One Florida man learned the hard way that water moccasins do not make the best kissing partners. According to Fox 13, 18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Wimauma was hospitalized last Saturday after being bitten by a cottonmouth while attempting to kiss it.

Friends said that Hatfield had captured the snake from his girlfriend’s yard several days before and was keeping it in a pillowcase. Hatfield occasionally took the snake out to kiss it on the mouth, but on Saturday, the snake decided to end the relationship.

“He took it out, put it on his chest and it was acting funny, and it jumped up and got him,” said Jason Belcher, who witnessed the attack. “He ripped it off his face, threw it on the ground and he started swelling up immediately. It was pretty frightening.”

The 18-year-old was transported to Tampa General Hospital’s emergency room in critical condition, but doctors have since said that he is expected to recover. Although cottonmouth bites can be effectively treated with antivenom, the snake is still considered very dangerous and have been known to cause fatalities. Common symptoms of a cottonmouth bite include severe swelling, intense pain, and signs of shock due to the body’s reaction to the venom.

Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said they are investigating the case and have euthanized the snake that is believed to have bitten Hatfield. According to FWC spokesperson Gary Morse, Hatfield could face charges for illegally capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit. Cottonmouths, also known as mangrove rattlers or worm-tailed pitvipers, are considered dangerous animals and Morse said that those who come across them should keep their distance.

“It really doesn’t want to eat you, but it will protect itself,” Morse told The Tampa Tribune. “Cottonmouths have a reputation of being somewhat skittish when you get near them and they will readily defend themselves.”

You can watch a brief interview with Florida Poison Information Center expert Alfred Aleguas below.

Image screenshot of video by ABC Action News on YouTube

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    • Carabella1

      He broke the law, cretin. He should be removed from the general population just for stupidity.
      And, please. Learn correct spelling and punctuation. You’ll be taken more seriously.

      • shannon c


      • Amy F

        Actually he shouldnt be locked up he did something stupid and he paid for it dont ya think ur just kinda rude he should have the right to be free no matter what u stupid people think. Prayers going his way hope he has a speedy recovery

      • Carabella1

        I’ll give you time to reread the part that says it’s illegal to handle this dangerous animal without a permit… pretty much why it’s illegal to capture an alligator in Florida without a permit. Take your time. Reading comprehension takes practice.

      • Jerry

        Politicians pass laws to make money, nothing else. They claim it’s to save lives and make the world better but in all actuality it’s to line the city and state pockets with money…period!

      • Carabella1

        I’ll bet you just hate gun laws.

      • Commenter

        Why would I hate gun laws? I have no problem with todays gun laws. But the charges this guy faces is uncalled for. Cotton mouth snakes are not an endangered species. If I came up one I would kill it in a heart beat. I would not harm a non poisonous snake because most eat poisonous snakes. I live in Louisiana where they thrive and I don’t like them. There is no such law in Louisiana for handling snakes. It’s ridiculous to say the least.

      • Aplasti

        Amen, we hate them down here in Louisiana. Always in the duck blinds are yards, very dangerous for our kids.. So when we see one, he’s DEAD!!

      • Max Overton

        Indiana Jones hated snakes too.

      • samking73

        “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?” lol

      • Watcher7

        Some human women are mean to guys these days, so I can understand his unusual shift of preference.

      • Mary Ann Redfern

        Right you are. We have four poisonous snakes here in Louisiana…rattlesnake, copperhead, coral and cottonmouth. I have no fear of nonpoisonous snakes whatsoever, but any of the above that crosses my path is a goner.

      • Dan Vickers

        Please don’t kill snakes unless you want to be up to your waist in rats and mice. If you kill a snake, then every female rat that he didn’t eat will reproduce and in a years time can have 2,000 descendants. So if a snake is killed and he didn’t eat 50 rats then you’ve increased the rat population 100,000 every year to get rid of ONE snake.

      • Chris

        There are other ways to get rid of rats…

      • Vicki Schramm

        Not as natural,cats are not as good as snakes I had 2 ball pythons,a red tail boa,and 2 cornsnakes,and rats and mice they loved

      • Jess Frey

        Rats are amazingly social, friendly animals that you can train and make wonderful compassionate lap pets, smarter than dogs and more affectionate than cats. Snakes are reptiles and naturally have no concept of social behavior or companionship as solitary animals, make horrible pets, and can’t be taught or trained. So that actually sounds ideal to me.

      • Jess Frey

        Not to mention in the wild, only 100 or so of every 2000 baby rats will reach two weeks old due to elements, disease, and thousands of non-reptilian predators such as dogs, cats, raptors, and humans. So no, one snake really makes zero difference in the order of life. Hence why the authorities had it euthanized.

      • MyLovelyNose

        Grow a pair and respect the snakes. It doesn’t make you more of a man to kill one.

      • Scotty W Carter

        Uh, hello! He didn’t kill the snake, he captured it, placed it into a pillow case and was keeping it. And the law that is being referred to is from the US Dept.of wildlife. So, yes it does apply to Louisiana and all of the other states…..

      • Janet Martin

        He is a kid that did a stupid thing do you really think he knew about the law? I doubt it! He may not have even knew how dangerous the snake was!

      • Reply to Janet Martin

        Ignorance of the law is never an excuse. It seems unfair to many, but it’s always been such.

      • Larry Lixolat

        Unless you are a cop, then you get a pass

      • Dude

        Ignorance of the law is not criminal.

      • Mark174

        Ignorance of the law, however, does not excuse you from following the law. Technically, he violated a law (it’s probably only a misdemeanor). However, this law itself is just stupid.

      • knews

        Wrong. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for citizens. But ignorance of thethe law is acceptable by police now, as ruled by Ruth b Ginsburg.

      • MyLovelyNose

        And executing someone even if you know they’re innocent is okay, too, according to your dead Uncle Nino. Who’s going to fondle you now?

      • Bobby Jean

        Lesson learned.

      • Travis Hansen

        Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break it. Perhaps a mitigating circumstance is all. If someone from another country was here and assaulted or killed someone not knowing that it was against our laws would we not still press charges?

      • How about ignorant laws?

      • KT Kacer

        Well, it is a “victimless” crime, unless you count the fidiot now w/ lots of new medical bills. So, IMO, this time he should be charged, allowed to plead, and have the penalties waived, but still on his record. The medical bills + the suffering through being bit should, imo, be sufficient.

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        He’s 18 years old. If he didn’t know the law or how dangerous the snake was, he hasn’t been paying much attention in school, or anywhere else. I’m thinking he knew, but like a typical 18 year old boy, he was showing off for his friends and/or his girlfriend. Takes some kind of stupid! I agree with the fine, but not the jail time. And, really, if he has to pay his own medical bills, that’s more than any fine!

      • KwitBitchin

        18 or 80….that guy is a moron. ZERO common sense.

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        I agree 100%!

      • galactic_monkey

        He’s 18 years old and from Florida. He knew exactly how dangerous that type of snake is.

      • Cheeky Bum

        He needs to lose weight. His fat face makes him look like Bluto.
        Cheeky has spoken.

      • Ray Wells

        Janet… you are correct. I don’t think he’s ignorant , he’s STUPID. A DUMBass STUPID punkass show off that got his reward for being as described.

      • Duke

        I remember when 18, you were drafted and shooting people in Vietnam. One is supposed to be an adult to do this or am I mistaken?

      • Bill Weber

        Lots of snakes in Viet Nam, too. Kill a commie for mommie.

      • Crapper

        He is a 18 year old idiot.

      • galactic_monkey

        100% correct Scotty. What if some child had found that pillow case he was keeping the snake in? With a child’s small body size, the chance is much greater of death than for an adult. There is no law against killing cotton mouths, just in capturing and keeping them without a permit

      • Don Neal

        what if what if what if the world stopped spinning

      • hawkeye

        Don, if the world stopped spinning we’d all die cos it would have the same effect as running flat out into a wall at about 60 miles an hour. The impact would kill us.

      • Bob

        Wow! “The impact would kill us.” Now there’s something to think about. The brain power in these comments is astounding. Why can’t all these great minds be assembled in one location to solve the worlds energy or medical or other societal problems before they do us in?

      • galactic_monkey

        Is that supposed to be an intelligent comment? One is a possibility with possible tragic consequences, and the other is a lame comment that’s against the law of physics. Why do you even waste your time
        sounding stupid?

      • Michael Holder

        He’s an 18 year old acting like a 3 year old. Bottom line is, he put himself and everyone else in the house in danger for no reason. He needs a few weeks in jail and a lot of growing up to do.

      • Responding to Commenter

        No, see, this is exactly why there’s a law. It has nothing to do with endangerment. It has to do with the fact that when you capture a cottonmouth snake you’re putting people at great risk. The criminal law has always and forever punished volitional acts that create serious risk. This guy broke a valid law – plain and simple.

      • ThisGuy

        The only thing about this entire situation that I find completely ridiculous is the euthanization of said snake. It isn’t the snake’s fault that this guy is an idiot. All that was necessary was relocation. I completely agree with whatever punishment the system hands him simply because he did put other people in harm’s way.
        P.S.- Because is not an answer. Its an adjective used as a conjunction to put two sentences together.

      • Mary Ann Redfern

        I am from Louisiana also. I don’t think putting this guy in jail would serve any purpose, but a stretch in the looney bin might do him some good.

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        I agree wholeheartedly!

      • Albert Lucey

        I agree a strait jacket would be better , what an idiot, Showing off being very maco. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson.

      • Secundius

        @ Albert Lucey.

        The IDIOT got his 15-minutes of Fame. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the 15-minutes of fame he was looking fore…

      • Barry C

        Why wast valuable antivenom on such stupidity, let nature take it’s course & if he dies, o well.

      • guest.23

        Snakes are venomous, not poisonous. There is a difference. That’s why you can eat venomous snakes. If you ate something that was poisonous, you’d die.

        The reason why this guy could be facing charges isn’t because the snake could be endangered or is protected, obviously.. they euthanized it. It’s because he kept it illegally in a pillowcase without a permit. He not only endangered himself but everyone around him and the snake where he kept it when it was alive. Instead of leaving it in the wild. It’s obvious this guy isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, it’s lucky he was the only person that got bit. He’s an idiot. People like this shouldn’t breed.

      • Now that makes a lot of sense…. for an idiot.

        If the snake was left in the yard it could potentially hurt a lot more people than being in a pillowcase 🙂 Don’t think much do ya?

      • Bill Weber

        So kill it, cook it, eat it, make a belt or a neck tie outta the skin. Objections? Check the wiki. Rattle snake, gator tail and fresh shrimp on the plate makes for some good eating. They don’t serve that at Tampa General. or the Hillsborough County jail. That man is as “dumb as a box of rocks”. “Ignorance is bliss, stupid is forever”. Who paid for the ambulance and ER, the taxpayers?

      • KT Kacer

        With any luck, the venom sterilized him (yeah I know it doesn’t work like that… but would be nice, right?)

      • Shawn Adams

        People like you are why i fear for the overall future of this country. It is illegal to handle the snakes because they are poisonous, dangerous, and can be very aggressive if cornered. As far as killing it on site that is about the most asinine statement ever. These creatures keep your houses and property clear of vermin such as rats and mice and balance out the ecosystem. You don’t like snakes fine, avoid them, don’t just kill them for spites sake. But lets be clear, in my honest opinion they euthanized the wrong creature here, they should have returned the snake to the wild and kept this idiot from breeding.

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        I agree with you! It is a shame that his stupidity resulted in the death of the snake. It’s not like it is a maneater. Or that biting this person would cause the snake to seek out other humans to bite. What a dumb thing to do. It wasn’t the poor snake’s fault. It was just acting like a snake!!!

      • Commenter

        Death of a snake and a venomous one at that? Do you realize that a snake is a cold blooded reptile right? Could be he saved a toddlers life from being bitten by this snake some where down the road. You and Shawn Adams have a lot in common. You are both idiots.

      • Imskeptical

        A toddler would have been bitten only if it cornered the snake like this idiot did. Otherwise, the snake would avoid the toddler just like it would avoid any human or other potential predator. The expert quoted in the article said these snakes are skittish and defensive, not aggressive. In other words, they are shy/wild and prefer to avoid human contact.

      • Commenter

        You’re a fkn idiot. I have five dogs. I will kill every snake I feel can pose a threat or is a danger to them. My kids are grown, but I have done the same thing for them when they were young. And I taught them how to tell the difference between venomous and non venomous snakes as best I could. And believe me there are several of both that are similar in looks. Kids will be kids and you have to be on then alert with them and there surroundings in Louisiana. If you’re unsure then you treat it like a venomous snake and kill it. As kids we all played with snakes. There are so many here. And yes if you handle them enough you will get bitten sooner or later. Just better hope it’s not venomous you kill it just in case you need it to identify for the antidote.

      • Simon Scheuer

        A cat does the same thing and won’t kill you or put you in the hospital if it scratches or bites you.

      • Imskeptical

        Amen: “they euthanized the wrong creature here.”

      • Sondergaard

        It’s easy to sit in judgment of others from the safety of your home. I’m sure you’ve never done anything stupid or embarrassing. Never sped, never broke a law, or have you? Animal cruelty is an ugly thing, but this situation is what we call poetic justice. I do agree with you, killing the snake after the fact was stupid. I also think that valuing the life of a snake over a human being is a bit warped though, even if he wasn’t the smartest in this moment.

      • LLCisyouandme

        But yeah, there is a similar permitting process in LA too. Perhaps they aren’t quite as backward as you’d hoped.

      • “I would not harm a non poisonous snake because most eat poisonous snakes.”
        The amount of ignorance and myth surrounding snakes is remarkable. No, there are few non poisonous snakes that will eat other snakes. Some types of King Snakes will eat other species of snakes, but not many others. And there is no reason to kill a poisonous snake except to protect yourself or others from potentially being bitten, ie a venomous snake found on your immediate property that could bite family members, pets, or livestock. Otherwise, snakes of any kind should simply be left alone as they are a very important part of the natural environment.

      • Imskeptical

        Thank you.

      • Mongoose

        It’s not a matter of the snake being endangered. Hatfield could face charges for illegally capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit. Cottonmouths, also known as mangrove rattlers or worm-tailed pitvipers, are considered dangerous animals. Maybe Louisiana has no laws concerning the matter, but Florida, where this took place does. Also, this snake is obviously poisonous. Look at what the venom did to him.

      • Amanda

        it is a venomous snake. A poisonous snake means it is deadly when ingested. A venomous snake has a dangerous bite. Friendly tid bit

      • Jack Eugene Crain

        Pay no attention to the ones that really don’t make since when they talk. This person who you’re talking to sounds like a child trying to pose as if they are intelligent… they speak of grammar,(pronunciation). Why don’t they take a look what they said and see what they missed? By the way, you’re right. The cotton mouth(moccasins) are not endangered, aggressive but not endangered. The eastern Diamond Back rattlesnake is in fact endangered. Also just to be clear what protected means, if you are on state property then yes all wild life is protected and you can catch a fine for capturing. The gator on the other hand the reasons for them is that years ago they were endangered and now they are breading rapidly and to keep them from becoming endangered once again a permit is required…. so that being said, try to tell me how stupidity is addressed or does that hurt to much

      • Chris king

        Ur a idiot carabella1 ur a tree hugging peta following idiot I guess u think its ok to drive 60 in a 55 thats against the law let’s lock ur ass up for breaking a stupid law

      • David

        Wow!! Spelling? Punctuation? Grammar? Sentence structure? And Carabella1 is the idiot here?

        Please do us all a favor and keep to yourself until after you learn English.

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        Well said!

      • steddyeddyuk .

        “ur a tree hugging peta” is patently an anagram of “Sorry, my brain light is on, but I’m not in at the moment”.

