Can you guess what malevolent creature has this young woman screaming bloody murder? Well, we’ll give you a hint. It’s a herbivore and is usually considered extremely docile.

Apparently, she doesn’t know that.

In fact, manatees have a reputation for being very gentle, earning them the moniker of “sea cows.” This young woman’s terrified screams quickly ensured that this video went viral, despite the manatee posing almost no danger to her. We’re not sure whether or not her panic was feigned, but it is rather interesting if she held onto a selfie stick during a genuine moment of horror. Could you imagine if she ever ran across a shark?

Video includes strong language.

Image screenshot of video by Katie Gingrich on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Manatee Sends Spring Breaker into Hysterics

  1. I guess if your swimming in Unfamiliar Waters and Creature other than Human, bushes up against you. You’d be screaming Bloody Murder Obscenities, TOO…

  2. I’ve never seen a manatee attack anyone , yeah maybe if you would hit it in the head, or stick it with something.

  3. They wouldn’t do anything but try to slowly move away, even if you hit them on the head or poked them. They are slow and don’t react well. They get hit by boats all the time and many have multiple scars on their backs from the collisions. They are curious and gregarious. They are known to come towards human activity, particularly swimmers. Their vision is bad and it could be they are seeking out their own.

    With that said, they are very large, and probably a bit intimidating if you are in the water. I would imagine if you didn’t know anything other than Hollywood hyperbole, that a person could see it as dangerous. It should be taken as a great experience, because it isn’t everyday you get to swim with them.

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