According to the Philadelphia Police Department, an altercation between two men started inside of a West Philadelphia barber shop. The altercation quickly escalated when the 40 year old assailant man pulled out a gun and started to fire at the customers inside. Luckily for everyone inside, an armed customer with a concealed carry permit walked in the door just as the first shot was fired. The hero, who wished to remain anonymous, leapt into action and fatally shot the assailant several times in the chest. According to police “it would have been a lot worse if the individual [the concealed carrier] had not walked in at that moment. You can watch a video report of the incident below.

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  • Secundius

    I only take’s one Bullet to stop a Prep, not a “@#$%storm of bullets”.

  • Bob

    Not if your shootings as good as your spelling and grammar. And what’s a prep? Similar to a perp?

    • Secundius

      @ Bob.

      Your joking right, is that the best you can do. Is to chastise me on my grammar, 90% of the people on these forums can’t spell for @#$%…