        How do these people manage to destroy the written word so professionally? More to the point, how do they complete something such as a passport or job application form?

      • Meredith McLaughlin

        Why do you say she thinks its ok to drive 60 in a 55, she said nothing to indicated that. And that law, the speed limit, just like the law to not capture snakes, is for your own protection and the protection of others. They are not stupid laws. And people do need to be punished for breaking the law. Otherwise, why have laws in the first place? Would you really want to live in a country where there were no laws or no punishment for breaking the law? Think about it. It’s called anarchy.

      • bob wallace

        just as an off topic aside here. everyone knows that the 55 limit has nothing to do with safety, but is a cash cow for the state and insurance companies.

      • Commenter

        Spot on!

      • What’s wrong with hating gun laws? Are you a gun fearing Liberal?

      • Ron dez Vous

        Liberals aren’t afraid. That’s why we don’t feel a need to own guns.

      • Really? Liberals are AFRAID of guns and they are AFRAID of the responsibility of owning them. That’s what YOU are afraid of.

      • Know ‘Em

        Funny, you can’t tie your own shoelaces, but you know what everyone else is thinking all the time.

      • OOOOO a Liberal, who has no argument, just denigration.

      • Ron dez Vous

        Careful where you point that thing.

      • I am sweetie, I am.

      • Know ‘Em

        I’m kind of afraid of fools who think it’s a darn snappy idea to put an automatic weapon into a small child’s hands. At that point, there are no “adults” present, no matter the ages.

      • So am I, but I am more afraid of Liberals who think that taking guns away from responsible citizens will prevent Criminals from getting and using them.

      • Carabella1

        Exactly who wants to take away your guns? Please be precise and provide supporting facts.

      • Eric Barr

        Who the hell is arguing for that?!

      • Tellit Likeitis

        I’m a gun owning liberal. I fear nothing, cupcake…

      • Glad to hear that…..but you should fear your Liberal bretheran.

      • C. Bizzle


      • KT Kacer

        Why’s that? None of them are going after our firearms…. now the GOPpers, that’s another story…

      • Reply to clb45para

        Not really. I’m a liberal, and I’ve been a proud gun owner since I was 12 years old, the age at which I was able to take a gun care and safety course (which makes me a gun owner for 35 years). In total, my family has more than 100 guns, and some of us are liberal, others conservative. And guess what – we each think that a sensible gun policy would help this nation. We stopped being afraid of “the Dems are gunna take away our guns” when we learned the critical thinking skills required to determine that the argument is completely bogus.

        I presume, clb45para, that you’re a self-proclaimed “conservative”? Then you should applaud the possibility this law-breaking criminal will be sanctioned for his criminal acts. Right? Aren’t “conservatives” the law-and-order types?

      • I have no problem with someone breaking the law, being punished. I just wonder why Liberals manage to make a man kissing a snake, into a gun control issue. And just remember naive Liberal gun owner. Go to New York City, or New Jersey, or California, and then tell us about the “bogus” argument. Or do you really think it can’t happen to you, because YOU are a good party hack?

      • Tellit Likeitis

        I’m a gun owning liberal….

      • samking73

        I’m a liberal gun owner. I own a liberal amount of firearms.

      • Mikeb1004

        I am a conservative who owns a liberal amount of firearms! But, back tot the original story, the idiot captured and kept a venomous snake in captivity for his own amusement. Ignorance of the law is no excuse! I actually told the local FOP president that in regards to an OSHA violation at a police station. This idiot deserves to be charged and, if found guilty, be punished accordingly. Whether that is community service, probation or jail time depends on his previous criminal activity and the severity of the crime.

      • samking73

        I’m pretty conservative myself. I was just making a play on words to the commenter I replied to.

      • Meredith McLaughlin


      • samking73


      • Jim Smedley

        Lmfao at poor Ron dez Bous. You bout ad stupid as they come.

      • Larry Lixolat

        You seem to be TERRIFIED of guns?

      • Just me

        I don’t love guns,,,,but how many times is a cop going to be standing beside you when some fool decides
        to attact you?

      • Ron dez Vous

        Uh, what fool? You mean a fool with a gun?

      • Violetta

        average police response time is 12 minutes. average time it takes for a criminal to murder you with a gun: 1 second.

      • Eric Barr

        But the first thing you do when in trouble is call people who do have guns…

      • Ron dez Vous

        What kind of trouble are you afraid will happen?

      • KT Kacer

        Right, there’s a plan then the cops can kill you instead!

      • KT Kacer

        I’m a Liberal, and I’m not afraid of much of anything, however I still own a couple of firearms. (And NO, I do not “hunt”)

      • Hollyn

        You. I like you.

      • Aaron Sanders

        You aren’t intelligent, you may think you are but no. Just stop.

      • reallydarksideofthemoon

        Do you?

      • wjf3

        Gun laws? What part of “Shall not be infringed” don’t you understand. So important to the founding fathers it is the 2nd amendment. The only reason there are any gun laws is to make the population subservient. The “rulers” are afraid of the population. Why do you think there is welfare? If the people weren’t paid to lay around, they would get angry and demand change and the politicians would be thrown out at least, murdered at most. Wake up the government is not your friend. .

      • Chill Doctor

        There is the supreme gun law called the second amendment to the constitution. Try reading that one and interpreting it.

      • Lori

        That’s what you think? The laws are to make politicians money? You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

      • Commenter

        Cities and states pass NEW laws to bring in income. If you don’t know that then you’re an idiot. There are too many laws now. Enough is enough. The reason why crime is so high is because cops spend the majority of their time chasing traffic violations. Use to be a time when they patrolled more heavily for burgluries, robberies and violent crimes. But that doesn’t bring in money like dui’s drunk in public and bogus domestic violence charges. You can get a domestic violence charge for fighting your brother. It’s ridiculous. Lori, you’re the fckn idiot!

      • samking73

        Most people are these days but hey, the govt has to generate revenue some way to pay for all the wasteful spending.

      • Susan Patrie

        So, laws that protect women and children from rapists are just stupid, right? And laws that say you can’t shoot someone in the face are just to make money.

      • Commenter

        Where are you coming up with all this crap? This has nothing to do with shooting someone in the face or rape you fkn idiot. No, of course I don’t believe that.. Politicians today pass laws to make money. I’m not talking about criminal laws that affect or endanger the lives of innocent people. I’m talking about ridiculous laws like this. Laws like open containers on the street, simple possession of pot. And I’m not talking about drunk in public. Having an open beer doesn’t constitute being drunk in public. Video police brutality should not be against the law. You should be able to video them as much as they can video you. There are a zillion laws that are flat out bullshit

      • POTUS mime

        It’s called taxation by citation.

      • Reply to Commenter

        Oh, so you’re not talking about a law that forbids taking a cottonmouth snake from the wild for personal use, because that act “affect(s) and endangers the lives of innocent people.” Right? That’s your argument, after all. And clarifying that, I think it’s pretty clear that the law that prohibits taking a cottonmouth snake is precisely NOT the type of law passed for “making money,” but exactly the type of law that is passed to further the policy that you yourself just stated.

      • chelsey

        As I said in a reply to another comment…. America is full of criminals and over half of them have a pointless (not serious or dangerous at all!!) Crime as their first offense on their record leading them to start real crime. employers look at black and white and see that they have been convicted and do not want to hire them or give them a chance for advancement, putting this “criminal” in a state of mind that he is a criminal! The “criminal” decides to live up to a label… Or god forbid he be in the working class and gets sent to jail for an unpaid fine, and meets people who make bad look cool….. almost all of my jrhigh and highschool friends ended up a criminal due to a bs “crime” on their record!!!

      • David

        Yes, that is why they ended up in jail. Because there were convictions on their records. Yup, the convictions made them do it. You, Chelsey, are a ginormous idiot.

      • Julie Kimball

        Oh wow. Speaking of special, this is a special argument. He’s a kid. 18 is still young. He caught a snake, who cares what kind, and kept it to show off to his friends like some kids/young adults do who live a country lifestyle. He didn’t rape anyone. He didn’t shoot anyone. He’s the only one who got hurt. He was at his girlfilriends, whom I doubt he would have put in danger. He got bit and is OBVIOUSLY paying a high enough price for that. Yet you people want to throw him in the slammer like a rapist or murderer because of what? Did this directly effect you in any way or emotionally disturb you somehow? Get over yourselves.

      • Dan Flannery

        I agree with you Julie. However, I do have some reservations for the kid, why would anyone want to kiss a snake? ever? Makes you wonder what his girlfriend looks like.

      • Julie Kimball

        LOL. Well I wasn’t going to go that far into judgment.

      • Mikeb1004

        My guess is that this guy will not be long for this world…. It will probably end with him saying something like “Hold my beer and watch this…”

      • Dean Peterson

        Poor argument. A rape that happens way across the country is horrific, but it doesn’t “directly affect” either you or me. The thing to remember is that the universe does not revolve around any one of us. Lock the moron up before he does something else stupid…. it’s just a matter of time.

      • badphairy

        Either way, he’s a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

      • Julie Kimball

        I must have misworded. It may not directly effect you personally but you still have emotions about it. In this matter he hurt himself and hopefully learns a lesson from it.

      • Commenter

        Lock him up before he does another stupid thing like this? You call this criminal? Yaou’re the one that needs to be locked up. Hope you don’t ever become a cop.

      • Reply to Commenter

        It’s not Dean Peterson calling it criminal. It’s actually a law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. It’s a criminal law. You may not like it, and you can petition your legislators to change it. But it’s a criminal law that this dude violated. Plain and simple.

      • KT Kacer

        Probably IS a cop, it is cop mentality…

      • Know ‘Em

        A citation is the most likely result, not jail time.

      • KT Kacer

        1st offense, anyway… probably..

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        of course he didn’t put her in any danger. he just kept a poisonous snake in a damned pillow case, and took it out to kiss it, and when it bit him, he threw it down, where it COULD VERY WELL have bitten ANYONE else in the house.

      • Know ‘Em

        Not fair… thought before you commented!

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        LOL I wish more people would. but then again, we wouldn’t have the laugh fest we usually have if they did!

      • Ron dez Vous

        Yes. We are all lowered when something this stupid happens.

      • Reply to Julie Kimball

        You don’t think anyone who was in the vicinity of that captured snake was “put in danger”? Seriously? If so, you’re making a special-special argument! Well played!

      • samking73

        Well, they want to put this kid in jail so they can fill up the empty jail cells from the rapists and murderers that they let out of prison early. Makes sense, at least to common liberal thinking.

      • David

        He’s also a pile of skanky, trashy, Florida swamp sh*t. An idiot.

      • “Laws” don’t protect women and children from rapists.” And “Laws” that say you can’t shoot someone in the face don’t stop that either. All those “laws” do is provide a basis for punishing the perpetrator.

      • Reply to clb45para

        Actually, the deterrent effect of criminal laws is well established. No one expects it to be a 100% deterrent, but there’s simply no question about the deterrent effect.

      • Really? Laws only deter those who are willing to obey the laws. Criminals DON’T obey the law. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. DUH.

      • KT Kacer

        It deters some from the crimes… otherwise I know shitloads of ‘public figures’ who would either be no longer among the living (who currently are) or who wouldn’t look like they do today.

      • samking73

        Did you even read what ‘Commenter’ posted? I’m thinking either you didn’t read it or it just swooped on over your head.

      • Anthony Quatroni

        Exactly. And to tag their name onto a law so that people can say, “Oh, he helped us with that new law.” Yeah, well, Obamacare is a “law” and look at the mess that’s caused. There has never been a law in history that has done anything positive in the long run.

      • Know ‘Em

        Ha ha ha ha ha. Too funny.

      • Reply to Anthony Quatroni

        Um, what? “There has never been a law in history that has done anything positive in the long run”? Can you, you know, back that up with some evidence or something? I think you’ve got a heavy lift here. Good luck!

      • KT Kacer

        Mess? Oh, right… affordable healthcare, 16 million now insured who couldn’t be prior, Medicare saving over 300 billion (2009-2015), lower rates of increase in medical costs, what a f’ing disaster!

      • logicalphule

        I wonder how much money politicians are making off of the laws about raping infants. After all, the only reason that should be illegal is to line the pockets of some corrupt government official… period!

      • djtejas

        This law has been in place since 1953…..

      • The Duchess of Milton

        Be quiet, you imbecile.

      • Commenter

        So lock him up for being stupid. Okay it’s law, but the penalty? Geezem!

      • Ron dez Vous

        Yeah. They expected to really rake it in when they wrote the snake law.

      • Know ‘Em

        There’s that fuzzy math again.

      • Tony

        hey STUPID, he was messing with a “PITVIPER”…..what does a politician have to do with one of the Hatfields catching a water moccasin and kissing it? That my friend is just pure “T” dumbass!!!! Laws are written to protect dumbass people from doing just what Mr. Hatfield did. No wonder his relatives fought the McCoys for so long… takes a real STUPID person to catch one of the world’s most poisonous snakes and lay it on your chest and “KISS” it…..if that is not the case, Jerry….then you go get you one, or better yet….get you a nice Diamondback rattler and get you a little “sugar” from it….some of you people should not even breed!!!!! No wonder the world is like it is today!!!!! Oh yeah, when you do that, see if a politician cares if you break one of their laws………..walking away Shakin My Head…………

      • Maija Kalniņa

        This is exactly the thing Austin said. He said, state just claims to take care of my safety when forbiding me to keep you on my chest and kiss you, actually they just want my money. Well, guess what the snake had to reply.

      • Starshiptrooper

        I disagree with you totally. I am avid herper. I do not molest or harrass wild snakes.. States such as New Jersey have passed law for one main reason. Majority of rattler bites were on people that were drunk. Guess what they could not even pay for threament….To be nice. all I can say is grow up and take the foik of your head. It is not heping

      • Commenter

        It’s the penalty that I disagree with. Grow up? I’m 60 years old. Having served from 72 to 76 in the Marine I think I have every right as a mature adult to state my opinion.

      • Starshiptrooper

        Yes you cant state what your what. That doesnt mean your correct. Short time in the Corp does mean anything and being 60 doesn make you mature. Stating it sure, but making fun of and poking wholes in your statement is our right to. If you want to go on Miliraty and Law Enforcement background. I have you beat by 40 years. Relpy back you want, but I have better things else to do.

      • KT Kacer

        Doesn’t mean you ever really grew up… just means you aged…. there’s a difference, yes they TEND to coincide… but there are always the exceptions.

      • KT Kacer

        With any luck, since this occurred in FL and since the Gov didn’t expand medicare this 18 y.o.had no insurance and ended up in one of Scott’s “hospital facilities” and the dumbass (one or the other) will lose $$ 😉

      • mmaohio33

        What does that have to do with anything? It’s still a law idiot.

      • Mongoose

        I doubt that you are correct. This is a law to protect the safety of the public. Sorry you see it differently, but then again, I doubt that you would want to kiss a snake anyway.

      • Annie Moore

        This is just a ridiculous comment after the story attached. The law is obviously in place to save lives.

      • Commenter

        And you justify this ridiculous penalty? Snakes comes in my yard it becomes my law and nobody elses. I’m killing every deadly snake I come across.

      • No Wei

        Travel to Haiti and then post this diatribe.

      • Rhonda Hodges

        I would be willing to bet this person doesn’t have insurance (if they would even pay for something this stupid) which means the people of Florida will be paying for his hospital bills.

      • wtf

        Yeah because jails are THE way to make money. It’s not like the city uses money to host jails, but the people pay to go to jail.

