Pound for pound, wolverines are probably one of the deadliest animals in North America. It is not just all reputation—the wolverine is a ferocious predator that has been documented to take down prey as large as adult moose. For a critter that’s only about 50 pounds, it goes beyond just simply impressive and into the territory of “see one and run in the opposite direction.”

Steve Kroschel, however, just views the animal as another playmate. He runs the Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska, where he became acquainted with Banff the wolverine.

“I’ve worked with wolverines for almost 27 years, and no animal really tugs at my heart strings like the wolverine,” Kroschel said.

Those words could be quite literal with one of these animals’ razor-sharp claws. However, nearly three decades of experience has taught Kroschel how to behave around the dangerous critters, and in the below video he leads Banff around as he talks to a tourist group. Banff, for his part, can’t seem to let go of Kroschel’s pants.


Image screenshot of video by Who Best Of 2015 on YouTube

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