What would you do if you found yourself surrounded by 15 wolves in the heart of the Montana wilderness, with nothing more than your bow? On a hunt several years ago, Elk Hunter editor Remi Warren found himself encircled by what appeared to be two packs of black wolves, and he approached it as a unique opportunity.

“That was insane,” Warren told the camera after the packs passed by. “They’re still howling. There had to been—I don’t know how many wolves. We were completely surrounded.”

Needless to say, when there are that many wolves in the area, the hunters had more on their minds than just making a harvest. Watch what happens below.


Image screenshot of video by Remi Warren on YouTube

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35 thoughts on “Video: Elk Bowhunters Face Off with 2 Wolf Packs in Montana Wilderness

  1. With that many wolves in the area, there wasn’t anything to harvest, I’m sure. This is a high concentration in that area. They are overpopulated everywhere. In Minnesota it was illegal to carry a handgun while bow hunting until like two years ago. They purposely put both Cougars and wolves in the farm country and statewide. I guess they realized they put people in danger so at least we can defend ourselves now.

      1. Oblivious the metrosexual reply don’t know any thing about Timberwolves, they are best heard and not seen. They have been in my yard chasing my dog, and chasing my brothers cow and brother-in law cows. One neat thing is when they over population they starve or get mange(saw a few these and spread it nicely amongst pack).

      2. We saw a huge drop in coyotes from mange. It was nice for about a year and a half, but then others just range right in and run ruin again.

      3. YOU WILL REGRET THAT, LIKE IN INDIANA, WHERE PEOPLE NOW COMPLAIN OF A DEER HERD THAT IS TOO LARGE AND ARE CAUSING AUTO WRECKS OR THE TICK POPULATION IS HORRENDOUS AND NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO BRING BACK THE COYOTES! Somestupidamerican is about right for you sadly. WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY RUIN …. YOUR RIGHT TO HUNT AND KILL OR POACH?????? What will you hunt/kill when all the game is gone? That time is upon us, What will it be that will satisfy your lust for the kill??? NAME CALLING DOESN’T ANSWER QUESTIONS IN AN INTELLIGENT WAY EITHER & IT DOESN’T BOTHER ME ANYWAY. Most predators have been brought back from almost extinction because of fools like you.

      4. No predators were brought back from near extinction. You and your colleagues used name calling, not me. The wolf was the only one considered endangered. Big cats were never evenly distributed across the country, and never considered endangered. Bear reports all over the country show a flourishing population. Even in Florida. Bear, cougar, wolf, and coyote encounters are more numerous than ever. Poaching is a shame, has nothing to do with stewardship. It’s looked down upon by virtually all outdoors people. So your accusation of more poachers than licensed hunters is wildly incorrect (pun intended). It only accounts for a very small percentage of wildlife taken. All the statistics are available to anyone. Google. Ungulate numbers are way down because of increased predator overpopulation, and that’s what’s in store for Indiana. It has been proven in the collar study done on the moose. 80% of the collared moose were tracked and found killed by wolves. All in a very short period of time (5 years). Just like the reports (available to anyone) of decimated elk and caribou herds in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Saskatchewan (not a park) etc, etc. Facts. One wolf will kill around 100 or so whitetail per year. In Minnesota they say we have about 2500 wolves (second only to Alaska, even though the northern part of the state is about 1/100th the area of Alaska). That means 250,000 deer are taken by wolves every year in Minnesota. Other private studies say the population is much higher than that. So that means they take a range of 250,000-350,000 deer per year in Minnesota. It’s no wonder the deer, and moose numbers are in such decline. Hunters took around 155,000. Poachers around 1% of that. So your claims are simply wrong. And you called me a fool…..

      5. You are a fibber Richard Bessler, if any of that happened it would have hit the media. Hunters play on that to get their way. Did that happen at night??? Where is the proof???

      6. The media is scripture right? The media doesn’t care about truth. Mr. Bessler isn’t not a liar. On the reservation we deal with this ALL THE TIME, stop telling people what they live. You have no idea as you sit in your little brownstone cell…… Ivory tower…..

    1. As NUMBERS prove, at least in Idaho (!) POACHERS do a lot more damage to game populations than wolves… And the presence of wolves does NOT mean that there are no prey animals LEFT. They are just a bit harder to FIND – meaning that human hunters actually have to HUNT their prey instead of simply going out there and HARVEST the animals like crops.

      1. It is the same in SD, I work in LE and see so many poachers, sadly I believe they out number the ethical hunters!

      2. Google. You are a silly boy. There will not be much for prey in an area that has that many wolves actively hunting.

  2. Some hick editor obviously don’t know what a face off is lol
    I love all these limpwrist hunters complaining about wolves you hear about, next thing you know they will start campaigning to kill all the sharks to make it “safer” to swim in the ocean.

