For years, Glock enthusiasts have been been begging the Austrian gunmaker to release a single-stack 9x19mm pistol. Last year at SHOT Show they released the subcompact Glock 42 in .380 ACP, which for many Glock enthusiast was just a appetizer. Earlier in March, Glock posted the images below on their Facebook page teasing the release of  a new pistol.

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To further fuel speculation, internet forum users have been posting digitally altered images of what the new Glock 43 might look like. Glock is adding to the suspense with a countdown timer on their website, which all but confirms an exciting new product. Last year we included a hypothetical Glock 43 in our list 7 “Shut Up and Take My Money” Guns because of the undeniable appeal of a compact 9x19mm Glock. If the rumors are true, we imagine the Glock 43 will look something like this.


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18 thoughts on “Glock 43 Rumors: Is the Single Stack 9mm Glock Finally Happening?

    1. What a joke. BEFORE USING GUN – READ WARNINGS IN INSTRUCTION MANUAL – AVAILABLE FREE AT http://WWW.RUGER.COM. I will never buy a gun whose manufacturer actually puts their website on the frame. Not to mention the gigantic loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide. AND the manual safety. LC9’s have more ugly lawyer shit on them than any other gun I know. Worse than Beretta.

      But it’s ok though! Because the LC9 comes in an attractive white cardboard box, with a shitty nylon pistol rug! Oh, and with a grand total of ONE MAGAZINE! WOAH! Great value there.

      Disassembly has to be the biggest joke of all though. In a world where tool-less disassembly is common and expected, not only do you have to use a pin punch to take apart an LC9, but what’s more, you have to use that punch to knock out a TINY, NON-CAPTIVE pin, which is about the size of a dime and will probably then be lost in your carpet to be found by the vacuum cleaner, turning your $400 LC9 into a useless pile of crap (implying it wasn’t already). And that’s just to take the slide off.

      Glock is showing up fashionably late to teach companies like Ruger how it’s done. The Glock 42 is already a better pistol than the LC9, the 43 is just nails in the coffin.

      1. The LC9s Pro has no chamber indicator or magazine safety. I don’t see any website on my frame and a plastic case isn’t worth $180. By the way, if you are so ham-handed that you lose the pin, try putting a roll of duct tape under the gun to corral the pin.

      2. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about the magazine safety! Another mark against an already shitty gun. That’s not even touching on the fact it’s a double action only, hammer fired gun with a godawful trigger either. Glock 42 beats the LC9 in both those aspects as well.

        And sure you can put a roll of duct tape under the gun, but why should I have to accommodate the pistol for its shitty design? Why should I have to work around this shitty design when the Ruger engineers could have just designed it like ALMOST EVERY OTHER PISTOL with a tool-less disassembly that doesn’t leave any small parts to lose. Almost every other major modern pistol has this feature, the Glock 43 is not even special for this fact, it is just meeting par. The LC9 is just sub-par in design.

        And where the hell do you get this $180 figure from? The MSRP?! What a joke, if you knew shit about shit then you would know that guns very rarely sell at MSRP. There are Glock 42’s all over Gunbroker right now for $400, that’s just a smidge over the average selling price of the LC9. The 43 will be expensive when it is released (just like any hyped up gun) but the price will stabilize to G42 levels in a few months.

      3. Wow! Try not to choke to death. It might be a good idea to get the right gun before you trash it. The LC9s Pro is a sticker-fired 9MM that is lighter, shorter and holds more rounds than this new Glock. I own three Glocks already but ths one holds little interest for me. You can get your panties all in a twist, Glock-boy but the Shield, PPS and XDs do the same things as this new Glock and all but the PPS cost less. Before you knock the LC9s Pro, try shooting it. None of my Glocks came with a stock trigger as good.

      4. The LC9s Pro is about a full centimeter taller than the Glock 43. When you’re trying to make a point, outright lying isn’t cool.

        “the Shield, PPS and XDs do the same things as this new Glock”
        I don’t remember mentioning any of those three pistols AT ALL. My only point is that the Glock 43 will shit all over the LC9. I wasn’t even talking about the LC9s Pro either, you brought that in from left field too. Do you have a hard time focusing?

    2. Double action only sux. Heavy trigger pull on LC9 , too heavy too shoot real accurately. Traded mine for a Glock 26. Not quite as compact, but a better gun in every regard.

    1. uh oh, the glock fan boys have arrived..actually, the glock may be a fine working tool, but its actually quite a bit more similar to trash than any other american made polymer pistol. Glocks are made like trash, starting with the recycled trash RSA…

  1. The G42 was an okay pistol, for a girl. It was never a pocket pistol, which is really the whole idea of a SS 380/9mm.

    It is pretty late to the party.

  2. I didn’t like Glocks for a long time and belittle them. I finally tried one for a second time and low and behold I shoot better with a Glock than any pistol i own,Beretta,Ruger CZ,S&W,Sig,. I’m not against any of those brands or I wouldn’t own them. It is the fact that Glocks are simple to work on and are reliable and
    in my case more accurate for me .

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of Glocks, although I own 3 and carried a 21 on duty for several years (after the Dept quit supplying ammo for my 629) before moving on to a Kimber 1911. I also carried a 23 for off duty and backup, which replaced my 669 (which replaced an old 60). I’ve never cared for Glock’s aesthetics but they do go bang every time. I have an XDs which I like but due to it’s width I find myself carrying a PF9 much of the time due to size. People tend to trash the Keltec but mine (includes P3AT) have been as reliable as a Glock. I also tend to favor Officers model 1911s when clothing situations permit. That said, if the G43 is as small as the G42 I’ll probably have to have one. I have no interest in the G42 as it’s just too big for a 380. I tend to carry the most gun the situation realistically permits. That means a P3AT on walks and a 1911 when with jacket of coat, not including my MC riding jacket which has an inside pocket that fits the PF9 perfectly (G43?). A thin compact Glock 9mm would have a place in my line up but will have to beat out my PF9.

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