. Admitted to taking over 80-doses of LSD in his Lifetime, I don’t recall reading about any Mental Defect in HIM or his Family’s history…

      3. A lot of people with some sort of mental illness don’t tell anybody, but they still have it. It’s just a matter of time till it becomes publicly evident

      4. @ CS.

        The problem is, Nobody knew about him taking LSD, until he admitted taking it in the Television Interview. If had said nothing, we still wouldn’t have known…

      5. According to your assertion, anyone who unwinds with a couple of drinks has an underlying mental illness of some sort.

        You are talking out of your buttpipe.

      6. I didn’t say “that anyone that has a couple of drinks to unwind has an underlying mental problem”. I’m saying that drug addicts and alcoholics either flatout have a mental problem or have an underlying mental illness. Why take drugs if all is well? Spend some time in a rehab center and then come back and talk to me

      7. I didn’t say you did. I stated the necessary implication of your original statement (which you are now backpedaling), “People who take mind altering drugs like acid, meth etc usually have an underlying mental illness of some sort.”

        You didn’t say “addicts” you said people who take drugs. Alcohol is a mind-altering drug.

        EDIT: Don’t try to pull the “expert card” on me. You can claim anything on the ‘Net, and even if it is true, it does not necessarily mean that you are correct.

      8. Speak for yourself, Rico trope, as apparently you consider yourself some sort of legal expert.

      9. @ CS.

        Some Health Nuts, that exercise to much will feel Euphoria by producing large amounts of Endorphins. Are you suggesting that people that Exercise to much a Mentally Unbalanced…

  7. Well, he is lucky its only 10 years, a lot of guys myself included also carry handguns, and sharp strong knives! Then again I would never turn my back on anybody in the woods I didn’t personally know- that is just common sense! A naked man not on your life!

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