An Uber driver is being hailed by many as a hero after he shot and disabled a gunman allegedly firing into a crowd gathered in Chicago’s Logan Square on Friday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 47-year-old driver used his concealed carry firearm to shoot Everado Custodio, who opened fire on pedestrians near the sidewalk. The driver, who has not been named, fired six shots from his firearm and struck Custodio in the shin, thigh, and lower back. No other injuries were reported. Custodio was transported to a local hospital for treatment and has since been charged with aggravated assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Authorities say no charges are expected for the Uber driver. Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn told CBS News that the driver “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”

Quinn said the incident occurred after the driver dropped off a customer near Logan Square and was sitting in his parked car when Custodio opened fire on a group of pedestrians. The Uber driver pulled out his gun and fired back. When patrolling police officers arrived at the scene, they found Custodio on the ground and bleeding heavily. A handgun was recovered near Custodio and it is believed to be the weapon used to fire on the crowd. The Uber driver also stayed behind and provided police with his documentation of gun ownership.

Officials said he is a registered gun owner with a concealed carry license—something that is relatively new in the state. Illinois was the last state in the country to allow the concealed carrying of firearms, having only legalized it in 2013 and started issuing licenses just last year. Many have commented that had this incident occurred a little over a year ago, the Uber driver may face illegal weapons charges.

Uber, an international company that uses mobile apps to connect customers to a network of crowd-sourced taxi drivers, clarified that the driver involved in the shooting is still driving for the company. Uber spokesperson Jen Mullin told the Chicago Sun-Times that the company intends to interview the driver but has no comment on the case. Mullin said that it is Uber’s policy for its drivers to follow all local, state, and federal laws when it comes to carrying firearms on their person or in a vehicle.

Image from Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures on the flickr Creative Commons

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16 thoughts on “Chicago Uber Driver with Concealed Carry License Opens Fire on Shooter to Protect Crowd

  1. Who wants to bet on who legally obtained a fire-arm? The crazy guy or the Uber driver? But I guess banning guns is the option right?

    And Chicago was the toughest on guns but now that they have allowed legal carry, a crazy gunman was disarmed and not killed. I wonder how many people in Chicago want guns banned still?

    1. More than likely the Mayor, all of the Council members, Cook County Commissioners, and the criminal element of Chicago, which menas the entire flippin city.

  2. If this had ” happened a year or more ago he would’ve faced illegal gun charges” …. He probably wouldn’t have had the gun with him at that time. Also this would’ve been a massacre story. Suspicious of the perps citizenship? What happened to the folks in the crowd that he shot at?

  3. I’ll bet the psycho-attempted-murderer is an illegal alien. And what of the innocents in the crowd he shot at? Anyone hit?

  4. deadfish will still press charges be brought against the driver. can’t have good guys shooting bad guys with guns. that goes against the liberal anti-gun agenda

  5. liberals would have preferred the shooting happen at a school so the good guy with the gun would have to stop at one of the numerous gun free zone flashing neon signs.

      1. Except more liberals are anti-gun and anti-rights. It took a SCOTUS case to get Illinois to start issuing permits. No one should be required to have a permit. It should be automatic for citizens of the USA. Just look at who votes for anti-gun legislation, it is around 95% of the democrats that vote against the citizens.

  6. If this particular shooting occurred a year ago and the perp got off scott-free after slaughtering or wounding half a dozen people, Chicago’s Emanuel would have lauded it as a “teachable moment”, reminding his peers behind closed doors that “no good crisis should go to waste.” I bet he will NOT however, applaud this citizen for saving lives with his lawfully carried/Constitutionally approved handgun, nor will he admit that the changing of Chicago’s laws made this story turn out the way it did – with the GOOD guy with a gun beating the BAD guy with a gun.

  7. The uber driver stayed behind and provided the police with his documentation of gun ownership. Anybody know if the other guy showed his documentation of gun ownership? Yeah that’s what I thought.

  8. Had this occurred more than a year ago that Uber driver would have fled the scene and the perp would have not been hurt, but 5-10 others would have been dead. Remember, only the law abiding people will follow the law. If carrying a gun was illegal then he would not have had one to help.

  9. The only thing better would have been killing the perp. Burying crap like that is better than the wound rehab and trial to follow.

  10. As soon as we’re not looking, Obama and pals will charge the good guy with attempted murder and send the bad guy home. The bad guy will turn out to be black.

  11. If this happened in Canada, the Uber driver would be arrested and charged with attempted murder and end up in prison.

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