Of all the predators that a hunter could come across in the forest, wild cats can be among the most deadly. Equipped with razor sharp claws and a powerful bite, these stealthy predators can shadow humans for long distances without ever being noticed. Sometimes however, they might decide that hunters do make good prey after all.

We don’t know if the below men were hunting for leopard or something else, but one of the large cats definitely found them.

Hunting wild cats, whether it be mountain lions and jaguars in the new world or leopards in the open savannas of Africa, can be dangerous business. This is what happens when a leopard hunt goes wrong.


Image screenshot of video by nomore123 on LiveLeak

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8 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Shoots Charging Leopard at the Last Possible Second

  1. why were those POS hunting the leopard in the first place? killed a beautiful animal that was protecting its territory!!

  2. suck shit maggot, you got what you deserved. If you want to take on an animal, use youre bare hands, same as they do.

    1. Leopards don’t use their bare hands. They don’t have hands.

      The article specifically states that it’s not known what the hunters were going after.

  3. Incredible hunt! I bet those underwear needed changing right quick !! LoL
    I wish people would realize that with out us hunters lots of animals would be long gone. Money that we hunters spend on equipment,licenses etc. goes to conservation. I wonder how much money these big mouthed animal activists spend to fund conservation!!! Bunch of dump dump people!
    Wake up people.
    Do people realize that a village of will live off that meat instead of the body rotting after a poacher has shot it..

    1. Just who would eat meat of a leopard,it’s a predator animal.
      Your argument would be acceptable if the animal was an antelope or any other ungulate (excluding Rhinos and Tapirs) but not a carnivorous animal !

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