When people think about getting chased by wildlife, they usually think of bears, wolves, or mountain lions. They probably never think of tortoises. When explorer and filmmaker Paul Rose stumbled upon two mating tortoises in Seychelles, the last thing he expected was that he’d soon be “running” away from a giant Aldabra tortoise named Jonathan. At 183 years old, Jonathan is believed to be the oldest living animal in the world.

“We began a ludicrous, disconcerting, low-speed chase that took us across the low grass stubble and the adjacent concrete runway and alongside the bushes,” Rose wrote for National Geographic. “If I hadn’t put on a good finishing sprint we would still be at it.”

It just goes to show that you should never interrupt two tortoises during a mating session, even if one happens to be the oldest living animal on planet earth.

Image screenshot of video by National Geographic on YouTube

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