In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Kroger Senior Vice President and CFO Michael Schlotman was asked about the company’s stance on open carry within the chain’s stores. For months now, the pro-gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has called for the store to ban open carry from its locations, arguing that many states have “weak” gun laws and it is Kroger’s responsibility to protect its customers. In the past, campaigns by Moms Demand Action have played a part in influencing companies like Target to change their policy regarding firearms. Kroger, however, has stood firm in its refusal to change its current policy.

NEW KROGER AD CAMPAIGN: Moms Demand Action launched a new ad campaign today highlighting the absurdity of Kroger’s…

Posted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on Thursday, September 4, 2014

“If the local gun laws are to allow open carry, we’ll certainly allow customers to do that based on what the local laws are. We don’t believe it’s up to us to legislate what the local gun control laws should be. It’s up to the local legislators to decide to do that,” Schlotman said on CNBC. “So we follow local laws, we ask our customers to be respectful to the other people they are shopping with. And we really haven’t had any issues inside of our stores as a result of that.”

It is a rare voice of resistance to the campaigns led by Moms Demand Action. Since 2013, the gun control group has had success in convincing retail giants and restaurants like Target, Chipotle, and Starbucks to issue policy changes against open—and even concealed—carry. Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket chain and second largest general retailer (behind Walmart), has been a major focus for the organization.

“A grocery store is one of the last places we should expect to see someone openly carrying a loaded weapon. But Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country, has policies that allow customers to openly carry guns in its stores—where moms and their kids shop every day,” the group state on its website.

Moms Demand Action even produced a series of provocative ads that portrayed gun owners carrying rifles in Kroger stores, as opposed to things the retail chain bans, such as food, lack of clothing, or skateboards.

NEW KROGER AD CAMPAIGN: Moms Demand Action launched a new ad campaign this week highlighting the absurdity of Kroger’s…

Posted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on Saturday, September 6, 2014

“These are deceptive ads that attempt to paint everybody in a very odd corner, but the fact is they are isolated incidents,” Dudley Brown, president of the National Association for Gun Rights, told CBS News last year. “In most cases firearms are used very judiciously, privately, very quietly.”

Kroger stated that its policy will continue to follow local and state laws, adding in a statement that “We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue, and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

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67 thoughts on “Kroger Executive Stands Firm Against Group’s Demand to Ban Guns from Store

  1. If there still was a Kroger store here, I’d shop there. Thanks to the Kroger corporate leadership for having common sense AND a backbone!

    1. We shop at Vons – one of their chain stores. I don’t like the idea of open carry and prefer concealed carry, but the logic being used by Kroger is what should be expected from all corporations. Besides, all gun laws are unconstitutional – will not be infringed covers every law because all laws infringe.

  2. Kroger’s job is to provide me with fresh produce. It’s the police’s job to protect me. There should be a dislike button so they could see how many people actually support Kroger and their stance.

    1. According to the Supreme Court of the USA, it is not the job of the police to protect you. Look it up if you don’t believe me. You know whom is responsible…You are, according to the SCOTUS. A Cops job is to clean up…afterwards. Know the facts. Guns in the hands of responsible citizens save more lives than the police. Criminals are Criminals, laws do not apply to them, and No law has ever stopped them. And I am still waiting for my 45 to load itself, get up, and shoot somebody…of course it is looking at me rather strangely since I haven’t taken it to the range in awhile.

      1. I support your argument!! Yet you see no one giving thanks to the people who have saved someone’s life, THANKS TO CARRYING!!! I think the people who don’t believe in carrying anywhere, should be put in a situation to where they have a gun pointed at them, with no one around to help, because they are not allowed to carry, maybe then they can finally realize maybe they need their ass saved and it’s not a negative law to abide by, so all you haters out there, just shut up and continue to allow us who carry not only look out for our families but look out for y’all’s dumb asses to! Enough said

      2. Crime is just a law of averages, so play the average. One reality game show where 6 anti gunners are acosted by a criminal with a revolver and then a game of Russian roule ensues. Maybe all 6 get lucky, maybe not.
        Sadly, the outcome of the survivors would be to outlaw revolvers, thus forcing the next game to be played using automatics. Hence the logic of the anti gunners in full mode.
        Am I mistaken.

