What do you get when you know a professional machinist and he just so happens to have a chunk of aluminum at his disposal? If you’re YouTube personality TAOFLEDERMAUS, you get these large, rifled aluminum slugs. In addition to other things, TAOFLEDERMAUS is known for pushing shotguns to their limits by shooting shells loaded with an assortment of weird objects. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, most of these score pretty horribly in the accuracy department, and viewers have often said that it’s because of a lack of rifling. Well, this time rifling is not going to be a problem—but how well will these .70-caliber slugs perform?

Image screenshot of video by TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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13 thoughts on “Video: Homemade .70 Caliber Aluminum “Turbine” Shotgun Slugs in Action

  1. The problem I see with this is the casibh goes farther than the round. Also the round it tumbling right out the barrel making the distance very short and inaccurate. It also cannot piece the armor plate where the .50cal can. The round needs to be setup so that it come rifling out the barrel. I woukd like to see what it can do against body armor and ballistic gelatin.

  2. Lead would work better, but I think this aluminum slug would work better if it had a sort of sabot to keep the pressure behind the slug instead of allowing the gas from the powder charge to escape up the flutes and down the barrel before the slug exits. As it was used in the video I imagine the slug would begin spinning in one direction in the barrel, and then have to reverse direction after it exits, which of course it does not have the time and stability to do and it begins to tumble.

  3. The possible answer to your rounds tumbling is the fact that the round is not spinning when it exits the barrel. The round is relying on wind resistance to generate the proper spin needed to fly true. If you managed to put a spinning the round as its leaving the barrel then you may see the round fly straighter.

  4. I bet it would work better I a rifled slug barrel, also addind a lead or brass point would help keep it from tumbling

  5. Your problem is the lack of rifling in the barrel. You can rifle the round all day, but if it has nothing to grip onto, it won’t do any good.

  6. Simple fix. It has center of gravity at the center which is bad. You want the CG as far forwards as possible. Drill a lg dia. hole in the tail end about half way. Make sure the slots show through (makes a tail). Then as before mentioned, will have a better chance at flying straight. Good Luck

  7. They will not stabilize for the reason they are not spinning. The barrel needs to be rifled in order to sterilize them. That is an old idea from the Foster slug days. I have done a lot of work with slugs & if you want a suggestion I can help

  8. A WIP, It’s comforting to know that the Manufacturer Taofledermaus’s (Tao Bat’s) “The Turbine” is unsure whether or not these round will actual work, because then didn’t bother to test them…

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