Video: Is This the Longest Pistol Barrel Ever Made?


No, the image above is not from some strange live-action Looney Tunes rebootAccording to Jeremy S., the uploader of the video the image is taken from, the barrel sticking out of the business end of his CZ P-09’s frame is a full meter long. Apparently he was seeking a barrel that was just three inches longer than the standard 4.5 inches, but the metal supplier could only provide pipes in one-foot and one-meter lengths. He decided to have a little fun with both before cutting them down. Understandably, the pistol has trouble functioning properly with both. Check ’em out in the video below.

Jeremy jokingly muses that the barrel might be the longest pistol barrel ever “made.” While we’re sure there’s longer pistol barrels in some secret Glock or Smith & Wesson vault somewhere, this is the longest we could find on YouTube after five minutes of searching, so we’re in agreement with his analysis.

To preempt any internet lawyering, remember that a handgun is always a handgun under federal law regardless of barrel length—until you attach an evil, evil stock to it.

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