Video: Chop Firewood in Half the Time with This Cross-bladed Axe


What do you get when you combine two axe heads and a eye for innovation? You get this cross-bladed axe that can reportedly chop firewood in half the time it takes a traditional axe to do the same. Despite its awkward shape—and probably even more awkward balance—the axe seems to do its job nicely. It is also relatively simple to construct, as long as you have a wielder and some spare axe heads. YouTuber K Holmz posted the eight-step process on how to make one on, and even made a video of the finished product in operation.

“The axe did really well on the smaller rounds when the bark was off or partially off, but struggled on the larger ones when the bark was fully intact… but maybe it was me that was struggling and perhaps a stronger man could have split the bigger ones as well,” K Holmz wrote. “Either way, let me tell you that it is an awesome feeling when you do split an entire round into 4 pieces with a single swing.”

What do you think? Would you rather stick with the LeverAxe?

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