Let’s face it, animals generally have way better reflexes than humans. After all, they have to survive in a world full of ways to get hurt, and even the slightest injury in the wild could mean the end. That said, we usually don’t expect wild animals to dodge bullets. Not only would it make hunting a lot harder, there’s just something downright creepy about it.

This bobcat manages to dodge not one, but two bullets that came within a hair’s breadth of hitting it. Perhaps it has been watching too much of The Matrix?

Image screenshot of video by worldhuntinggroup on YouTube

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16 thoughts on “Video: Bobcat with Matrix-like Reflexes Dodges Tracer Rounds

  1. The guy obviously can’t shoot. My uncle had a few sheds dedicated to Bobcats, that is their pelts and skulls. Every year I knew what I was going to do as a kid.

    1. The cat moved after the bullet passed, have you ever been on the receiving end of bullets flying very close to you ?
      They make a low whistle sound, and the air turbulence can be felt if very close. I have been shot out this is how
      I know.

  2. Great. Awesome. Love it. Nothing like inbreeding moonshine sucking hillbillies trying to kill a defenseless animal
    To make the rest of us gun owners look like sub human serial killers. Deer is one thing, but apex predators?? Really? Why don’t you just go bully some homeless children or something?

    1. How are apex predators “defenseless” and deer aren’t? Your argument makes no sense whatsoever. Do you even know what the term “serial killer” means? Good job reinforcing negative cultural stereotypes without knowing these men or their lives at all. The ignorant scum of the world (your ilk) need to be washed away so that future generations can live outside of the shadow cast by your ignorance.

  3. What a gorgeous animal. I think I’ll try to blast it in its face and kill it because I love animals so much. That cat didn’t dodge anything, Billy Bob can’t shoot straight (thank goodness).

    1. So now we manage wildlife because you think one is better looking than another. Save the bobcats but slaughter cows and pigs because they are ugly? Thank God that wildlife management is not governed by such ridiculous standards.

      1. No, I never suggested that cows and pigs are wildlife, but you are suggesting that they are less valuable than wildlife. I amazed at people who cry over animals killed in the wild while ignoring the lives of domesticated animals which are harvested daily to sustain us. Predator control is an important part of today’s wildlife management programs, which does not include whether an animal is “gorgeous” or not. Bobcat harvest rates are closely monitored by professionals who are educated about predator-prey relationships and bobcat populations.

      2. The way your post was worded implied that cows & pigs are wildlife.

        Your point that people in general make decisions based on how “cute” something is is valid, though. On a related point, a lot of research has shown that making hiring decisions based on standard tests and reference checking is better than adding interview results into the mix.

      3. Good point, but they are feral. There is a difference. A feral cat’s kittens can be regular domestic cats if they have early human interaction.

        The kittens of the wild African desert cat will not. When humans domesticated the wild cats, there was a drift in the behavior genes.

  4. Nice moving shooting tracers into what appears to be dry brush. Maybe it was wetter than it looked, but still, who hunts with tracers?

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