      • MyLovelyNose

        No, they pass laws so some dimwit with a fetish for dangerous animals doesn’t keep a passel of poisonous snakes on his property for lulz or intimidation purposes. Because you know there’s plenty of mouthbreathing morAns like this one out there. And sometimes people have done stuff like put dangerous snakes in the mailboxes and cars of their enemies.

      • dshowell

        no it says illegally capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit not handle

      • Susan Patrie

        Wouldn’t he have to handle it to capture it?

      • dodger4754

        Reading comprehension is a great skill to have: “…Hatfield had captured the snake from his girlfriend’s yard several days before and was keeping it in a pillowcase.”

      • Commenter

        Well he’s an idiot. But being against the law to handle one is bullshit.

      • Commenter

        And that law is fkn ridiculous. I see a cotton mouth here in Louisiana I’m going to handle it by killing it. And I will post it on my face book because I can legally kill one in my state.

      • Ron dez Vous

        You must be so proud.

      • Carabella1

        He was keeping it in his possession without a permit.
        There. Fixed it.

      • Gking

        Really? With all the actual crime that goes on around us this is the bandwagon you choose to jump on. You should consider rethinking your priorities.

      • chris

        The guy broke the law, period. He’s gonna have to stand trial. So if you murder someone

      • Jen Haymaker

        I truly doubt he will have to Stand trial for a law equal to a traffic violation. Running a stop sign is against the law too. Most likely he will have to show up in court for which he will most likely be assessed a fine…appropriate for the “offense” which honestly, that hospital bill is gonna be a high priced ticket for stupidity…and experience is a teacher… I imagine he’ll think twice before kissing another snake.

      • Reply to Jen Haymaker

        It depends. If it’s a misdemeanor-equivalent crime, punishable at a specified level as set by state statute, then he’s entitled to a criminal trial in the matter. I’d need to see the statute to know for certain, but if it’s a misdemeanor-equivalent offense, it’s the defendant’s right.

      • dds1958

        Thank goodness Jen. So glad someone jumped in with a reality check. This kid will PERHAPS get a notice to appear in court … stand in front of a judge and a lot of other people in the courtroom, have to listen to the charge being read aloud by the prosecutor, look at a judge who is just shaking his or her head while trying not to laugh, be asked if he will ever kiss a snake again or save his kisses for his girlfriend instead, have adjudication withheld, pay court costs, then be told to go and sin no more. The most he will have to worry about is the teasing he will have to endure and realizing he ultimately failed at his chosen profession … He is no snake charmer.

      • Gking

        Have you ever driven 1 mile over the speed limit, jay walked, spit on the side walk? There are laws against this too. And if you have broken one of the many stupid laws we have to generate revenue and not gotten caught…you are a criminal. FYI he doesnt have to “stand trial” Perry Mason unless he is charged and pleads innocent. Chances are they will just give him a citation

      • Know ‘Em

        Or Cletus the Snake Boy could stick with legal activities and not have to worry about being charged with anything, and his face would just look stupid and not swollen.

      • Reply to Gking

        I’m not sure this is jumping on a bandwagon. I think it’s more of a one-time application of common sense. To wit: man breaks law, man should be punished for breaking law.

        But yeah, if advocating for lawbreakers to be punished is a “bandwagon you choose to jump on,” then I guess I’m jumping on.

      • Carabella1

        Reading comprehension is your friend.

      • Silus

        It’s also illegal to smoke pot.

      • Ron dez Vous

        Not here in Oregon after July 1st!

      • Jerry Metcalf

        Illegal? Is this like “illegal immigration?”

      • Anthony Quatroni

        Another IDIOT. . . ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL!! And WHO made it ILLEGAL? YOU? NO! Some moronic politician, mostly so that they can glean funds and fill up their prisons from people breaking their self-imposed “laws.” All you idiots blindly obeying stupid laws are the REASON stupid laws exist.

      • Know ‘Em

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha….too funny.

      • Reply to Anthony Quatroni

        Not “some moronic politician.” Actually a duly elected legislature and governor made that law. If you don’t like laws that protect people from harm, then you should petition your legislature. It’s really simple stuff that we (should have) learned in grade school.

      • KT Kacer

        You are a SPECIAL kind of stupid.

        The politicians made it illegal, why? Probably in a (lame) attempt to stop fidiots like “swollen face” from being bitten when they handle snakes w/o the appropriate training. Also to protect the wildlife and ecosystems in place. The fines are in place to cover the costs involved in having to deal w/ idiots like this moron… and more likely than not, you.

      • sunshine

        Carabella, I apologize if other peoples imperfections got in the way of your perfection!! It is not up for debate whether or not it was legal for him to handle a poisonous snake.That question has been answered. With that said don’t you think getting bit in the face might detour him from doing that again?Which is why we punish people for crimes anyway, is to learn from them and not repeat them. And I dont think he’ll be doing that again anytime soon. Oh and by the way sarcasm takes practice too, you should brush up!!!!

      • John Krenek

        Your opinion of punishment for the wrong doing is just a bit out of line!! The man has suffered enough and will live through this stupidity thank God. Prayers are in order, incarceration not so much!! Do you REALLY think that would add any emphasis to the result? Wake up!!!

      • samking73

        It’s not illegal to handle them, it’s illegal to capture and keep them without a permit. Maybe your reading comprehension isn’t that great either. Just saying.

      • Chwalker93

        People like you who think too highly of themselves ruin this country! Yes he broke a law, a dumb law. Yes he should pay for it, but actually pay$ for it. Sending him to jail is not beneficial. First and most importantly the money used to take care of him in jail is ours. Second , when he gets out of jail and searches for a job it is on his record, and America has another reject that is pushed to start doing real criminal activity. Statistics show that over half the criminals start off with bu//$h!t charges like this. Lady find something better to do than talk down about a BOY who was more than likely just having fun and showing off, and he probably had no clue it was illegal. o btw just bcuz ppl write LAZY on the internet, does not make them a lesser person oruneducated .

      • KT Kacer

        IF it’s his 1st offense… I agree w/ you that the jail time and fines should be waived. However he should be required to pay his medical bills (do YOU think it’s likely this fidiot HAS insurance? In FL?) But, imo,it SHOULD go on his record. Probably not a felony, likely just a misdemeanor… also he should probably be on probation for a while… just for the “hassle” factor and setting him on a better path.

      • Vince

        So he broke the law, he’ll get fined who cares. The lesson he learned from the snake bite will be what he remembers.

      • Just me

        You must be a hoot at parties, right? Actually,,I agree with you on principal,,,,but you really don’t need to act like an a**. Just makes people dislike you and not pay attention to your point.

      • A concerned american

        I would imagine at this point that he wishes he were locked up instead of lying in hospital bed requiring 24 hour per day treatment.

      • James Cox

        It is illegal to keep a poisonous snake in captivity in Florida without a permit… IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO HANDLE A DANGEROUS ANIMAL JUST STUPID WHICH S NOT ILLEGAL

      • KT Kacer

        But HE kept it.

      • Ron Raack

        Permits are against the constitution. It is all about money.

      • DenisetheCelt

        Do you male money from the penal system, or something?

      • Jeff R

        Hey stupid. The laws being passed are infringing on liberty, or don’t you get that? It doesn’t matter that the think he did was stupid.

      • KT Kacer

        the ones prohibiting cannabis, I agree w/ you, in not keeping poisonous wild snakes…. well, no that’s more keeping stupid ppl safer.

      • wordsworth

        you are a moron !!!!!!!!

      • wordswortrh

        but there might be help now that we have isolated the problem. Risks of ‘Brain Damage’ associated with long-term exposure to air pollution – A study says that being exposed to fine particle air pollution has the possibility of causing structural changes in the brains which heightens the risks of poor cognitive function and …

      • Chris

        There’s punishing someone for breaking the law, and then there’s overkill. You seem to not know the difference. This is a human being we are talking about. Just because he broke the law doesn’t mean his life should be over. People really love to damn others who make mistakes….it’s pretty sickening to see. Your hate is appalling.

      • knews

        Everybody in the U.S. commits roughly 3 felonies per day unknowingly. Ignorance is no excuse most of the time but by your logic the entirety of the U.S. should be a prison camp.

      • Paula Larson

        Take your time, reading comprehension takes practice.
        ” According to FWC spokesperson Gary Morse, Hatfield could face charges
        for illegally capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit”. NOT illegal to handle, just capture and keep!

      • Tomeka Ridley

        Doesn’t matter if it is law. Some laws are made by stupid, cold, calloused people.

      • Zach Martin

        Yes, reading comprehension. It was clear that Amy was being critical of the actual law. Your repeating “but it’s the law” ad infinitum doesn’t address her concern. “But it’s the law!” Thank god the founders didn’t think that way. Are you 9 or something?

      • Secundius

        @ Zach Martin.

        We are talking about Florida, Right…

      • Dhot Cherry

        ‘capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit.’ – you’re wrong also ;-).

      • TrevorAnders

        Who gave someone the power to rule over my life? And where did that person who has the power get it from?

        Explain this to me?

      • Sojo1956

        And he got his punishment. What’s jail gonna do? And the idiot wildlife people “euthanized” the snake? What the hell for? They should’ve release it out by a river somewhere! No reason to kill the snake because it was kept illegally, then bit the idiot for trying to kiss it. the snake did no wrong.

        The guy that had the snake, yeah he broke the law. and he’s paying for it in pain. I got bit by a copperhead once (didn’t kill it either), that hurt!! But a copperhead is minor compared to a cottonmouth and especially a rattler. This is paying for his crime, believe me!! Not to mention, the venom is part of the snakes digestive system. Meaning, it starts liquifying his flesh. I got bit on the end of my big toe. It’s now flat across the end and not round like it used to be.

      • David

        In English, please? “Ur?” “Kinda?” Punctuation? Grammar? Are you a brain damaged 12 year old?

        You do not even know what the word “rude” means, which makes YOU the rude one.

        He broke a law. He displayed cruelty. He looks like vile swamp trash, and he is clearly an idiot. He should be carried around in a pillowcase and taken out occasionally to be kissed by a shot gun.

      • Katie

        Summary of Law: It is unlawful for a person to possess any Class I Wildlife unless the animal was in possession prior to August 1, 1980. Class I Wildlife includes, but is not limited to the following: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, baboons, leopards, jaguars, tigers, lions, bears, elephants, crocodiles, etc. Persons may possess Class II Wildlife if he or she obtains a permit from the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Class II Wildlife includes, but is not limited to the following: howler and guereza monkeys, macaques, cougars, bobcats, cheetahs, ocelots, servals, coyotes, wolves, hyenas, alligators, etc. All other wildlife in personal possession not defined as Class I or II Wildlife must obtain a no-cost permit. In addition, FL has promulgated regulations governing possession of Class II and III animals (caging requirements, etc.). In 2010, Florida passed state regulations prohibiting importation, sale, use and release of non-native species. The regulations include a ban on capturing, keeping, possessing, transporting or exhibiting venomous reptiles or reptiles of concern (listed python species, Green Anaconda, Nile monitor and other reptiles designated by the commission as a conditional or prohibited species.) Persons who hold pre-July 1, 2010, permits for these species may legally possess the species for the remainder of the reptile’s life. Traveling wildlife exhibitors who are licensed or registered under the United States Animal Welfare Act and licensed zoos are exempted.”

        He broke the law. This is why they are looking at it this way. Yes I doubt he will actually go to jail for this but he will probably have to pay the fine. And just for you Louisiana people, “Louisiana: Summary of Law: No person may possess bears, cougars, or non-human primates as “pets.” If you possessed one of these animals prior to the passage of the regulation you are grandfathered in. No person may possess venomous or large constricting snakes (defined as more than 12 feet long) without first obtaining a permit.”
        Y’all have a law about it as well. So if you break the rules you have to pay the fines.

      • John Johnson

        IF he paid for it… Can he pay the hospital bills? Or will we the taxpayer get stuck with them?

      • Bob

        If you’re defending him Amy F because you believe he looks like a ‘good catch’ I would think twice about that. He has already demonstrated his thought process and the outcome wasn’t that great. Just think what other things could go wrong in the future decisions that haven’t been made yet. Don’t let his ‘good’ looks deceive you.

      • Mongoose

        Ah! Mike Bryson’s soul mate heard from. Why should he have the right to be free if he broke the law? He at least deserves a fine. He’s lucky he’s alive.

      • Mark

        And, how many laws has Obama broke?

      • Carabella1

        None. It must kill you that he won. Twice.

      • Brea

        You are cool and funny and RIGHT ON! Why do idiots insist on bringing
        Obama into every conversation when its not even necessary?

      • Guest

        Didn’t he admit to being born in Kenya though…? Just sayin.

      • Carabella1

        Actually, he didn’t. Just sayin’.

      • Chico Dusty

        Actually… it really doesn’t matter if he was born in Kenya because his mother was an American citizen at the time… which makes him one as well…

      • Jeff Jones

        no, it does matter. it matters because even if his mom was an american, if he is not born within the boundaries of the country, then he is illegal. thats the issue, still questions on whether he was or wasn’t. his BC says Hawaii, but the lady that signed that died last year in a plane crash, the only one to die or even be hurt which just screams conspiracy. when Barry was in college, he claimed to be a foreigner, and got money to attend school because of that.

      • badphairy

        You’ve been proved absolutely wrong by any number of people, so you’re just trumpeting to the skies that you’re too dumb to learn. Best of luck with that.

      • Jeff Jones

        Actually might I suggest you research before showing your ignorance? There are exceptions, such as military, but just because you have a parent that is a US citizen, and in another country, there are rules and requirements that have to be followed and met to gain American citizenship. You don’t just get it automatically. Don’t believe me, I suggest something as simple as using google, and try “rules for American citizenship” so best of luck to you moron, research before showing that your just a six toed, mouth breather that trolls sites like this.

      • Know ‘Em

        One of the last remaining Burfers just called someone else a mouth breather……PRICELESS!

      • badphairy

        I know, right?

      • badphairy

        I’ve done the research, and you’re still wrong. See how that works?

        This argument was over years ago. You just can’t let it go that the black man was elected twice, legally.

        Deal with it, kiddo.

      • Reply to Jeff Jones

        Actually, I would NOT suggest Google. I would suggest you search US Case Law and secondary materials that interpret the Constitution. Google Scholar might help, but “research” conducted on Google tends not to turn up very helpful source materials, particularly on legal issues.

      • Steve84

        Your a moron, and should educate yourself. Two american parents that are in the military can have a child on foreign soil and that child is still a citzen of the US. Or perhaps an american mother is on vacation, goes into labor in a foreign country and has a child overseas that child is a citizen. Those are just a few examples of why citizenship of a child goes based off the current citizenship status of the mother not where the child was born. So as long as his mother was currently US citizen he could be born anywhere in the world and still be a US citizen.

      • Jeff Jones

        Read my reply slug boy, there ARE exceptions, and yes military is one, but, and I’ll make this as simple as I can so you can understand, it isnt absolute. There are rules, requirements and laws that have to be met andfollowed. Research it, I did and my post came from posted US code. Try this, Google Rules for American citizenship. Now move along and go play farm town, this is above you.

      • Know ‘Em

        The dumb is on you like a glacier.

      • Reply to Jeff Jones

        So you acknowledge that John McCain was not eligible to be president, nor is Ted Cruz? That’s quite an interesting argument you’re making.

      • logicalphule

        As long as one of his parents was a legitimate US Citizen, he could have been born on Mars for all it matters. All it takes is to be born an US Citizen is to either be born in the US or to have one parent be a US Citizen.

      • Jeff Jones

        Depends on many factors. Not always.

      • logicalphule

        I’m going to disagree with you on that. If Ted Cruz can run for POTUS being born in Canada, to an American Citizen mother, and Cuban father, then Obama (who I do not support, at all) can be President.