    2. So you carry a cop everywhere huh?

      Im a mom amd me and my child shop kroger. And I carry. Ehat is it about a law abiding person like me exerting my natural rights that freaks you so badly?

      Tell ya what though….you anti lawful carry folks go ahead and wear signs or buttons or something else to proclaim you are a proud sitting duck, and I promise that if something bad happens not to use my concealed carry weapon or skills with its use to assist you. I will respect your wishes to wait for police.

      And please dont answer with some snarky “you think bad people are just gonna show up there?” comment. Bc yes, its possible just like it was in a movie theater. And a workplace. And a school. ….

      Bad guys and psychos dont publish an itinerary.

    3. Cops dont protect you… they respond to things that have already happened. Cops dont carry guns to protect you, they carry guns to protect themselves. Its our jobs to protect ourselves and there are still people in this country that know that.

  3. Good for Kroger. It seems like harrassment to have an org hounding them about something that is legal. Mad Women or whatever the org was should lobby the legislature, not harrass a private company that hasn’t done anything wrong. They lost me right off the bat because they are radical and dishonest.

  4. If moms demand action really wanted to protect customers as they claim, they would demand that there would be armed guards at every retail store. Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg could spend his money financing that. After all he already spends his money on his own armed guards. No gun zones are criminal magnets. Kudos to Kroger for having the brains and guts to follow the law.

  5. It is useless endeavor to argue with anti-gun people, as neither common sense nor logic applies. Guns kill people, Police are there to protect us, Gun Free zones are Safe, 2nd amendment only applies to muzzle loaders (I cant even figure that one), Assault rifles kill more people, and gun laws prevent crime. The list just goes on and on.
    For these people, they fail to understand what is Freedom, what it cost, and what it takes to maintain it. Only thru better men then they, are they kept free. A lesson that history has proven, and one that has to be constantly refreshed. And they will be the ones that suffer the most.

  6. One correction if you will. Target had no intentions of enforcing its policy of barring people who are carrying in their stores. Their policy is that so long as no one complains and you are not creating a disturbance then it is fine. That same policy applys to everyone in the store as they want an atmosphere from from distractions.

    1. Show me your Kroger receipts, thousands(more than one) over what time? how many will not spend thousands,… thousands including ME who do not want to be shot. Shop, you do not need to carry, you do not get any more rewards for carrying, DUH!! Put your $$ where your mouth is, do you own any Kroger stock? I do, 350 shares but it is now sell time for me.

      1. Since he’s so against company policy he should just give them to you. And when he gets mugged or carjacker he can call the cops and wait we minutes, a lot can happen in 15 minutes.

      2. You can carry concealed at Wal-Mart, you going to quit going there too? Saudi Arabia has terrible women’s right laws, you going to quit putting gas in your car? Grow up.

      3. For the thousands including you. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t engage in violent crime against someone with a gun. Just a little free advice for you.

      4. jsmomn In Walmart Lakewood Ca a nut job picked up a baseball bat and MURDERED an old gentleman who was minding his business. This was about 6 months ago. (google it) If the patrons had carried (and remember this is Walmart which sells clothes, supplies and food,) the maggot would have been dead. So take your chances as crime becomes more violent. Last week a woman driving the freeways in Los Angeles. Her 12 year old son looked at a guy next to them. He started following and she panicked and found a law enforcement officer. She jumped out of her car and ran towards the officer screaming the guy was following her. At that moment the maggot opened fire and MURDERED her. While he was bleeding they asked WHY he MURDERED the woman. He said because her Kid looked at him. Feel safe with maggots like this running around.

    1. That statement is moronic. Would you rather have your child go to so school in a gun free zone or a gun loaded zone? Would you rather have your loved ones work and live in a gun free zone or a gun infested zone? There is a great differnece between and well trained armed citizen and half the nut jobs that carry open or cancelled just because they can. I don’t care if Kroger or starbucks allows open carry or not as I wouldn’t live next to one that I felt the need to protect myself with my AR slung while out buying my kid some milk. Get a grip people. If you have to take your rifle to Krogers why not sell the rifle and the rest of the arsenal you have a move to a safer neighborhood.

