Video: Polish Man Rescues Wild Sheep Wrapped up in Tree


As an ancestor of modern day domestic sheep, mouflon sheep have a reputation for being rugged, determined, and indomitable animals. The rams of the species are especially notable for their wide, circular horns—which can prove to be a problem when navigating the dense forests of Poland. A jogger and his son in Grablin Forest came across this desperate-looking ram as it tried to free itself after getting locking his horns around a tree. The animal seems to have been there for some time, and had already stomped a circle into the dirt while trying to untangle itself.

Luckily, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk was there to help.

“I live nearby, so you could say that this is my neighbor,” Wlodarczyk told local news TVN24 regarding the sheep. “On weekends, we train in the woods […] and often saw them from a distance.”

Grabbing the animal and deftly maneuvering it for a release, Wlodarczyk says that the sheep later stopped at a distance to look at its rescuers, as if to say “thank you.”

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