      • KT Kacer

        He did when he made a JOKE, but he was JOKING about being accused of being born in Kenya… Besides all you tea party types are all enthused about our Cannuck boy who was NOT born in the United States… wasn’t even a US Citizen until much later… Obama was born in the US (state of Hawaii) so he has a valid birth certificate. But hes obviously a ‘lesser’ citizen than Obama… still your sort wants the Cubanadian for 2016…

      • Carabella1

        Because they have no concept of coherence. See the comment below by someone with the ridiculous name of Nawnakitty. They spout what they see on Fox or hear on Limbaugh’s radio shows.

      • Brandon

        As opposed to spouting what you see on the far more numerous left leaning media outlets? Go ahead and endorse a president who doesn’t respect the constitution or separation of powers. He’s weak and petty. It’s hilarious you’re espousing the virtue of law while it being a pretty safe bet that you support the Clintons….the most dishonest political figures in American history.

      • Carabella1

        Hmmm. Of course someone like you would never support a constitutional law professor who obvious knows more about… um… constitutional law than you’ll ever know in your lifetime, a man who’s been elected by vast majority, not once but twice.
        You don’t look very bright, Bubba. If you were, you’d know that people like me get our news from all sources. I even hold my nose and read a little Blaze, Breitbart and Alex Jones once in a while just to see what kind of bullshite they’re selling people like you.
        By the way, dim, people like you can’t have a conversation without bringing up the black man in the White House. This article is about a dumb hick who kissed a snake and lived to regret it. Stay on point.

      • Commenter

        Elected by the majority? He was elected by people using dead peoples names. And by illegal aliens. And also by people voting several times. He didn’t win the elections, he stole the, And I’m sure Hitlary Clinton and her ex Predator and Chief husband will steal the 2016 election. Stay on point. You’ve been making racist comment all through this thread. Your hate for white people is obvious. Grow kid, it’s going to be alright. Nobody’s going to get to you and hurt you while your on your keyboard

      • George Bush

        Wow you’re an idiot!

      • Solitaire Huntress

        As opposed to the idiot calling others idiots?

      • badphairy

        Show us the proof.

        Ohhh, you can’t? What. A. Surprise. Would we not know it because it’s from Canada? Did you leave it in your other clownpants?

      • Know ‘Em

        You mean Rush blubbering to the low-lying fruit isn’t proof?

      • badphairy

        Why, thank you, I needed that laugh.

      • OZ

        Now, it’s about politics.

      • john

        trust me don’t waste your time explaining yourself to this douche bag. he’s a gun hating Obama loving liberal. who will be one of the first to line up when they start to put everyone in internment camps. his pitcher next to his post makes him look like a pedophile. lmao

      • Damon Baesler

        Internet camps?!?! Who’s the moron?!? And because I voted for Obama… Twice doesn’t mean I hate guns or agree with every policy. It does mean that I thought he was the better choice. WHICH HE WAS!! You can tell that by the DRASTIC turnaround this country has made. Don’t believe me, all you have to do is look up the numbers. Just do your small-minded self a favor and go to ANY NEUTRAL SITE instead of Fox “NEWS.” One last thing, of I hate guns because I voted for Obama, Does that make you a RIGHT RACIST RIGHTWING DOUCHEBAG cause you didn’t?!?! Um….. Probably.

      • Jme

        Regardless of any statistic, people in my surrounding area have made no such recovery. More businesses closing than opening, foreclosures every where you look, and many remain unemployed. I’m still waiting to witness any sign of this “drastic turnaround”.

      • OZ

        By far McCain was probably a better choice. Collin Powell would have been a hell if alot better but, he didn’t run. And so we still cry over the spilt milk and corruption.

      • Solitaire Huntress

        Internment camps……not internet.

      • john

        what turn around ? what world are you living in??? and i don’t watch banker controlled news. but ill bet you watch CNN where they do nothing but lie and spew liberal crap to the masses.

      • Carabella1

        “His pitcher”? Ah… I’ll translate: “Her picture”. There. Fixed it for you.

      • john

        you made me laugh. son you just wish you were a man like me. lmao

      • Susan Patrie

        “pitcher”? Really? Are you seriously that stupid?

      • katietaylor

        Hahaha I’ve always loved the irony (in the colloquial sense of the word at least) of people spewing Ad Hominems at another only to end up somehow making themselves look even worse than they did before. “Pitcher” takes the cake.

      • Susan Patrie

        I’m curious. Why is it you think every liberal hates guns? I’m a liberal and I own guns, bows and many knives. What would these “internment camps” be for? Idiots like you? If so, I’m all for them.

      • john

        don’t lie you don’t own a gun girly man. if you did you wouldn’t be a liberal. ill bet its your old lady that owns the gun and not you. lol

      • KT Kacer

        I find it amazing fidiots like you think someone w/ the name: SUSAN Patrie is a dude. The stoopid [sic] is STRONG in John. but then you still think Carabella1 is a dude… hell, you likely think I’m a dude. Were you always this big a fidiot, or did your fidiotry develop slowly over time? Alcoholism?

      • john

        so your not a dude and i drink very little. your words makes my brain hurt. lol i think we are done here

      • Know ‘Em

        Grampa just filled his diaper again.

      • OZ

        I think Obama has taken the title from the Clinton’s. Although, it’s a close call.

      • Steve84

        You’re also a moron, the most dishonest political figures in history… lol. Let’s see how about Richard Nixon with watergate. One of the biggest political cover ups in US history. How about educating yourself on US History before speaking stupid.

      • Commenter

        Your president is a Muslim. It must kill you for me to say that huh. Too bad he’ll be going down as the worst president in US history

      • James S Laroche

        so you dont even live in the usa hmmmmm. where ever you come from GO BACK

      • James S Laroche

        after reading your comments , You have moved up to total idiot and azzole i bet your woman headed for the hills . I know you would not last 2 days with me. someone who finds fault in everything cant be pleasant to dwell with .I bet you beat woman and small children then kick the cat for GP

      • KT Kacer

        Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point, huh? Carabella1 isn’t a dude, moron boy.

      • James S Laroche

        must be the idiot factor

      • Silus

        Rape is funny.

      • Pamela Kissinger

        Too bad it didn’t. Js.

      • OZ

        It’s killing everybody. Even the ignorant fools that think he’s doing no harm.

      • What really kills this country is that there are enough stupid people to elect him twice. THAT is what is so scary and sad.

      • Know ‘Em

        …..said the Party of Stupid, ironically.

      • Mark

        And, lost both the Mid-terms- TWICE

      • KT Kacer

        Because of gerrymandering and REPUBLICAN LED voter fraud… yes.

      • Mark

        Denial won’t help you win your case.

      • Secundius

        @ Mark.

        Yeah, and still nothing getting done, too…

      • Susan Patrie

        “Broken”. And none. You lose.

      • Mark

        It’s always this with no logical, substantive response that feel the need to correct someones minor grammatical error and then think they can pat themselves on the back for their “great achievement.” You lose, game over.

      • Chico Dusty

        less than Bush…

      • Mark

        Which laws were those?

      • Know ‘Em

        Oh boy, it’s Genius Time!

      • Mark

        Certainly not on your end.

      • john

        your a complete douche bag and should stay in your little safe place where ever that is.

      • Carabella1

        And you would jump in to say this why, exactly?

      • john

        because u are. and i think a little angry as well.

      • Carabella1

        It should be “you’re a complete douchebag”. And “wherever”. And always capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

      • john

        you have annoying grammar as well

      • Zanji Suzunami

        A douchebag calling someone else a douchebag in a comment section of some random blog site about a white redneck trying to kiss a snake in the morning? Totally normal now.

      • john

        yep. freedom of speech. ill bet you just hate that

      • Zanji Suzunami

        Nope; I don’t hate freedom of speech. I DO hate when people use it as a defense for the stupid shit they say and putting down people. Also, you took my first comment and used it to try and make a thing for FOS? Someone needs to learn something about it before using it.

      • john

        hey its going to be alright calm down. your entitled to your opinion. I UNDERSTAND that you need establishment control over you. but me on the other-hand can do without it. was the kid stupid yes. but why add insult to injury. gees get a clue hot head.

      • Zanji Suzunami


      • john

        lmao. id like to see that little man

      • Zanji Suzunami

        Me a little man? Ok, if I’M little then YOU must be point-like.

      • john

        i say to you good day

      • Zanji Suzunami

        I said good day!

      • Know ‘Em

        That must have exhausted your seven lonely brain cells, john. Go lie down.

      • Guest

        Nazi Grammar!

      • Carabella1


      • GraceR

        I think I just peed a little…

      • James S Laroche

        Catch, a bullet just for you

        should we be invaded! I will kill them all one at a time

      • Susan Patrie

        du bist ein idiot

      • Johnny Gibbs

        Grammar Nazi!

      • Carabella1

        You bet, Johnny.

      • Susan Patrie

        We’re everywhere, Johnny. Run.

      • Zanji Suzunami

        Hail Hydra.

      • Know ‘Em

        I shore hates me some grammar.

      • James S Laroche

        content ! the man is an idiot…. but so are many others like this one who wants to correct everyone’s spelling and

        punctuation !

      • Jme

        Yes! Grammar should not affect the validity of one’s argument!

      • Greattimes

        You are trash Carabella1. Clearly you were a pathetic little scrub growing up and felt like you were bullied so now you troll the Internet. Way to go scumbag you just made yourself look stupid.

      • Tim

        Lol laws you must enjoy being regulated everyday on what you can and can’t do? Why make it easier to be controlled like cattle
        with that brain of yours

      • Anthony Quatroni

        “He broke the law. . . . ” Another weak sheep. The problemin this county? TOO MANY F’ING LAWS!! And morons like you that would blindly walk into a gas chamber if it was a “law” aren’t making it any better!

      • Oh please with this against the law thing. I grew up in deep, rural,
        South Alabama, and we encounter these cotton mouths, rattle snakes and
        alligators all the time. We are all use to it. This is just pure
        stupidity on the part of this guy who apparently has never been taught
        about the dangers of them.

        It’s against the law to capture and keep
        them, not to handle one. He kept it in a pillow case like a fool, which
        is why there could be pending charges which is a joke and cost of tax payers monies for just processing such a stupid charge. It’s more of a deterrent law for common sense. All this is another case of live
        and learn and lucky to live to tell about it. I’m sure he won’t be
        handling or catching any more.

      • P S

        You must be joking…Let him pay his own medical bills..

      • Nathan Edgecomb

        If you want to pay the bill for him to be a guest of the county than by all means lock him up. Seems to me the lesson here has been learned without wasting taxpayer dollars. Oh and take your holier-than-thou attitude and hit the road, troll.

      • tomatopudding

        You’re an extremely rude person. Additionally, it seems as if you did not comprehend what you read; the article said nothing of arresting or jailing this young man. It mentioned possible charges. For something like this, he will likely be given a citation (like people caught hunting or fishing without a license or permit) and have to appear in court and pay a fine. If they started jailing people for stupidity, there would have to be a jail on every corner. “Crimes” such as these are seldom punishable by jail time. If he caused someone else to get bitten and that person died as a result, that’s a different story and not what happened. Removing him from the general population is a bit extreme.

      • Commenter

        If stupidity were a crime you would be locked up with the rest of the liberals.

      • DenisetheCelt

        No. He does not need to be jailed. He made a very stupid decision, and the cottonmouth punished him.
        Do you know how much it costs to jail people? Why are you so very ready to put even more of a financial burden on taxpayers?

      • anseio

        It was clearly a non-violent crime where his lesson was very obviously learned… or so we would hope.
        Removing him from the general population and keeping him in a jail cell is a burden to the taxpayer and does quite literally NOTHING to benefit him, or us.

      • wheels

        Would you say the same thing about the kid in Ferguson?

      • Brandon

        Good thing being judgmental and stupid aren’t against the law or you’d have to be “removed from the general population.” Not every broken law elicits incarceration, and certainly all aren’t worth the litigation costs required. This wisdom deficient Austin definitely learned a lesson the hard way, there is no need to take this any further. He’s been hospitalized, his pet snake was murdered, and his girlfriend has to grow an extra pair of lips just to kiss him properly from now on. Lighten up Mr. Serious.

      • WaywardPoem

        Oh sure, lock him up so the taxpayers have to pay more for his stupidity. Think before you type. The man has already been punished enough and surely won’t do that again.

      • Moshelevzvei

        Nowadays almost anything and everything is illegal. There are frequent claims made on news media that
        everyone commits 3 felonies a day without knowing it.

        There is a time for prosecution and a time for refraining from prosecution. This is one of the latter. He has been punished for his stupidity, his story has served as a warning to others to not do something similar.

        There is absolutely no point to spending tax payer money on a prosecution, likely on a public defender, on a trial, on some sort of incarceration or supervised release.

      • Ok jack boot nazi scum. What you don’t realize is that there are BAD LAWS on the books and the asshats who passed then did so to make money for them or the private interests that own the jails, courts, and judges.

        Get you head out of the sand and stop going bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Damn sheople.

      • wordsworth

        remove mouth from auto tail pipe please. we have found your problem.Risks of ‘Brain Damage’ associated with long-term exposure to air pollution …

      • Glint_Westwood

        I think the skinbleaching is beginning to affect your mind…relax!

      • Prickly 69


      • Mark174

        If stupidity is cause for jailing people, you should join him.

      • Commenter

        If that’s the case then liberal free loaders and thugs above all should be moved from population. If they’re stupid enough to not know how to get a job and need working people to support them then they should be removed from population

      • Bobby Wayne G.

        You shouldn’t start sentences with the word “And”. Please learn proper grammar and punctuation.

      • Ray Teurfs

        Cool the rhetoric, Carabella. Calling someone a cretin for his opinion (though similarly sensationally put forth as yours is) is the pot calling the kettle black. You don’t even believe: “He should be removed from the general population just for stupidity,” either. Then, you correct him for his spelling with two sentences that ought to be one, “And, please. Learn correct spelling and punctuation.”

      • debdeb

        Please don’t begin a sentence with “And”.

      • ninjaknifehand

        nobody cares about punctuations and grammar its not writing a school paper nobody cares and your a liberal obama lover that needs to be slapped into place

      • Secundius

        @ ninjaknifehand.

        I’m neither an Obama lover or a Liberal, But I Do Agree with Carabella1. STUPIDITY, is NOT a Defense…

    • Christine Loewen

      I didn’t know our reservoir gave out money… On my way, see you later, moron. (I sincerely hope you were very drunk when you wrote that. Because if you were not, well, it’s time to go back to third grade to learn some spelling, capitalization and punctuation.)

      • nuke2006

        Please chill with the go back to school and look at your punctuation… it’s a reply to a dumb ass conversation, it’s not a resume, or a important college paper… Calm down!! Go get laid to release some of that anger…geez

      • Susan Patrie

        Shouldn’t you strive to write correctly and try to look intelligent at all times? It makes you a more credible person. (You might want to look up the big words).

    • Toby Betancourt

      No jail time, just a HUGE fine and not allowed to own an animal sounds good to me, but I don’t think a month or two in prison would be amiss. Because HE was a moron he endangered several people and killed the poor snake. Screw him, he deserved the bite, and the legal ramifications.

    • fifthdentist

      I seriously doubt he’d ever go to jail. He’d probably get some — at most — some probation, fine and community service. Most first-time non-violent felons never see the inside of a prison.
      And I think most judges would consider the lesson he learned as part of his punishment.

    • Ash

      What about the pain, agony, and distress he caused the poor snake? He needs to pay for that

    • Barron Sean Jensen

      Because you think he learned his lesson? Who are you and why does the law care?
      P.S. Indoor voice please.

    • LydiasDad

      Let me guess. You’re into kissing cottonmouths as well.