      1. how many times has a gun free zone stopped a criminal?!?! the answer to that is zero. how many times has a person carrying lawfully stopped a criminal?!?! it may not be a 100% track record, but i can tell you this, the answer to that is a lot. you are foolish if you think that a criminal is gonna see a guns free zone sign or see a weapons free zone sign and then just turn around and walk away just because of that sign. and to answer your questions (even though i don’t have any) yes, i’d rather have my child go to school in a “gun loaded zone” and yes, i’d rather have my loved ones work and live in a “gun infested zone.” why you might ask? because they are better protected that way and i’d rather have them be safe then to be sorry.

      2. It’s not necessarily because they have to. It’s because they can. And the biggest reason most do is to stand up for their right to do so. And also to show that they are not going to be intimidated by a group of morons who have most likely got zero experience with a gun. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You with your heads stuck in the sand still don’t get it do you? And apparently never will

      3. How many of you bed wetters have even seen a gun in a Krogers or Starbucks? I’ve not seen a gun in either in over half a century. Apparently, good guys with guns in these stores is not a problem. How about you correct me by providing a list of all the CCW’s in either of these stores committing a crime.

      4. Read my post above and there is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. In a town in Texas ALL the teachers bring their WEAPONS to school. They have never been bothered by a liberal nut job.
        As we say in the Corps

        “A kind word, and a .45, accomplishes more, than a kind word” – Mgsgt Animal ANGLICO USMC

        Semper Fidelis

      5. Um, my son was comfortable with guns well before he was done with school, and as they say, “An armed society is a polite society.” I and my family are quite comfortable where many folks are carrying guns… and knives, too, for that matter. Our local cops estimate that about 40% of the folks around here are carrying, and guess what- this area has a very low crime rate- lots of folks hereabouts don’t even lock their doors…Guns, yes- Scared sheeple, not so much…

  7. Although I don’t have a problem with open carry, The only way Kroger will change the rules is when their profits start to dip.

  8. I feel I could get hurt more by slipping on a melted ice cream cone. Good going Kroger, keep food eaters out of the aisle.

  9. Like you need an M-16 to go shopping. I don’t believe that is the true meaning of open carry. Albeit the same as a handgun, it is somewhat over the top, to me.

  10. I think they are in the right. Follow the local laws.
    MDA does not care about gun violence anyway, they just want upper middle class women to not have to see a gun when shopping and all their campaigns show it.

  11. I agree with open carry but I think a rifle that is meant for long range is a little overkill and somewhat hazardous to use in a small enclosed area where there are other people close by. I commend Kroger for allowing people to defend themselves with the best possible means but do think that patrons should be restricted to handguns only, although I suppose a shopper could be fired upon outside and some of these stores are pretty big and often mass murderers use rifles themselves . And perhaps open carry people should be made to wear some kind of badge or ID so that others will know that the person carrying the gun is not a killer pretending to be just another shopper. That it has come to this sounds pretty sad. People not feeling safe and having to be armed to go shopping sounds pretty pathetic.

    1. Awww, a badge, like the bad guys wouldn’t get one too? Im a Mom and a Grandma, I carry a gun. I will protect my family period. If some ‘bad guy’ with a gun is intent on shooting people a store/ location that bans guns is the best place to start. The Colorado movie theater, gun free zone, he chose that location, why? I do not shop in locations as much as possible that prevent me from conceal carry… I try hard to support those companies that support my right to carry and the local laws.

    2. A rifle equipped with a bayonet lug with a bayonet attached is an excellent deterrent. But remember to stomp near where you placed your bayonet to pull it out

      A Badge? I got no stinkin badge!

  12. I shop at Kroger and continue to so.

    Interestingly enough, I have never once witnessed an “open carry” in a Kroger store. Not a single time and I live in an area where gun ownership exceeds the national average.
    No doubt it happens but IMO it is probably exceedingly rare.

    Frankly, I believe MDA latches onto issues such as this because they have little to no clout, sparse grassroots support and the fact that they have to do something to satisfy Bloomberg. Plus it gets them some limited media attention. Other than that MDA is a non factor. Bloomberg is becoming very toxic. Even to some of the organizations he finances.

  13. Most people do not want everyone to know they conceal carry and do not openly display their weapons. Even so, I applaud the position of the Kroger group and will continue to shop there exclusively.

