Video: King Cobra Goes on Rampage after Being Offered Mouse


Maybe this cobra just isn’t hungry.

Most animals greet feeding time with enthusiasm, but not so for this King Cobra. Perhaps it was in the mood for something else, or maybe it was just indignant at the way it’s being treated. King cobras, as their name would suggest, have a notorious and fearsome reputation in the jungles of Southeast Asia where they live. Their venom is a poisonous cocktail of neurotoxins, and can cause anything from cardiovascular collapse, paralysis, and death by respiratory failure. This venom is so powerful that it can kill adult elephants within hours, and has an estimated fatality rate of 50 percent in humans if left untreated. The cobra’s usual prey—other snakes and small rodents—stand no chance.

So when this captive cobra goes on the offensive, it’s not a matter to be taken lightly. Instead of just attacking the mouse, the snake was much more interested in its keeper’s shoes—and generally everything else. Thankfully, the cobra keeper seemed to be well protected and was not in danger.

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