    • WutWuzHeThinkin

      If a disaster or major incident occurred elsewhere and first responders couldn’t get there fast enough, or the hospital was busy treating snake kissers and as a result, other people died that would be very costly to the town. Laws exist for these reasons as well as to protect people from their OWN stupidity when they’re too (yes) STUPID to think for themselves. And to protect other people around them as well. Guns, knives, cars, and dangerous animals can all be used as deadly weapons. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But so do snakes and people with snakes. Laws are necessary to protect people from one another and sometimes themselves. Fines are needed to cover the wrongful death lawsuits as well as the cost of salaries for the first responders who have better things to do but are compelled to respond to the snake kissers instead of patrolling (or resting during a 24-hour shift for ambulance workers so they’re fresh for the REAL calls).

    • Bill Adkins


    • Kendra Tuck

      I agree don’t really see it fit for him going to jail it looks like he will pay enough with physical suffering & those hospital bills. I heard anti venom is quite expensive. I don’t think the charge fits jail time even if they charge him, he would most likely have to pay some sort of fine.

    • Bruce Darling

      Don’t throw him into jail. Neuter the idiot so that he can’t breed.

    • Kelley01

      He deserved what that cottonmouth did to him. The only one I feel sorry for in this tragedy is the snake. He did nothing wrong. He was being a snake and did what snakes do, rather poisonous or not they all bite or at the very least strike at someone. And to kill that snake was wrong!!! And I sincerely hope he does get charges pressed against him!!! Then and only then will I think he has learned his lesson. Also I think he needs to see a psychiatrist to have him properly diagnosed for whatever is wrong for him to think that kissing a snake, no no no, a cottonmouth was a safe thing to do.

    • Ron dez Vous

      He’s way too ignorant to be out among normal citizens. Even for Floriduh. Throw away the key!

    • bobfairlane

      Yeah, they should hire him for animal control.

    • Funkmaster5000

      Your caps lock is stuck.

    • mcafeed

      Yes, jail you moron. It’s unfortunate he lived, actually. This jerkoff is probably uninsured, and is a perfect example as to why our healthcare is so expensive. We all end up paying for this moron. He also kept resources from good use elsewhere – possibly saving valuable lives, helping children , etc. Thinning the herd never sounded smarter in this case!

    • tomatopudding

      They didn’t say they would put him in jail or even arrest him. They said he could be charged. Likely, they will give him a citation and he’ll have to appear in court and pay a fine. The more you know……

    • Person

      LOL… you funny.

    • Shhhh

    • LoveInsanity

      Using your logic, if a bank robber is shot in the leg during a robbery we should let him go because he’s already learned his lesson from the pain and agony.

      Also, quantifying pain and agony is subjective and can’t be used to determine punishment.

    • NonnyMoose

      How about, rather than wasting resources prosecuting morons like him for breaking petty laws, we spend those resources going after politicians and others that continually break the laws that they are hired to uphold.

    • pinkypup

      He should be charged for bothering the snake. Anyone that catches a poisonous snake and than tries to kiss it deserves what’s coming to them.
      The snake should have been left alone or captured and released. Did the snake lose its life? That is the only victim here.
      He can pay the fine and think each dollar he pays out “this is what stupid gets me, this is what stupid costs me”.

    • JR Smith

      How much do you think this snakebite costs to fix? You can answer with an outraged, all caps insult about something irrelevant, or you can find out the numbers and answer the question. Make you sure you include ER visit, time in hospital, recovery time and follow up visits, etc., and when you’re done, compare it to the amount of money you think this kid makes. You can say what you want, but stupid is the most expensive disease in the country. Just ahead of obesity. If he pays his own way, I don’t care what he does with that snake. But as long as I have to pay to help him unswell his face and keep him alive, I think I have some place to say that he should be fined an amount to pay for what he cost. Unless this is the sort of welfare you endorse?

    • tired of fools

      What do I need “DAM” money for – I’m not building a dam – anybody out there building a dam? If so, here’s some money for you, at least according to Mike Bryson anyway.

    • mmaohio33

      He kissed a cotton mouth but everyone else are morons. Haha douchebag

    • Doug Graham

      Dude…Caps Unlock, and the Oxford English Dictionary are your friends.

      You just look like an uneducated, illiterate moron with your hackeneyed mangling of the English Language here.

    • He broke the law moron. What part of “illegally capturing and keeping the cottonmouth without a permit” did you not comprehend.

    • J David Hollingsworth

      I have absolutely no sympathy for this MORON. You’ve heard the expression “if you play with fire, you’ll get burned”. He deserves whatever punishment the law hands him. The real problem is that he will be allowed to breed, thereby lowering the average intelligence of the population.

    • Bob

      “DAM MONEY TOO”? Who said anything about building a dam? It seems like the trend recently has been to remove dams and let the rivers do what they do.

    • Cheeky Bum

      Snake – 1
      Dufus – 0

    • Mongoose

      Settle down, and listen please. He COULD face charges. It’s not definite. The charges would be for illegally capturing and then keeping a dangerous animal without a permit to do so. Perfectly legitimate. What he did is very foolish, and there is no guarantee that he won’t do something equally foolish in the future. We can only hope that he takes this opportunity to develop some common sense.

    • HavocNHell

      I see someone here did not pass 3rd grade reading comprehension.

    • Phil Esteen

      Wow, basically butt-hurt AND outraged over a redneck criminal with the IQ of a turnip who tried, unsuccessfully mind you, to kiss a Cottonmouth.
      You really know how to pick your battles.

    • M.D.

      I agree. He learned his lesson and this isn’t a serious crime so jail time is a laughable suggestion. If there is going to be any type of legal punishment, it will probably be a fine. I doubt very much law enforcement wants to lock him up for something so stupid, and minor…but they’ll have no problem giving out fines to make a few bucks.

    • Vicki Schramm

      There are more serious crimes that deserve jail time this is not one of them a fine and maybe community service in a zoo,I think being bitten by the snake should be the jailtime

    • tsh85

      Holy crap….you are illiterate!

    • Jenna

      He should go to jail. What a mean dic*, putting an animal in a pillowcase! Break the law, get I trouble. You can’t have a high I.Q., keeping a snake and manhandling it!

    • Another Darwin award winner.
      Your typical good ole southern, rebel flag waving, GOP/tea party voting, boy Einstein.
      Let’s hope he doesn’t bread.

    • RdHdKid


      Is English your first language?

    • Bill W

      If not jail how about the Psych ward at your local Sanitarium.

    • JESS K

      [to͞o, tə]
      expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location):
      “walking down to the mall” · [more]
      identifying the person or thing affected:
      “you were terribly unkind to her”
      identifying a particular relationship between one person and another:
      “he is married to Jan’s cousin” · [more]
      indicating that two things are attached:
      “he had left his bike chained to a fence”

      to a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively:
      “he was driving too fast” · [more]
      synonyms: excessively · overly · over · unduly · immoderately · inordinately · [more]
      in addition; also:
      “is he coming too?”

  • SavannahF

    Poor guy! But… On another note… New way of getting fuller lips without doing the #KylieJennerLipChallenge

  • terfull

    Hey, Dude. Hold my beer for a minute; I wanna show you something.

  • John D

    venom would have been fatal if it would have reached the brain. But then ;again; there was no danger since there was no brain!

  • LJ

    Just another idiot trying to take himself out of the gene pool. Maybe next time he’ll try to kiss a .44 mag!

    • Amy

      You’re a douch

      • Susan Patrie

        And, Amy, you’re an idiot who can’t spell.

      • Carabella1

        That would be “douche”, dear.

      • GraceR

        You two really need to calm down with the logic, facts, and accountability. There is no place for that on the internet.

      • JESS K

        and some one died and left you in charge of the internet???? WOW!!!! What an honor!!!! Lucky you!!! Imagine: In Charge of everything everyone writes on Internet!!!!!

      • Zak

        lol @ being grammar police on an internet post.

        From everything I’ve read so far, you have pretty well proven yourself to be an idiot who can spell.

      • badphairy

        Which is still far preferable to an idiot who can’t.

      • JESS K

        douches cannot spell douche because they are a douche! LOL!!! Illiteracy is rampant in America.

  • Mike Firesmith

    “the snake is still considered very dangerous and have been known to cause fatalities.” Really? When was the last time a Cottonmouth killed someone in the United States? How many “fatalities” are we talking about here? The answer is going to shock you unless you know something about snakes.

    • Curtis Ellis

      True… the only one I can think of was a SF Trainee stationed at Ft Bragg NC who’s death was contributed to Water Moccasin bite in 2008… He was bitten multiple times during training near Camp Mackall. Other than that, nothing else documented after the 1920’s…

    • Susan Patrie

      Does it matter how many people die from snake bites? Isn’t one enough to warrant it being called dangerous?

  • Freemen need no permission

  • Curtis Nelson

    He looks like a Mr Patatoe head

  • Jerry Morrison

    You just cannot fix stupid.

  • OrganicGirl

    OK, he did something really stupid, but to fine him and put him in jail is excessive. It’s a wild animal and he is paying the price for his macho man mistake. Jail and fining him is BS, in my opionion.

    • Christine Loewen

      Some people really need to be taken out of the gene pool…and a snake almost did it for us.

    • Susan Patrie

      Did you miss the part where he broke laws?

  • Phildo Young

    How did I know for a FACT that he was from Florida, before reading the article? ???

  • FLDemocracker92

    The scariest part is that he is old enough to VOTE!! I have no sympathy whatsoever for self inflicted STUPIDITY, and I hope the FWC fines him heavily for it. I’m sure their fines will be much less than the financial strain his actions placed on the healthcare system.

    • badphairy

      This is how you get Jeb for six years.

  • Billy Shoemaker

    if everybody got charged for dumb shit they did when they were this age.there wouldn’t be a clean record in the united states.leave him alone

  • corey

    That snake died because this dumbass decided to out it one inch away from his face? I’m by no means an animal activist, but come on.

    • Toby Betancourt

      Honestly, I laughed reading this article until I got to where they euthanized the snake. But it’s possible he ripped the snake’s jaw out when he pulled it off and they may have *had* to kill it. Still… I hope they fine him heavily and that the bite HURTS.

  • Debbie McCarrick

    He should be prosecuted. The law is pretty clear. I am excited to see that in this case STUPID did in fact hurt!

  • Smoked me one

    Yeah I think ol Austin learned his lesson… Doubt there’s any need to beleive he will ever do that again. hahaha

  • Jack Hammer

    And lo! the Spirit of Darwin did descend upon the people, and culled the herd.

    • Christine Loewen

      Only if that bite left this moron impotent!

  • Jason L Martin

    he deserves this

  • Robert P. Le Count

    put him in jail really, DUH like those laws were written because some where along the line some dumb shit like him endangered others by stupidity or criminal intent, in this case I think explaining to young kids how he won his DARWIN AWARD with photo’s might work out. But then again who is to say he learned any thing from this experience?

  • dndb


  • Steven Gall

    He should do his community service time at the alligator preserve in Loxahatchee.

  • Joanna Zielinska-Lu

    What I don’t understand is why have they euthanized the snake if it was just trying to protect itself??? It was kept in captivity for several days… You play with matches, you get burned, simple.

  • scott v

    Give the guy a break!! Dam he has been through enough!! Buncha city slicker democrats.. You make me sick!!

    • Susan Patrie

      Laws darlin. Do you understand the “Illegal” part?

  • Djt

    He looks so tough, all laying there in his hospital gown

  • Dustin I

    Its antivenin. Seriously, this is a news publication??

    • Susan Patrie

      It’s also called “antivenom” or “antivenene”. Educate yourself.

  • Jason Wahler

    He’s cute lil’ redneck.

  • john

    he got bit isn’t that enough punishment. fricken nanny state out of control.

  • kokomo

    Geezus what does politics have to do with being stupid? Both parties are equally corrupt and couldn’t give a crap less about any of us.

    The law he broke is in place to keep stupid people alive and keep those same stupid people from putting others lives in danger. That’s why you can only keep a dangerous animal if you have a permit. The permit weeds out the stupid people.

    Also, there’s no way in hell he will get jail time. He’ll get a fine and community service or at worst probation. They want hit him too hard because they will see it was just stupidity and not intentionally trying to break a law.

    • john

      in my opinion hes learned his lesson and his IQ has definitely gone up a point are two. granted what he did was stupid but he’s only 18 as well. no need to prosecute him on top of every thing else.

  • David Girard

    Walkin,Talkin,livin proof…..ya just cain’t fix stoopid !!!! LOL I have run across a lot of dumb shits in my 63 years,but this guy takes the cake…..kiss a water moccasin???? WTF could he possibly have been thinking?

    • Susan Patrie

      Probably preceded with “watch this!”

  • Tillmann Puschka

    Why? OK, must’ve been the thrill. Snakes are, admittedly, beautiful animals, but why would anyone be foolish enough to kiss a viper?

  • Tillmann Puschka

    And then the ridiculous, over the top laws that stick it to the poor and have no basis in reality are going to put this man in jail for nothing.

  • Tillmann Puschka

    ….and the absolute worst thing about it: the poor snake gets euthanized for defending itself.
    sometimes i believe that, if there is really a god, then he had to have created human beings as a self destruction mechanism for the earth lol

  • Chris A.

    I hope its not our tax payers money paying for his stupidity.

  • Johnny Gibbs

    Oh to hell with Florida officials they are a bunch of Morons anyway. Thank God I don’t live there anymore. Just because of the ass turds that run that state think they are god!

  • RhesusNegative

    Wasn’t that part of his religious freedom since there are dozens of Snake Churches in them redTARDED States of Americuh??

  • katietaylor

    Is he trying a new way to plump his lips up as part of the Kylie Jenner fad? Too soon?

    • Susan Patrie

      It’ll be the newest craze

  • Susan Patrie

    French kiss a bear

  • Jim Williams

    Lets see, he lets the snake bite his face and it became red and swollen. Maybe the kid should have let it bite his dick.

    Just sayin’

  • Sage_on_the_Hudson

    The snake was euthanized? It should have been given a medal for doing its part in trying to exterminate the surplus population of rednecks in this country.

  • Mike

    And this why we don’t kill snakes

  • Red_haired_Robin

    Thinning the herd….

  • disqus_Xa84u2aGXS

    Crazy and dumb

  • Pamela Kissinger

    He got those Kardashian kid’s lips, all the kid’s want.

  • christine

    Euthanize the guy on pure stupidity alone…

  • Queena Knox

    No no! Really! The snake was just in a bad mood! Wish they hadn’t killed it! He should try again! He needs to find another one soon as he’s out and try again! (*For the idiots who can’t catch it: this is sarcasm! Don’t go on the attack!)

  • Stacie

    Miss carabella I understand we are all entitled to our own opinions, but please for the love of sanity stop! This man has learned his lesson obviously. No need to keep trying to play ” miss above the world” this is frightening. Say it was your husband or child in this picture I bet then you would not have such a strong opinion

  • kayla

    Wow. Just wow people. This guy did a very stupid thing. Indeed truth to that. Theres a LOT of stupid people in this world. We see and read bout them everyday. This guy is getting punished now and after. That is that. Prayer for this guy and every stupid person out there. I dont understand why he wanted to kiss a cotton mouth or any wild snake. He wanted attention and he got it. God bless everyone. If u all wanna fight over stuff like punctuation and this and that. Thats stupid. Good way to just fight and get off subject. Whatever floats yalls boats.

  • Charline Hagar

    Anyone that stupid is more of a danger to society than the snake is…just saying….

  • Gene Mistatwoeleven Minter

    LMAO … privilege doesn’t apply in the animal kingdom thy fool!

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    Can we get a STUPID?? Rich

  • djpopdod

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • djpopdod

    Natural selection at work. I love science.

