What comes up must come down. And when the object in question is an arrow, you better get out of the way real quick unless you fancy a trip to the emergency room. The video below is reminder that you should never, ever shoot an arrow straight up into the air—even if you’re really excited about getting your first goose of the season.

As Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit put it, “Local stupid man nearly shoots himself with bow and arrow.”

“Local stupid man nearly shoots himself with bow and arrow.” There’s some real idiots out there folks. Stay inside until Snow goose season is over.

Posted by Relentless Pursuit on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Video: Why Shooting an Arrow Straight Up into the Air is a Bad Idea

  1. Hardly a life threatening scenario. lol a large basket type bird tip on a flu-flu arrow? I would be more worried about the goose. Wow no wonder we had a sign on the kids club house, no girls allowed.

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