This “angler” was dangling his arm off a pier somewhere in Florida with the hopes of catching a fish. He got a little more than he bargained for when a monster fish leapt from from the water and clamped onto his arm. After watching the video it appears as thought the fish was trying to drag him back into the water for a snack. We would advise against trying this at home since the the bite from this fish drew blood.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Huge Fish Clamps Onto Florida Man’s Arm, Refuses to Let Go

  1. Don’t try this at home …. Unless you live in Isla Morada in the Florida keys. This is shot at Robbie’s Marina. It’s a haven for these tarpon, and they know it. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of tarpon that seem to be present year round as a result of never being fished. There is no angling allowed, and no harassment allowed in the marina, it’s posted everywhere. But it is a looong standing tradition to ‘hand feed’ them right at the dock. But be careful and let the bait be removed from your hand. Not your hand from your arm.
    What this guy did was really illegal. He hand fished the tarpon. You are not to take them out of the water there. He found out too what a fresh 80 lb fish can do to you. But the dipshit probably injured the fish and ultimately killed it by ravaging it’s gills the way he did and then falling on top of it with his fat ass. Sounded like his significant other was pretty impressed. She’s a dipshit too.

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