  • LydiasDad

    I’m betting the McCoy family set him up.

  • Micah Myers

    Dumbass should go to jail. He could have hurt someone else with that snake as well. Plus he will love prison… plenty of opportunities for “Snake kissing” in there.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    “Charges for illegally capturing. . . . . ” That’s all you hear these days, “Charges, jail, police, investigation. . . .etc.” SICK OF IT! The kid has already learned his lesson, do we really need to get the self-serving police involved?

  • profchuck

    This guy is an excellent candidate for the Darwin Awards. He will improve the gene pool by removing himself from it.

  • CrossEyes

    You just can’t fix stupid

  • chris

    He broke the law, plain & simple. I guess most of you think if you murder someone, you shouldn’t have to stand trial. You broke a law, there’s consequences to pay. Very simple.

  • Guest

    Oh please with this against the law and jail him thing. I grew up in deep, rural, South Alabama, and we encounter these cotton mouths, rattle snakes and alligators all the time. We are all use to them, and even a “red neck” knows better then to kiss a moccasin.

    This is just pure stupidity on the part of this guy who apparently has never been taught about the dangers of them.

    It’s against the law to capture and keep them, not to handle one. He kept it in a pillow case like a fool, which is why there could be pending charges, which is a joke and cost of tax payers monies for just processing such a stupid charge. It’s more of a deterrent law for common sense. All this is another case of live and learn at 18, and lucky to live to tell about it. I’m sure he won’t be handling or catching any more.

  • ssd

    It appears this was an act of ignorance. In perspective, this young man made a few stupid, not to mention dangerous choices, but he doesn’t deserve jail time , and I dobut seriously any fair minded judge would sentence him. The photo is proof enough he’s learned his lesson.

  • Lionstar

    I call BS on that about getting charged with having a cottonmouth Snake.
    trying to Kiss it was even More Stupid

  • Adrian A. Parrado Jr.


  • Tanya Beaumont

    Not very smart !!!!!!! Where are your brains!!!!!! Think you got what you deserved for even trying something so dumb!!!! But I do hope you recover as I wish no one any harm!!! Best wishes on your recovery, because you need a brain transplant!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debi

    No, no jail. If we jailed everyone that stupid half the politicians would be there. He’s learned his lesson and will now be forever known as the idiot that kissed a cotton mouth.

  • loripie1

    This was ridiculously stupid to do, seems Austin needs some wildlife education on vipers. Then the snake had to be euthanized makes no sense. He got plenty of punishment from the snake and the fine should go along with such punishment. Lesson learned Austin.

  • victoryman

    Stupid is forever. Next we’ll read he’s in line for a job with the State Department…….

  • Donald L. Vasicek

    Why was the snake euthanized? Take him and put him back in his natural habitat and leave him alone for crying out loud. He didn’t do anything wrong. Put him in a pillowcase? Show off with him. How ignorant is that? How stupid can people be? Actually for those who mess with wildlife like this moron did a law should exist that punishes them for doing so.

  • Rachel

    I’m tryinh to figure out why they had to euthanize the snake and not just release it back to the wild.

  • Charles Abernathy

    Honorable Mention in the Darwin Awards! Just wondering, is this covered under Obamacare?

  • awdawdawdawd

    everyone is saying poisonous jesus christ, even the damn doctor there’s a damn difference between venomous n poisonous.

  • Summer

    And this year’s Darwin award goes to this guy.

  • The article should read… Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said after investigating the case they have euthanized Hatfield for being a moron because they’ve realized he’s unfit to live on this Earth with snakes who don’t bother anyone unless tormented.

  • Dutch550

    He tried to kiss a venomous snake. Not much upstairs, is there. Not such a tough guy, now, are you, bub?

  • Opie Yosam

    I can’t stand people that think they can have a snake for a pet…really people, they’re dumber than a rock and there’s NO WAY to tame a freakin venomous snake! Keeping venomous snakes is like playing Russian roulette; it’s not a question of IF, it’s more like When, bc that snake creates no bonds with humans. It may feel comfortable at some point, but ur asking to be bit when it’s not having such a good day.

  • Patrick

    Perhaps a lesson learned?

  • MG

    Why did they kill the snake?? That’s just wrong..

  • Jeff webley

    Hopefully he gets a vasectomy and removes his dumbass from the gene pool. What a moron

  • Darwinism…

  • Phil Blank

    At 18 he’s a man, a stupid man.

  • Live4Sundays

    I’m so glad they let us know under the 2 pictures which one was which! (left, right) Wow…..

  • Northerner

    i can understand him wanting to get it out of his GF’s yard but the poor dumb SOB deserved to get bitten for messing around with such a dangerous snake! he deserves to either have his lips fall off or have his face stay swelled up just for being such a freakin idiot!!

  • Damian

    This guy is a flaming idiot. The reason we have these “stupid laws” is to protect people from their own ignorance.

  • Kristie Miller

    While I hope he heals and gets better soon, I have no sympathy for him. He captured a venomous snake and held it in a PILLOWCASE!!!! He had no permit to keep this snake……he broke the law!! He can communicate with the media but not the investigators?? I don’t buy it!

  • Alvoris Hood Jr.

    Let me guess… $50,000+ hospital bill. He’s a republican (look at the picture – that’s a toothless tea-bagger if I ever saw one). I’ll also assume he doesn’t have healthcare (because “Obama”). I’m so sick of my tax-dollars subsidizing these red state buffoons. Moochers of the highest order. We have to put a stop to this idiocy. We need to start a petition to allow the South to secede.

  • Tom

    Hatfield I guess it’s one for the Mccottons and zero for the Hatfields this is how drugs and alcohol improve your judgement??!! LMAO

  • Crazyasian0430

    How retarded do you have to be do to something like that. Yay I stupid I go catch poisonous snake and kiss it. Serves him right and he should go to jail

  • johnny viper

    Personally I’m mourning the loss of the snake…it didn’t deserve to lose its life because of a moron trying to act cool.

  • Sara Usselman

    The laws are in place to protect both people and animals. The law has to be enforced for it to be taken seriously by others. I’m so glad that he is expected to make a full recovery but he put himself and his friends in serious danger by taking such a stupid risk. Any Floridian should know that Mother Nature is beautiful, amazing, and unforgiving. She does not play by our rules..

  • Tony Wofford

    Just proves you can’t fix stupid

  • Jim Flowers

    This is so funny!!!!Dumb Ass!!! Skip Jail and let the snake bite him again and spare us one more ignorant idiot!!

  • Hearthammer

    Karma! A prime example of a selfish gene!

  • Wasted Island

    Interesting thoughts here. What he did is stupid. Completely brainless. He paid for it. Now, if he were to repeat this act, fine his butt to the most allowable by law. And who do you think will pay for the hospital bill? If, IF, he had insurance, it is only due to the ACA. If he doesn’t, he just got a painful lesson paid for by us. So, now that sane thoughts have been injected, proceed.

  • Dustin D.

    Yes.. Jail. If this guy was attempting to kidnap a child, but was shot in the process, you don’t think he should face jail time for attempting to kidnap a child. The gun shot wound should be enough punishment?

  • Jeff

    I want to know why the killed the snake. It bite the guy because it was defending it self. Why did the not just let the snake go in the woods. That sad the snake had to night because of one dumb person.

    • jeff

      That should had be die not night sorry for type o

  • MmmHmm

    Snake must have been a McCoy.

  • Debbie Lovett

    They euthanize the snake because the guy is an idiot of course the snake will bite him the guy was harassing it

  • texray

    They euthanize the wrong one. The snake was just being a snake, The FWC ranger should have just put the cottonmouth back in the swamp.

  • JGosselin

    Well if he learned anything, it’s that he now knows what his chubby self would look like! Potential future concern for girlfriend lol

  • The Duchess of Milton

    Florida. Again. For God’s sake.

  • Rob W

    What do you want to bet the words “Hey y’all, watch this…” preceded the event?

  • Just me

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Common_Sense_has_vanished

    You can argue all you want about how he was stupid, he should or shouldn’t go to jail or face charges, etc. He was a stupid kid, made a stupid mistake..and the excuses go on and go. The biggest issue with society today is someone is ALWAYS making excuses for dumb ass people – it wasn’t his fault, it was the drugs, his daddy beat him, his mommy didn’t give him enough attention – quit making everyone a dam victim. When you do something stupid, own up to it and face the consequences. If it was a 5 year old kid exploring that came in and found the snake by accident and gotten bit, everyone would be in hysterics. It very easily could have been a kid finding it by mistake and dying for someone else’s stupid judgement.

    • Dustin D.

      he is an 18 year old adult. Not too bright of an adult.

  • Pamela Holubek

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • efesgirl

    That fool should be charged.

  • Shane Porter

    kylie jenner lips… the quick way… lol dumbass

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    stupid is, as stupid does. hopefully he doesn’t breed. god forbid if he had a child he was trying to teach that bs to

    • Know ‘Em

      He dun lurnd it from his uncle daddy.

  • Billeebong

    I, d, i, o, t.

  • Know ‘Em

    You seriously have to just sit back and laugh at the yokels who come to this story to rail about how evil libruls is. I’m sure Mr. Swollen Face agrees 100%.

  • Know ‘Em

    The Darwin Awards should definitely set up their worldwide headquarters in Dixie. It’s ground central for this sort of thing.

  • liz

    Yes. Let’s euthanize a snake that a moron wasn’t supposed to keep as a pet and much less try to tounge down. Guess the girlfriend just wasn’t cutting it enough.

  • Anna Maria Meadows Helvie

    Please, Creator, let this man not reproduce. Please do not perpetuate his gene pool.

  • bobfairlane

    Don’t jail him. Just send him the bill.

  • P S


  • Bookworm

    There is no cure for terminal stupidity. The things people do never cease to amaze me. This guy needs a Darwin Award. Or as Bill Engvall says….”Here’s your sign.”

    • edgeoutlawed

      Without the intervention of hospital staff, he would be cured already…Jus sayin…

  • Mary Jane

    I have no sympathy for this total idiot

    • Bookworm


  • Karen

    hmmmm – failed candidate for the Darwin Awards . . . unfortunately

  • Joe Rea

    Thank you Carabella.

  • Ed Sproles

    Another punk trying to act cool and paying the price, now and later! Consequences for your actions, doesn’t matter how stupid or useless you think the laws are!

  • Tellit Likeitis

    let him die…or at least sterilize him…

  • Bobby James

    I can’t believe that the snake “believed” to be responsible was euthanized. Why would we euthanize the snake?

    The snake acted naturally, in a defensive manner. That’s not grounds for euthanasia. What if we euthanized stupid people? I can’t believe some doctor’s time was taken away from another patient for stupidity. What did this guy think was going to happen?

    Alright, I’m done. Let him be free – but slap him with a fine. Wonder if we should order him to pay for unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, pain, suffering and death. Put a cherry on his dumb ass sundae too – fine him for having shit for brains.

  • Donald Garnto

    If you have to be told that this is not a smart thing to do, I’ll stand back a safe distance and watch you learn a valuable lesson you will never forget.

  • Bonnie Fyffe

    They didn’t have to euthanize the snake. Seems to me the snake was the victim.

  • brittany

    What an idiot. He got what he was asking for. I mean come on its comments sense to not try and kiss a deadly snake!!! I think he should go to jail as well and pressed charges for keeping an illegal snake without a license. He could of put other people in danger.

  • WooHoo

    Meanwhile I’m just trying to figure out how he’s made it this far in life. Idiot.

  • Paula from Louisiana

    There is no cure for STUPID.

  • Tricia

    Please stop punishing the animal for the humans stupid mistake!

  • SueM

    just plain dumb ass…any floridian knows you don’t mess with a cottonmouth snake…law or no law.

  • Dee Ree

    ‘Murica :-/

  • Rich

    Why euthanize the snake, euthanize the dumb ass that tried to kiss it.

  • Kevin

    First off, if you calling somebody stupid but calling a cottonmouth a “poisonous” snake then you yourself is stupid. There’s no such thing as a poisonous snake only venomous, and second, he did put somebody else’s life in danger so he should be jailed. It says that a friend witnessed the attack meaning that somebody else was there in the presence of this idiot when he was bit and saw it happen with his own two eyes. People are seriously stupid. Keeping a venomous snake puts other people’s lives in danger if other people live in the same house anyways

  • jeff

    It’s OK, but a little heavy on the Botox.

  • vinny

    why did they have kill the snake it not the snakes fault its the boys

  • birgit

    To bad for him but we can’t fix stupid,

  • regina

    Seems to me he should be kissing his girlfriend instead of the snake! Poor girl though…don’t think I’d want him kissing me after he kissed some snake! Lol

    • Cheeky Bum

      I feel so bad for any woman going with that idiot. A life of poverty ahead.

  • chuck

    Why should the snake have to die for this moron?

  • Peter Jeremy Yong

    A king Cobra gives French kiss, much better lol

  • Linda Kenyon

    Why’d they euthanize the snake? He’s the real victim here.

  • Guest

    My big question is how in the Hell someone doing something as stupid as kissing a cottonmouth evolves into a debate on politics???

  • Carlos

    Welcome to Communist Amerika!!! Jail time for not having a permit. Amerika has the most stupid Laws..

  • KK

    Why did the snake have to be euthanized? It’s a wild animal protecting himself. I’d be pissed too if I was trapped in a pillow case for days….

  • IQdaRadical Thinker

    Judging from some of the stupid ass teabagger comments on this thread, I’m willing to bet we have a few idiots on here that would do the same goddamn thing.

    Please…by all means…we’ll all be up a few car lengths in traffic and no one will miss you.

  • Funkmaster5000

    Darwinism in action.

  • AnnieLaurie Burke

    Ummm, why did he want to kiss the snake? His girlfriend isn’t a good smoocher? And why kill the snake for defending itself? If some wild-eyed whacko kept me in a pillowcase for a week, I’d bite his stupid face first chance I got. The moron should definitely do jail time. First, he is too stupid to be trusted loose in public. and second, he needs professional help for his weird romantic inclinations with wildlife.

  • Steve Fillers

    one time there was this movie was snakes on a plane..hha

  • Teresa

    Oh please, Jail time??? Get over yourselfs HCSO. The boy has already been punished. Leave him alone.
    Don’t you have a case in Plant city to solve, you know like a drive by shooting? smh

  • Brenda Wagner

    Sad. Because of some idiot, the snake paid the utimate price. I think he should be jailed. This will teach others not to do what this idiot did.

  • bobina519

    Here’s your sign

  • tomatopudding

    Antivenin, not antivenom.

    Good grief, what a jackass.

  • Larry Lixolat

    They should euthanized him and let the snake go

  • Dog

    These laws exist because of idiots like him. I would bet that he is highly under insured or even not insured, leaving us the tax payers the burden of his several hundred thousand dollar hospital bill.

  • southerngirl39

    IDIOT! Is all i can say…. He learned the hard way and is lucky he is living to tell the story! But had this bitten his friend i would of said charge him with attempted murder or something. But since it was him. I say charge him with breaking the law of. Capturing this dangerous thing and keeping it as a pet. I think a heavy fine and probation will do just fine. Hopefully everyone as well as him will see that poisonous snakes aren’t house pets!!!

  • Matt

    If I see another Kylie Jenner challenge?!?!?!?

  • Lauren Augostini

    Right, the first thing to do is euthanize the snake…it was *just* doing what it knows how to do — protect itself from idiots like this guy. What they should be doing is sending the snake in to some kind of lab of some sort.

  • Roy Mills Jr.

    To bad this idiot didn’t die……..

  • ant

    Just can’t decide if Florida or California is the bigger shithole.

