Have you ever thought making your own AR-15 speedloader? Not only is it a great DIY project, it will also make you the talk of the range (or at least save you some time and money). We’ve seen several homemade magazine speedloaders before, but this one appears to be the most polished. Equipped with an ammunition pool to make lining up rounds easier, the 5.56 cartridges are piled into a slotted corridor and then loaded into the magazine with the help of a wooden block—and a little brute force. The loader even comes with a handle for easy carrying.

If you have woodworking skills, this might be right up your alley.

Image screenshot of video by Bryan Lilly on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Man Makes His Own Wooden AR-15 Magazine Speedloader

  1. Beautiful craftsmanship and slick design, but… You can load a lot of magazines in the time in takes to build this device. I guess if you shoot A LOT and have A LOT of mags, this could be very helpful.

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