  14. It’s called Fry’y in AZ and thank you sir for using your common sence on this issue. I prefer to CC so there isn’t any display of my gun.

  15. Great job Kroger. I wish I had their stores around my area, I would support them the way way that they are supporting The Constitution. It is not their place to enforce or not enforce our Rights. To all you anti-Constitution Americans; go ahead, shop somewhere else. Shop at stores that do not believe in the rule of law, shop at the stores that wish to stifle your Rights. Morons indeed.

  16. My guess is mommies demand action most likely hate men and men are more likely to have an interest in weapons.I am surmising that if course. But in a common sense world you have a better chance of protecting yourself and bystandards if you are carrying, min. .380 cal

  17. They don’ have Kroger in Florida, or at least my area of Florida, but I
    would shop at Kroger if traveling. However, I find myself wishing this
    group would to try and pressure other stores. Specifically how about Publix, which is huge in Florida. Not because I support their group,
    but rather I want to see where the management of retailers I frequent
    stand on gun-control. To me the list of stores that dont’ bend to their
    pressure are places I want to frequent.

  18. According to liberal logic, Kroger should get rid of all their fire extinguishers also as we have firemen to deal with fires.
    I carry everywhere I go. If my gun is not welcomed then neither am I. If the libs can’t stand to be in the presence of a gun, they should move to D.C. No guns allowed so I’m sure there is no crime there, right??

  19. My way of thinking is that the shoppers at Krogers are safer when a law abiding citizen is carrying a gun in the store

  20. The head spokeswoman for “Mom’s Demand” lives in a suburb of Indianapolis, near where I live. Please note that she and most of here demonstrators are paid by Bloomburg for their actions. They arrive on a charter bus. How “grassroots” is that? Indy hosted the NRA Convention last year. MDA held a demonstration but couldn’t raise even 100 demonstrators even by paying them. That should have been their crown jewel of protest. In contrast, the NRA show had attendance of over 72,000 with no incidents. Police said that was the most peaceful weekend they had experienced in some time, not only downtown but all over the city. Keep in mind, open and concealed carry are both legal in Indiana and we recognize permits from all states. Carry was allowed in the convention center. I’ve been carrying daily for the past 8 years without a problem. I also taught my sons and grandson on the proper respect and use of firearms (rifle, pistol and even black powder).

  21. Those moms must not have had any fathers sons or husbands who went to war to protect our Constitution. I wonder where they were conceived? Chances are someware along the line a patriotic American had something to do with their ability to shop and speak their minds, instead of using them for idiotic non causes.
    Those men with guns made it safe for them to sleep in their beds at night defending our rights as Americans. You may not like all of the things that go with freedom, but either you buy the whole package of none at all.

  22. I never shop at Kroger because its not quite as close to me as other stores and is a little out of my way… this makes me want to spend the extra 5 minutes driving to start shopping there. I was planning on going to the store tomorrow… Im going to Kroger.

  23. If I am going to rob a store, I’m not worried about people who open carry. I can shoot them before they even know I have a gun. It’s the conceal carry people who I would worry about.

  24. I taught Hunters Education Classes for over ten years and enjoyed teaching the handling and shooting of pellet rifles at the class. I think I taught the only class in the state with the live firing. I have had several people comment on how good the class was and they learned a lot even for being an older seasoned hunter who had brought his grandchild to the class.

    I have a CC permit since 1977 and renew it every 5 years. I carry all the time and don’t shop places where they have restrictions on firearms. Like other people have said a gun free place of business is a target for the nut who has evil thoughts in his deranged mind. I. Shoot often enough at the range so I can hit what I aim at. Practice , practice , practice if you have a CC permit. Stay safe and secure. Protect you family.

  25. I’m suspicious of any anti-personal-weapon campaigning that comes from NYC. There are so many collectivists there.
    It gets even creepier: Web URL:
    Yep, it’s Imprisoned and under-suspicion Mayors again. There aren’t “Moms” and there isn’t “Everytown” who give a rodent pest behind about keeping guns out of a grocery store when they are toted by well-behaved Americans who don’t want to leave a weapon in the car to be stolen.



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  26. Moms Demand Action sounds like a cheesy MILF porn movie. sad part is most of its members seem to be dumber then the script of porn.

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