    • J David Hollingsworth

      It’s a tossup between Texas and Florida for me. One is a swamp, the other a desert, but both are filled with really dumb rednecks.

      • ant

        Perhaps…but California wins in the registered sex offender department. To their credit, Texans shoot those people frequently.

  • JustMyThoughts

    the poor think was hungry! If it was kept in a pillow case, do you really think it was fed properly?

  • Zombie Reagan

    It was a pretty stupid thing this “kid” did, but what will it achieve by putting him in jail? He’s suffered enough, and I really don’t think he’ll be kissing any more snakes in the future. Save jail for the real criminals, the ones who hurt other people.

  • Ross Bielema

    Natural selection at work! Wow, how long has this guy been living in the swamp? Maybe he watched one too many episodes of Turtle Man. I think he already got his punishment. Unfortunately, there’s no charge for being stupid.

  • Itzscott

    While they have this moron in the hospital they should perform a vasectomy to make sure cretins like him don’t procreate.

    • Big Giant Head

      A brain transplant would be in order, also.

  • Robert

    If it looks like white trash and smells like white trash… and tries to kiss a venomous snake… its probably white trash.

  • cboy619

    Why euthanize the snake? The guy deserved it…they should have released that snake to the wild.

  • He has displayed actions worthy of an elected official, when he comes of age, he will automatically be qualified to be a US Senator.

  • Newtronic

    He broke the law and should be charged; a moderate fine is probably adequate for the charge, as well as inability to get a handling permit for some # of years.
    Getting bit is not punishment at all for the crime- it has nothing to do with the original act. I think we should keep the two cause-and-effect scenarios separate. After all, he wasn’t bitten because he broke the law; he was bitten because he’s a dumbass.

  • Bendy Bentley

    He isnt too bright, apparently.

  • I don’t know – kinda a good look for him. He went from redneck D-bag to Chubby Asian kid in about 5 minutes.

  • JS

    Aren’t jails crowded enough as it is? In my opinion, Mr. Snake dealt out enough of a lesson. It’s just a shame that the snake was killed as a result of the human’s stupidity. Instead, I would have wanted to release it back into the wild away from stupid humans. The snake didn’t do anything wrong–it was just being a snake.

    On that note, I WOULD like it if more people were charged with animal cruelty for needlessly torturing snakes (mostly nonvenomous ones) to death. This happens quite often and most people don’t seem to care.

  • Julia Guthrie

    Why was the snake euthanized? He did what snakes do upon coming into contact with Darwin awards nominees!! Shouldn’t they have euthanized the human and awarded the snake instead? Like really Florida? When do we get stop saying “Really Florida?”????

  • Shawn Adams

    The ONLY thing i see wrong here is they euthanized the WRONG creature! The snake did nothing wrong, return it to the wild. Euthanize this freeking idiot and keep him from breeding.

  • Shel Roth

    ok, so what i am reading here is that some of you think his stupidity should give him a pass on his illegal actions? it is ILLEGAL to keep a cottomouth as a pet, which he was doing. Just because he was stupid and got bit doesnt change the fact that what he was doing was illegal. “hasn’t he been through enough” he hasnt been charged yet… if he was drunk, and ran into someone, and broke the persons leg, but he broke both legs and an arm.. would we use the same “well hasnt he been through enough” logic? no.. he broke the law… you don’t get a “stupid” pass…sorry

  • Starshiptrooper

    I can not say I feel sorry for him. The majority of people that get bitten by Hot snake in the US. are always some one that is drunk . Then others when it is a penned (owned snake O ) ie Cobra , Mamba that the majority are trailor types. Now I see why states ( looked up ) have passed law not to molest snakes such as rattlesnake . Here is South Florida we have all Eastern Diamondback, Moccasin. Coral and Copperhead. Then many others. I have seen all on my property and I leave then alone. I may safely move few if they are in the way. That is about it. They serve their purpose. They will not bite you unless you do something stupid. Most time when they see you , they will make every effort to get away …..This bozo got what he deserved. Hope he learned is lesson. I doubt though

    • J David Hollingsworth

      “Here is South Florida we have all Eastern Diamondback, Moccasin. Coral and Copperhead. Then many others. I have seen all on my property and…”

      That’s just one more in a very, very long list of reasons why I don’t live in Florida. The idiot this story is about is another one of those reasons.

  • Parker Liddy

    What a dumb-ass. Kissing a water moccasin. Evolution dealing with the weakest and dumbest. Hope he can’t breed.

  • Donovan M

    He should go to jail for 1. Capturing and containing a dangerous snake without a permit and for 2. Animal cruelty, says he kept it in a pillow case for a few days, what are the chances he fed and watered the snake? The snake was probably hungry and that’s why it bit him

  • A concerned american

    Wowie! Stupid is as stupid does, anyone knows that these snakes are dangerous-well, almost anyone. Obamacare is going to take care of him for sure, he doesn’t look like he has a lot of money throw around.

  • MD B

    Walter says it best…..

  • Oscar

    Stupid white boys getting put in their place hahaha

  • chet lundy

    I saw a picture of that snake and it doesn’t look at all
    like Al Sharpton

  • Chinga Chavez

    I think it would be asinine to put the dumb-ass in jail.
    It was also asinine to “euthanize” the snake.
    They should have just released the snake in the wild where he was minding his own business before this yahoo captured him.

  • Peter Archie

    I hope the snake is ok and doesn’t catch dumb ass syndrome

  • judyavelsor

    There are many people that think they are capable. They are capable until the snake gets loose. Or he bites ! If you have babies or toddlers then what. A person that is sick or elder could be worse for them. People should know better. There was a guy near us he used to have baby vipers. Got loose. He had children in the condo. What ass would subject his children to that extreme danger ? We have Rattlers // Coral // cottonmouth // canebrake Rattlers. I live in a small city. Even though there is a highway you are bound to see them. Get a Snake book and study the pictures. Train your kids to never pick them up. They play dead. Venomous after dead too. Just so you know . As for me I would rather do many other things than have them near me. Take a little bunny anytime ! Cute // cuddly // little nose wiggles !

  • Xscilune

    Why did they euthanize the snake? It was just doing what any wild snake would do when some dipshit tries to kiss it!

  • Xscilune

    After reading these comments that are forgiving this moron ,I must say it’s too bad he didn’t put it down his pants.That might have rendered him steril which would be a good thing for the human race and snakes.

  • Dawn Levesque

    Oh he’s a bright one

  • Fenrirs_Rage

    I think this guy wins the Kylie Jenner Challenge… Just sayin.

  • joshua

    Thats what he gets for trying to kiss a snake on the mauth. His a dumb ass

  • Andrew

    Some people crack me up with these comments on here. Talking like they themselves have never done something stupid in they’re life. Yes this kid was stupid but i agree with most. He did learn his lesson. He should be grateful that he survived and no he doesn’t deserve jail for this action. He is a young kid that is just that being a kid. Young and dumb. I bet he wont be kissing any snakes anytime soon after this incident. lol

  • NgNsNb

    Animal abuse is animal abuse. The gateway drug to spouse and child abuse.

  • Well, that has to BE the dumbest thing I every heard of . Had to be a Redneck and with the hand sign of the Devil, WELL guest what ? Satin bit back quicker on this D.A.
    I mean, Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz La Peezzzzzzzzzzzz. Next time I bet this D.A. does show the mark of Satin , again ………….. EVER !!!
    “IF” he survives from this Bite , he may not with the HUGE Penalty with-out having a Permit !
    Hey, I also wonder if ANY women out there would want to Kiss this Dude !
    I mean, “Holly Moley !!!!!

  • Hey Dude, Here’s your Number . You are THE biggest Number 10, I have EVER Seen !

  • JB Meister

    I think they should have saved the anti-venom and given him the Darwin Award instead. what a joke, I live in the desert and know to leave anything venomous alone… and it is best not to kill them, they do a great service in controlling rats, mice and other rodents that spread diseases.

  • tired of fools

    Just too bad the snake didn’t bite him in the nuts- if it had then we wouldn’t have to worry about this idiot creating more idiots!

  • Glenn M

    I guess this falls under the catagory of stupid is stupid does?

  • mmaohio33

    Kids an idiot and got what he deserved.

  • tomaf

    He’s gotta be a republican with no insurance coz he refuses to sign up for Obamycare, so he’ll pass on his hospital bills to the rest of us to pay.

  • Dave

    Boy doesn’t need jail…he does need to have his face stay like that as a shining example of stupidity!

  • Doug Graham

    And people wonder why Florida has it’s own Fark Tag.

    It’s because of idiots like this.

  • legrep

    Hold the beer bubba, watch this…

  • Claude Couillon

    Cottonmouths are just one of those things on this planet that you do not mess with. Anyone who would keep one in a pillowcase and play with it for several days does not belong in jail but rather a mental institution.

  • caughy

    Oh god.

  • Me

    Looks like we have a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

  • NBAFan123

    poor snake lost it’s life because of this guys stupidity.

  • LAguy323

    Maybe next time he’ll kiss an alligator?

  • Rick Eger

    Florida man very very dumb!

  • sotiredofthebs

    Boys 🙂

  • Stephen Rolling

    What A MORON…

  • Blackie

    I wish him a speedy recovery, but I still have to say that he is a special kind of stupid.

  • Arezzo

    Florida and Texas duke it out in the Stupid Olympics. Relax. They are not going to put Bubba in jail.

  • That’s not how you are supposed to do the Kendal Jenner lip challenge.

  • Kimberly

    Only a moron would try to kiss a cottonmouth. We have them here in Oklahoma too. There’s no way in the world I’d come anywhere near that thing on purpose! He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, apparently.

  • Nathan Togain

    Hehe, his face looks funny in that picture!

  • inkydoug .

    Austin Hatfield’s daring,no matter the source or reason, makes everyone who knows his story richer.

  • Jocko

    They should have put that snake in prison for biting a mentally impoverished lad.

  • spdge70

    Didn’t I see him in the movie “Idiocracy”

  • J David Hollingsworth

    The jails are filled with stupid people who did stupid things. This guy is no exception. He should be nominated for a Darwin Award (honorable mention because he’s probably not going to be killed as a result of his own stupidity).

    I just hope he learns something.

  • southvalley

    Absolute moron gets bit by snake while showing off with said angry snake….move along, nothing to see here

  • P. G. Ukridge

    I know many are thinking “this guy should get a Darwin Award,” but our rules are strict: to qualify one’s stupidity must be the direct cause of one’s death or inability to procreate.Nice try, though.

  • Pat

    Rock n roll, man! Look at me!

  • KwitBitchin

    Tried to kiss the snake on its mouth??? Are you freakin’ kidding me??? WHAT A MORON…he got exactly what he deserved…idiot.

  • steddyeddyuk .

    The tongue out, tattoos and silly finger gesticulaton speak volumes about his potential IQ problems.

    • Alaska Mike

      as does your avatar

      • steddyeddyuk .

        At least I have one! Even if it is one of the gods of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” (google it) in costume.

        Mine shows a sense of humour, unlike tatoos, which tend to demonstrate a negative pack mentality egged on by a sense of fashion that lacks precious little taste or any form of style.

  • RichieIncognito

    What a dunce.

  • Cheeky Bum

    Another Florida idiot. Wait until he gets the hospital bill! OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!

  • spongeworthy99

    Whenever the headline starts with “Florida Man…”, I know I’m about to read something that’s tragic, idiotic, hilarious or a combination of all three.

    This one did not disappoint.

    I’m glad he survived but had he died, he would have been a strong contender for this year’s Darwin award competition.

    • AntiIgnorant


  • AntiIgnorant

    I think they left out the part where he said… “Here, hold my beer. Watch this”…

  • J. D. Bible

    Stupid is as Stupid does!!!

  • reallydarksideofthemoon

    Natural selection at work.

  • Violetta

    Only. In. FL.

  • RM

    People People…..! Is everyone missing the point here? The legal/illegal issue is a moot point. He is not a kid- he is supposedly a man now and should have SOME common sense. He tried to KISS a poisonous snake, people! Whether trying to impress his girlfriend or what- what kind of completely stupid idiot would do that? That girl needs to get another boyfriend asap! LOL

    • spongeworthy99

      Maybe someday Florida will allow marriage between a man and a reptile.

      Until that day, he can always dream…

  • Ema Brown

    Actually, with brains (or lack thereof) like his, he should be removed from the gene pool, not be allowed to breed. Some folks just don’t have right good sense. Could have earned himself a Darwin Award……

  • Subroutine

    Wish it had been a crocodile.

    • J David Hollingsworth

      That made me laugh for about 15 minutes. Great comment!

  • Imskeptical

    It was cruel to keep the snake in a pillowcase in the first place. He should have released it responsibly where there were other cottonmouths. In the meantime, it should have been properly provided for and given water and food. And it should not have been killed by the state, after having been captured and tortured by this idiot.

  • go2green

    Why didn’t the snake which was in good condition get released? Did whoever killed the snake get charged with a crime? Was the snake killed because he bit someone, maybe that’s against the law too.

    • J David Hollingsworth

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s a snake, a cottonmouth snake. They bite. The snake didn’t capture the guy and tease him. The snake just did what snakes do, especially when provoked. In this case, I have a lot more sympathy for the snake than the guy.

      I don’t think he should go to jail, but he ought to have a tattoo across his forehead that reads: MORON.

  • Chill Doctor

    A politicians answer to everything seems to be to pass a new law. Maybe colleges will start teaching snake handling 101. Do wildlife officers have a snake handling certification? Herpetologists? I think if a politician lies that he should go to jail and be fined. Now that would be a law worth passing.

  • Eichelberger Jr Donald

    No need for jail after that I think he learned a lesson red neck behavior isn’t so cool

  • Watcher9

    Unrequited love.

    Will this guy get a special televised interview like was done for Bruce Jenner?
    I think it would be more interesting.

  • John Morris

    Idiots love laws. The more the better. It allows them to parse the truth.

  • Ed

    Apparently the snake was a McCoy. I presume I’m the first person to make that joke.

  • Stryke

    Another Darwin Award wannabe. It’s true — you can’t fix stupid.

  • Embarrassed to be a Floridian

    Bet the snake was a McCoy.

  • david brinton

    He may have survived this time, but I suspect Darwin will get him sooner than later.

  • chandra

    Made a mistake,and kissed a snake – how many doctors will it take?

  • PRA53

    Stupid..stupid..dumb ass

  • Charles Dallas

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • bobschoeler


    • Cyndee

      No, they only give those to the ones that die. Close, but no cigar.

  • Deanne

    Why did the snake get euthanized. It was protecting itself from what it knew as a predator (a stupid one). That was it’s last line of defense I do agree the guy should be jailed since he broke the law.

  • Mergatroyd

    This is why we should have just let the South go.

  • Laughing Jack

    He kept a venomous snake that are a species of a pit viper in a pillow case and didn’t think the snake would eventually have enough of this jackass kissing it? Wow..the stupidity just flows right through him.

    • marlena griffin

      if someone kidnapped me and threw me in a suitcase and forcibly tried to kiss me I probably woulda done the same thing….snake should not have been punished for what a moronic teenager did

      • Laughing Jack

        Agreed, also the fact that he probably knew it was a wild life animal he should have charges filed against him, the people who say otherwise are just as moronic.

      • marlena griffin

        not saying he doesn’t deserve to be charged….but if he didn’t learn from the snake bite not to eff with wild snakes then jail or a fine isn’t gonna teach him either…can’t fix stupid and I would hate to see tax payer money wasted on a criminal case for this

      • Laughing Jack

        Maybe this fixed his stupidity.

  • nutjob2

    Well that makes no sense. They should have euthanized the idiot and let the snake go, it wasn’t bothering anyone. Do we have to kill everything that suffers from people’s stupidity?

