Well, yes.

While an overturned tree may seem like nature’s way of making bridges, many seasoned hikers and hunters know better than to climb onto one. Because they are in state of decay, fallen trees are often weak and all too easy to step right through, increasing the likelihood for injury. Despite this, the idea of performing a balancing act on one is sometimes too much to resist.

This video shows one very good—and painful—reason why you should walk around one.

Image screenshot of video by jemkanopret on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: If a Man Falls on a Tree in the Forest and His Friend is There to Record It, Does He Make a Sound?

  1. should have mentioned that decaying tees that have fallen are great places to meet up with a Timber Rattler and on occasion a Canebrake. I’ve been bitten by a Canebrake and a Pigmy rattler but if you do not panic and do a few recommended steps you’ll survive. If you can get the bastard and bring him t the hospital. They tend to not take your word about snakebites, so no anti venom for you. Another rule from experience drive the extra 50 miles to a big hospital and skip the small one. The doctor on call in the little one may not know very much that is helpful in such an experience. Happened to me in the North Carolina mountains and the nearest hospital was Brevard. Big mistake The Doctor was incompetent. There was an excellent hospital down the mountain in Greenville, SC and another in Ashville, NC.

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