There are few better indicators of peril in the wild than a game ranger with his gun out and a nervous look on his face. This is doubly true when you can hear loud guttural grunts coming from the brush. At that point, it is advisable to stay back, stay quiet, and follow instructions carefully. It could mean the difference between observing a wild animal in peace, or “observing” it up close and personal.

Unless, of course, you are this camera-wielding tourist, who brazenly walked forward to try and snap photos of whatever wildlife laid hidden in the foliage.

This video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Nic During, appears to have been taken during a safari in South Africa. The game ranger, identified by his uniform and slung rifle, starts off the video by cautioning the group to stay quiet and stand back. One tourist, however, armed with a camera and an attitude, speaks loudly throughout the video and at several points walks near the brush to take pictures. After hearing a loud grunt from a unidentified (but large sounding) animal, the tourist is yanked back by the game ranger. The two men have a low-voiced argument before the ranger warns the group about the possibility of a wildlife encounter.

“These are dangerous animals,” the guide addresses the group. “[…]There is no fence between you and the animal okay? So you guys stick together, listen, even if something charges out of the bushes at any moment.”

The video then cuts to a very irate ranger yelling expletives in both English and Afrikaans at the tourist, explaining that a jeep will be coming to escort the guest off the reserve. At this point, it is likely that whatever animals were nearby had already heard the shouting and wandered off, or stayed to watch the silly humans have their argument.

What do you think? Was the tourist unfairly treated, or did he endanger the whole group? Was the guide acting unprofessionally, or was he just at the end of his line after being pushed too far? Unfortunately, we are not shown exactly what led up to the video’s explosive conclusion, so we can only guess at what resulted in the tourist’s expulsion.

Image screenshot of video by Nic During on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Game Ranger Angrily Storms Off after Tourist Endangers Group Near Wild Animal

  1. “Unfairly Treated”???? are you INSANE??? That Idiot could have gotten himself, the Guide, and possibly others in the party killed, depending on what kind of animal that was. Sadly there are way too many people in this world that think Disney animals are real. Hippos Don’t wear tutus..they DO kill more Africans every year that most of the “Carnivores”, and while Cape Buffalo might LOOK like just another Funny Cow, They have NO Qualms about stomping the guts out of Stupid Europeans and Americans who attract their notice.

  2. He sounds German and it’s common South African knowledge that Germans get injured more than any other group when they’re in South Africa. It’s like the think the savannah is a disney attraction and the animals are not wild. I’ve experienced their antics, first hand, while in South Africa. They say Ya to everything when it’s clear they have no idea want you’re asking them to do or not do.

  3. With the guide walking off, I’m betting the missing footage is when the animal charged because of the idiot and the guide had to shoot it.

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