They may not look like much, but coyotes can be accomplished predators. Working in groups, coyotes are among the top predators for deer where larger carnivores are absent. They may not be as strong as wolves or mountain lions, but coyotes are still taking a bite out of the deer population. It’s not just fawns either, a healthy coyote pack is more than capable of taking down an adult deer. Coyotes have a much different tactic when it comes to hunting deer. It is in fact very similar to persistence hunting—the coyotes endlessly harass a single deer, taking small bites out of the animal until it falls over from exhaustion. A successful hunt can take as long as 24 hours.

This hunter managed to find two coyotes hounding a group of whitetails. Luckily for the deer, the hunter was out looking for ‘yotes.

Image screenshot of video by Antler Addicts on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Sharpshooting Hunter Saves Deer from Two Attacking Coyotes

  1. Really? I get it that coyotes need to be managed but in your video all I see is a deer jumping a fence and a coyote coming out of the trees the deer jumping back over the fence and you shooting the coyote. We’re is the hounding of the deer? You as a hunter should know nature is cruel and coyotes only do what they do as instinct tells them to do, as do wolves, lions, bears, hyenas, wild dogs, sharks etc.

    1. Watch the video again, obviously those coyotes were interested in that deer, though it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow they would be after another deer. Nature is cruel and that’s why we hunters are there to help with predator controls which are part of an overall wildlife management program.

  2. Around Ft Worth coyotes are coming into neighbor hoods and eating cats and dogs. They are easy pickings .. No one hunts anymore ,,so they are eating at the dumps .. Breed and do what they do,, look for meat. Don’t forget we have been called by God to tend the garden. Some animals over populate and starve do we help? What is more cruel (1) suffer and starve . (2) harvest and not let there meat or hide go to waste. Last year (2014) on the way to Blanco Tx we saw 7 dead dear on the shoulder (right side and 5 on the way back. On the right shoulder .. So….we must have some responsibility ,, right?

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