A concealed carry holder in Salt Lake City, Utah found himself in a dangerous situation after he saw a man pull a knife and lunge after another person in broad daylight. Identifying himself only as “Nick,” the concealed carry holder pulled his gun and broke up what could have been a potentially deadly fight.

“I was just in my car on North Temple, I saw a guy pull a knife on another guy, a fight ensued, the guy with the knife was swinging it several times at the unarmed person,” Nick told Fox 13.

Nick, who said he is a retired police officer, ordered the knife-wielding man to drop to the ground while he called 911. However, without the knife in sight to provide context, witnesses gathered and began to question Nick. Bystanders called for him to put away his gun, which could have put him in danger. Perhaps even more pressing, he was worried that someone else would get the wrong idea and escalate things out of control. With a potentially armed man on the ground and maybe even some of his friends in the crowd, Nick suddenly found that he had put himself in danger.

“It could have turned out ugly if I didn’t have experience or I didn’t have the training,” he said, adding that none of the witnesses called the police, instead being much more interested in capturing video of the event.

Still, Nick added that if he was put in the same situation again, he would make the same choice—he called it the “right thing to do.” Both the man with the knife and the man he attacked were brought in for questioning by the police. The knife wielder claimed that the other man had stolen his bicycle and he was attempting to get it back. Neither elected to press charges against the other.

If you were put in this situation, what would you do?

Image screenshot of video on fox13now.com

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One thought on “Video: CPL Holder Breaks Up Knife Fight, Holds Suspect at Gun Point

  1. “The police said what he did was dangerous”. Yes, perhaps so, but the REAL concern of the police is when the public finally realizes that we don’t need or want their militaristic Police State.

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