Speed Archer Lars Andersen Responds to Critics in New Video


In January, Danish archer Lars Andersen posted a video on YouTube in which he performed seemingly impossible tricks borrowed from historical archery methods. As a result, the video quickly garnered more than 30 million views and became the most-watched archery video in the world.

“It is fun when a small hobby explodes in media around the world and many [people] want to reach me,” said Lars told OutdoorHub contributor K.J. Houtman. “But it’s also a little scary how fast things go.”

Due to the popularity of the video, many archery experts and enthusiasts chimed in on Lars’ techniques, with some offering praise while others gave criticism. Lars recently released a video addressing these concerns, and further explained what he touched on in his last video.

You can also watch the original video that catapulted Lars onto the global stage.

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