  3. “What would you do…?” – Basically the same thing this guy did, get out the camera and get as much footage of them as I possibly can, only with two little differences: I wouldn’t be armed with anything BUT cameras, and instead of that fake nervousness you could see a big, fat GRIN on my face in any (rather accidential) selfies…
    Healthy wolves are NOT known to attack humans – unlike, for example, feral (or hounding…) dogs, and to actually SEE them in real wilderness (as opposed to National Parks, where they get accustomed to being watched) is extreme luck!

    1. Yeah I’ve seen hundreds of reports of feral dogs attacking people. The only reason any of you would see a wolf ANYWHERE is because there are way too many.

    1. I know! Wasn’t that corny wolf howl from “Dracula” funny? Then no sound after that howl even though the wolf’s lips were moving LOL

      1. It could have been the hunter calling off camera, or another wolf, since there was so many. There was also barking that didn’t fit the timing of the video. I assume because of the distance away there was a sound delay, other wolves making noise, and the hunter calling. Too hard to say then it was fake. On the res we hear it commonly and they do sometimes sound just like they came from a monster movie.

    2. From that distance the sound comes after what you see. That’s why it looked so fake. As far as the guy howling, it’s very possible to get a wolf to call back, I’ve done it all my life. What’s was considered to be a sound bite taken from a Dracula movie was real. They do sometimes sound exactly like that. On the res we hear it constantly. Daily. Nightly. So common.

  4. Did I miss something in the video? Despite the efforts of the fake sportsman community this video shows wolves for what they are- shy and curious. They are not dangerous to humans- especially not to hunters who want to kill them so they feel better about their manhood.

    1. Just an FYI- there wouldn’t be 2 packs- wolves are territorial and they fight over territory- see Yellowstone National Park. This must be one of those Muslim super packs- you know- 50, 60 animals, who leave devastation every where they go

      1. Packs cross range all the time. Especially if a younger male has ranged not far away and creates a pack of his own, and starts a rivalry. Yes they do fight each other when that happens. They war. They also try to eliminate rival bloodlines. They will kill the offspring of their rival. Some even turncoat (like you) and join the other ‘gang’ if they think they’re winning. How do you know all the commotion wasn’t about just that. The video doesn’t capture what happened later. Your hyperbole is amusing…..

    2. What does shy and curious mean? What are they shy or curious? You are a silly boy…. Do they also give you butterfly kisses?

  5. Why would the humans think the wolves were doing anything different from what a coyote would do? Waiting for a nice, juicy gut pile. They aren’t stupid, you know. I noticed the menacing audio sounds, lol. Was that for effect??

  6. Was that supposed to be a wolf call the guy was imitating? Maybe he just didn’t “speak” wolf language very well…didn’t know what he was “saying”, lol.

    1. Face-I think you are the one who doesn’t know what he’s saying. We talk to wolves all the time. Just like him. They answer us and they answered him. No we don’t know what each other is saying per se. You can tell what they mean sort of if they get bold and come in or if they move along, it depends.

  7. The scary music is predictable.
    These douchebags are just trying to get on tv. Unless they really are that breathlessly frightened by wildlife.

    They’re probably smokers, so the wolves can smell them from miles away and know exactly where they are, and if they wanted to attack, they could do it before these dummies knew it. But wolves don’t do that.

    The wolf sound effects from “Dracula” are particularly uncreative but very funny.

    The wolves are frolicking and playing, which must mean they’re ready to kill humans. But they’re acting like they don’t give two craps about humans nearby…. If I’m them, I’m so confused.
    And then more classic scary movie wolf howls.

    Add all the scary music you want, those wolves aren’t a threat unless you’re a tasty elk and that’s only because God made them to eat elk and deer.

    Dude wants to kill the wolves because he wants to be famous on tv, but a small part of him appreciates their “awesomeness” and their beauty. He should pick a face. For the record, they’re awesome and he’s a douchebag.

    So the moral of this story is, when a wolf spots a human, they run off. When a human spots a wolf, if he’s a pansy, he
    wants to shoot the wolf.

    1. Awesome comment. Wolves hate the smell of musty camo. Fake hunters think that wearing camo makes them hunters.

      1. You are right about one thing they will smell you a mile away. Real hunters know that camo only disguises your silhouette by breaking up the outline. But you know nothing about hunters or hunting. Camo is just a variation on what native Americans have done for all of time. We have used mud, ash, paint, foliage, hides, feathers, and have learned to imitate the sounds wildlife make. I don’t see anything this good man did that was stupid, foolish, or arrogant. Unlike you and the rest of you that are pretending this thread of comments was nothing more than a contrived attempt to make it seem like some sort of grass roots effort to remedy the world of hunters. We would like you to come visit the reservation and find out for yourself how nature really works, honestly, or are we a POS rural parasite too.

    2. God made man first, then was left to steward the creation, and an overpopulation of wolves is not good stewardship. God also says that the animals of the earth will be food….. Some people (mostly us native Americans) eat wolves, cats, bears, and yes even sometimes coyotes. However, I don’t like them. I give the meat away and make things out of the hides. So do white people. You should read your bible before you talk about what God has done.

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