In many ways miniature horses already act very much like dogs. They can be trained as service animals and are commonly accepted in many countries as assistance animals for people with disabilities. Unlike their larger kin, miniature horses are often found as companions rather than steeds, and their dog-sized shape allows them to go places where larger horses cannot. When compared to dogs, they are faster, have greater stamina, and are stronger. So can they replace hunting dogs for work in the field?

Of course not. As herbivores, horses lack the predatory instincts of a good hunting dog, and that makes all the difference. They also don’t have a hound’s keen sense of smell and would probably make poor retrievers as well. Still, it’s interesting to see some of these horses try to ape the behaviors of a hunting dog on this boar, running it out of their territory.

Image screenshot of video by Marc Polet on YouTube

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