Not wanting to let their momentum machine lose any steam after the announcement of the single-stack, 9x19mm Glock 43, the Austrian wondergun manufacturer has unveiled an even more exciting pistol: the 9x18mm Makarov Glock 47.

“While the Glock 43 will certainly fulfill some users’ needs for an ultra-compact, reliable, and capable pistol,” said company representative Grigory Otrepyev, “a 9x18mm Makarov model will appeal to a broader and more discerning market.”

The Soviet-designed 9x18mm cartridge is well-known for its ability to defeat soft body armor and transfer a significant amount of energy to its target, making it a far superior choice to 9x19mm.

“The 9x19mm carry crowd is significant, that is true,” continued Otrepyev, “but the number of American men and women who rely on 9x18mm Makarovs to protect their families and homes is much greater. Now they’ll be able to sleep sounder knowing that they have a 9x18mm Glock to rely upon.”

Specs for the Glock 47, which is sure to be a hit, are as follows:

  • Weight: 26 ounces
  • Length: 6.36 inches
  • Barrel length: 3.39 inches
  • Width: 1.16 inches
  • Capacity: 7 rounds

Stay tuned as we release more information on the Glock 47 as it becomes available.

If you made it this far, happy April Fools’ Day! The Glock 47 is not a real product (to our knowledge) so please, please, please don’t bug Glock about it.

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Glock to Release Long-awaited Single Stack 9x18mm Makarov Glock 47

  1. I have to say I am confused by the statement that more Americans rely on 9mm Makarov pistols. That’s just flat out untrue. The primary source for 9mm Makarov pistols in the US are imported surplus guns. There is no possible way that there are more of those in American homes than all of the 9×19 Berettas, Rugers, Glocks, Springfields, Smiths, CZ’s, KelTecs, etc. I do not believe it. And I am just amazed to hear a Glock representative say that.

  2. I wAs wondering how many people would believe this, honestly if you didn’t know it was a joke after the first couple paragraphs then I don’t know if there is much hope for you friends

  3. The 9×18 design spec was to develop the most powerful cartridge that would function in a practical blow back pistol. As such, it is about 10% more powerful than a .380. I really like my CZ 82 and if I had a choice between 9×18 or .380 in, say a Glock 42, I would definitely take 9×18.

  4. NICE APR FOOLS… But to be honest 9mak is better than .380 so its odd that there is no major western producer of firearms making a model or a conversion barrel for a decent price.. there is one for $234 from ZIF but that is a bit high I think.

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