  • brandon thompson

    Lol. Yeah, um, OK then….. This guy obvious hasn’t been around the block let alone front yard. Avoid biting chicks & snakes. Do your health good. Oh & PLEASE good Lord don’t let him have kids. Please!

  • jenn

    To hell with him, he’s an idiot!! Why did the snake have to die?? It was only doing what was in its nature. Dumb ass should have learned years ago not to play with snakes.

  • mommymiagee

    if he lives in fla he should know there are snakes that u dont play with. it is against the law to have a poisonous snake without a permit so yes jail time should be issued common sense wasnt one of the things this young man had and i hope know after this he realizes that he cant handle these snakes and they arent pets. go to a pet store and buy a snake one u can handle non venomous

  • Cottonmouth is the name of the snake; not it’s application. hee, hee.

  • rie G

    ok he showed what an idiot he is,and maybe with any luck he learned something

  • Al Kimia

    Why did they euthanize the poor snake?? This idiot captured it and was keeping it in a pillowcase, of course it defended itself. He should be dead too.

  • dweezil

    I can’t believe it! I’ve perused about 100 comments, and not one idiotic “Darwin Award” post! There is hope for this country. Oh, never mind. I just saw one.

  • No Wei

    Evolution at its finest.

  • Rev. Edward Salm, PhD

    He didn’t try to kiss it. He kept it in a pillow case, a common thing to do with snakes. Except he put the pillow case on his bed! Leave it to Fox to distort the news.

  • Randal Colling

    I saw a bunch of Christians doing the exact same thing on a TV show…their faith in the bible was to somehow protect them…..several were bit too…..LMAO

  • David Howell

    What can you sat about stupidity,!!

  • Donald McKenna

    Well, this moron wins the Kylie Jenner Challenge, hands down. What a freaking idiot. Darwin wins every time…

  • Jakob Stagg

    Can’t fix stupid. If he keeps at it, he’ll win his Darwin Award.

  • Captain Murphy

    He kept it in a pilowcase? Seriously? That is a bit cruel. At least this idiot got his…
    Also, why euthanize the snake?!?! It was being a SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaconSouthernGent

    kissing was the first thought in his mind. Good thing he didn’t go with the second thought of what to do with this snake. Yeah, jail time for this Einstein and lip balm is in order.

  • sa_rose

    So he’s a moron and . The sn as ke gets euthanized? That d oesn’t seem fair.

  • D.Lynn

    Why was it necessary to euthanize the snake?

  • pert

    anybody here believe they should teach the law and cpr in schools?

  • Winghunter

    Since we can’t fix stupid, put it where its options are severely limited.

  • marlena griffin

    Judging from that picture I would say lesson has been learned and there is no point to wasting tax payer funds to prosecute him….and if he hasn’t learned putting him in jail will do no good because you can’t fix stupid

  • Dane Kalen

    “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  • Secundius

    This guy must have wanted his 15-Minutes of so bad. To be So Incredibly Stupid to actually try kissing a venomous snake. Or, he was Casting for JACKASS, the Nth movie…

  • dexters

    No such thing as a friendly cottonmouth. One of the most aggressive and vile creatures on the face of the earth. You just cannot legislate stupid!

  • The_Raider

    Natures way of weeding out the herd.

  • Tomeka Ridley

    He already paid the price. It would be cold to press charges against him. His hospital bills are probably high already.

  • LeaArmstrong

    That’s a whole special kind of stupid there!

  • Katherine Schieffelin

    What a jerk keeping a snake in a pillowcase ! I hope he gets charged.

  • USAFPhotog

    He got what he deserved lol idiot

  • NorthC

    I just hate when wild animals are euthanized for doing what they are programmed to do and taken out of their natural habitats by humans.

  • Don E. Latham

    Very bright boy, huh?

  • Randy D Kiker

    I would like to be the first to nominate him for the “Darwin Award” for 2015!

  • Samuel Anderson

    wow they killed the snake for defending itself from a retard…. wow just wow…

  • John Hanekamp

    Darwinian evolution at work here…..

  • Mew Ashley

    I have always loved reptiles and amphibians ever since I was a small child. Well when I was about 9 years old, I was told not to go outside because there was a snake out there. Naturally, I go out there because I like snakes. I find it and capture it in a butter bowl. It was just a baby and I thought it was cute. I reached in and pet it. My brother comes home from school to find me petting this snake. My mom nearly had a heart attack and my bro identified it as an eastern diamond back rattlesnake, one of the most deadly snakes in north america. One bite has enough venom to kill 6 adult humans and it only attacks if you try to catch it or provoke it. Luckily, it never bit me. I released it into the woods far away from the house. I didn’t realize the danger I was in as a child, I was only thinking about petting the cute little snake.

  • Sojo1956

    There was no reason to “euthanize” this snake! It did nothing wrong. It was taken out of it’s environment, kept in a pillowcase, and did the only thing it knows to do to try to survive. He should’ve been released somewhere safe for him and for people! Killing the snake is the real crime here!

    • Secundius

      @ Sojo1956.

      Unfortunately, the Florida Stand Your Ground Laws doesn’t apply to Cottonmouth Snakes…

  • Chase Fedina

    Why kill the snake? If there’s nothing medically wrong with it then its not ‘euthanasia”; its just a killing.

  • tsh85

    Stupid redneck hillbilly…..I love when shit like this happens!

  • Ubee

    Can’t get much more stupid than this. I think even the snake has a higher IQ than that guy.

  • monica2k2000

    Don’t send him to jail! Make him pay his hospital bill and not leave it for the taxpayers or insurance company to foot the bill.

  • jon

    The Cottonmouth was only trying to thin out the idiot gene pool so in this case, it’s kinda hard to blame the snake.

  • Joe n April

    First, to me the only good snake is a dead one. Next, I think at that age, we’ve all done something stuiped. I’m sure he’s learn more for the bite, than he’ll ever learn being charged with anything.

  • Why kill the snake? I just don’t get it, the human acts stupid the snakes acts like it’s programed to and is killed for it.

  • Haunani V. Kawananakoa

    This moron took a wild animal captive and then kept it in an unnatural, constricted environment (pillowcase) with no food or water for days. He should face animal cruelty charges. He deserved all he got and worse! His mother must have dropped him on his head when he was a baby. The snake certainly did not deserve to die when it was the victim of this idiot’s cruelty and ignorance.

  • Batman



  • Joy

    Just because he’s charged doesn’t mean he’d get jail time, I’m sure it would just be a fine.

  • Jim

    Shame the snake was euthanized for this stupid’s stupidity.

  • MotoJB

    Here, hold my beer…watch this!

  • SuziVt

    He should be arrested for capturing the snake & forcing it to live in a pillow case. ‘[He] occasionally took it out to give it a kiss.’ That should be considered animal abuse, if it’s not. Unfortunately, it’s no crime to be an idiot, but I’d imagine the lesson he learned had a lot more to do with HIS safety & absolutely nothing to do with respect for wildlife. He should be fined & at least serve serious, meaningful & supervised community service.

  • David

    God’s way of thinning the stupid herd….they do walk among us, unfortunately this one survived and I am sure only to try another stupid stunt.

  • M Dondarrion

    A cottonmouth killed my 16 hand high horse. Why are 18 year old men soooo stupid?

  • hosco6

    “Hey Bubba, hold my beer and watch this.”

  • RdHdKid

    Let me guess: he’s poor and we’re paying the medical bills for his stupidity . . .

    • Jimd

      that would make him a democrat

  • Benee K


  • Bruce Northwood

    Probably a republican.

    • FrBorislav Kroner

      Only a leftist would bring politics into this discussion. Very very sad.

      • SixTwentySix ©

        Only some lame alt-republican would feel the need to reply. STFU.

      • Teddy Wright

        typical lib response…what do you see??………The Liberal Mind……… the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.
        what do you see?

        bottom line….Liberalism has no limiting principle. It exists to attempt to create utopia, and considers evil anyone who doubts the attainability of that dream. To the left, the only truly unethical thing is to question the rolling tide of progressivism and the rise of the state. Thus there is nothing really wrong with clamping down on journalists, lying about a terrorist attack on an American embassy or using the IRS to stop groups who might be opposed to the power of the government. To liberals, the culture war is a religious war, and the enemy is evil. Coexistence may always be possible with the world’s religions — at least according to the popular hippie bumper sticker — but not with conservatives. They, we, must be driven into exile.

    • barbara8842

      Wrong More likely a demoncrat!

    • LetFreedomRing

      Ever looked at a map of where Republicans and Democrats live. Not likely a Republican because they actually learn about the great outdoors while Democraps claim they know something… LOL

  • Aaron Ryherd

    Stupid ass!

  • JohnR

    HAHAHAHA!!! White trash is, as white trash does.

  • Rebecca Groves

    Many have asked the question and received no answer why was the snake murdered, it was the object of his abuse and merely defended it’s self, why didn’t a game warden take this snake and release him somewhere else?

    • Melissa Auffinger

      I agree.Place it in a zoo, or some safe place. The snake was being abused by keeping it in a pillow case. Once it was out, it was only protecting itself.

  • SixTwentySix ©

    It’s really too bad he didn’t win a Darwin Award. This asshat will probably go on to father 3 or 4 more dumbasses like him.

    • Secundius

      I would have though a Shallow Ender of the Gene Poole Society…

    • Shadowmgc

      There ARE quite a few of them around, STS.
      Nebraska Man Killed by Pet Snake, Police Say
      Published June 10, 2010
      There’s more than a page of them.
      Well, at least their Parents didn’t have to pay an Abortion fee.

  • Jo

    Didn’t his mom and dad teach him anything? Warnings about fooling with predators!!!

  • timespacetraveler

    and people like him still walk among us. I weep for the future.

  • Scotty Phillips

    The beat-up mail box says it all!

  • Ghostrider

    I see straight through this type of BS behavior. It’s what I call the “I’m a wild child” behavior. Every bit of it is because the moron knows that in this day and age, acting like a complete hyperactive dipsh*t attracts girls and makes friends. Act like a dipsh*t and you’ll make friends, get invited to parties and group gatherings, and get a girlfriend. Gone are the days when a hard working intelligent level-headed man with a decent job attracted women. All you need to do today to attract women is do drugs and act like a retarded idiot.

    • Blu

      Found the Nice Guy.

      • Names that are colors are dumb

        And you’re the internet degenerate with nothing else to add.

  • John Rowe

    A typical whack job from Florida, some very strange people down there. the sun is cooking their brains

    • Fran

      Hey dude, you haven’t noticed that most of Florida are now from the North!!!. WE, Floridians, do know the difference between a black snake and a water moccasin. Be nice to us, or we will pull out our Confederate Flag!

  • barbara8842

    Stupid is as stupid does. Choices and consequences! No tears here!

  • Secundius

    I wonder if this guy knew that Winning the “Darwin Award” wasn’t a Badge of Honor…

    • Ruth Crowell

      about as well as our president knew what the purple heart meant……….

      • LetFreedomRing

        Yep, Obama had no clue. Of course he couldn’t have cared less about our military. At least Trump knows how to respect the military.

      • Secundius

        And exactly how is that?/! By “Avoiding” Military Service “5-TIMES”!/? Doesn’t sound like RESPECT to me…

      • Don

        Klinton WAS a DRAFT DODGER, Trump was NOT!

      • Secundius

        Trump got 4 Military Deferments followed by 1 Medical Deferment. That makes him a Draft Dodger…

  • Lindsay Zipprich

    Before reading the article, I assumed drugs or alcohol must have been involved. After reading it, I can only say stupid, stupid and really stupid.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    I am wondering if he was too stupid to realize it was a Cotton Mouth. He may have thought it was a harmless black snake or other non venomous snake. Not too bright in the intelligence department.

  • cj06

    That’s what happens when you kiss a Democratic , LIBERAL !

    • JESS K

      CJ06 kiss my ass!!!!!

      • JESS K

        since you are ALL ass, I would need you to point out exactly where to start!

    • thoughtsandconcerns

      looks like we got a Dumbocrat among us !!

      • PC_CORRECT

        I seriously doubt he knows what a democrat is.

  • Lance Michael



    what an idiot, wonder if he will go back for another kiss.

  • J Bryan Jensen

    Trying to kiss a cottonmouth water moccasin. I don’t even know how to respond to that. Unbelievable!

    • M. Eric Carr

      Darwin Award honorable mention.

    • I wouldn’t know how to respond to that either as I have no idea what a cottonmouth water moccasin is other than it’s a snake.

  • Martin

    I do know how to respond to this “he’s a full blown idiot”

    • Robert Melvin

      yep, and they vote. And THATS what we’re dealing with down here in floriDUH. 🙁

  • ScotNot

    My people.

    Sure, they’re stupid, but they make up for it by being even more stupid.

  • Carolyn Nuss

    LIke Forest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  • John Baker

    There’s stupid and then there’s this…

  • Jeff Smith

    He should stick to kissing his bong. The cotton mouth isn’t as bad.

  • Wyn Ann

    Thank you for this story Daniel Xu. “Hatfield occasionally took the snake out to kiss it on the mouth, but on Saturday, the snake decided to end the relationship.”…great line!

  • Keith Walker

    Darwin Award for natural selection! Seems they euthanized the snake for being….. a snake!

  • Ironweeds

    Austin Hatfield is hopelessly stupid. For anyone to be this idiot’s girlfriend is more stupid.

  • Debby Godfrey-Brown

    What a tit!

  • Dale Chef Snyder

    Here’s Your Sign…What a Redneck lmao

  • Teddie yowell

    Stupidity has no limits. I think this guy just learned a lesson in humility. If he’s capable of learning anything.

  • RLT

    You cannot fix stupid

    • Geoff Jacobs

      Stupid is non-repairable.

  • Think he has health insurance? Morons like this should have to pay out of pocket. Better yet, let nature take it’s course. It’s cheaper and you can’t fix stupid.

    • Robert Melvin

      Especially since ‘they’ HATE healthcare and love to vote AGAINST it every f’n election.

  • Jim Sterrett

    bitten by a poisonous snake? they are now armed with hypodermic needles filled with arsenic or ricin?

    • Psu307mk2

      There is no such thing as a poisonous snake!

      • Jim Sterrett

        well, if you duct taped some needles to its head filled with some kind of poison, then in theory it would be a poisonous snake

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Attention allegedly educated Mainstream Media… The correct term is “venomous snake”, not “poisonous snake”. Snakes have VENOM, not poison, m’kay??

  • Deb Ostaff

    Unfair that the snake was euthanized! It was only trying to protect itself…this idiot is lucky to be alive!

    • Robert Melvin

      yeah, but we’re not!

  • Simon Emmanuel

    what a special kind of dumbass

  • kso721

    Thank you Darwin. This is how you fix stupid.

  • petemobtv

    The snake should not have been euthanized.

    • Elizabeth Ward Pearce

      I thought about that, too, but it could have bitten a pet. I have a friend whose cat has been bitten twice this year.

      • Pamela Hamm

        Cats wean dogs will try to keep your yard snake free.I have a swamp behind my house and I have been here 16 years and I have seen only 2 cottton mouths.

  • Must be a liberal

    • Joe Enger

      It’s Florida so more likely to be a conservative.

      • Robert Melvin

        Yep,, them “rebels” always try’n to prove how ‘rebelish’ they iz! But they aint..

      • Pamela Hamm

        Hey!! I’m a rebel and I don’t kiss snskes.oh…wait…I think I kissed one named Butch…lmbo

    • Nicky Van Walbeek

      This is something a redneck person would do. So, he’s probably a dumb Trumpster.

      • Mark Nace

        Maybe he voted for Clinton, he seems like that kind of IDIOT !

      • disqus_tU9jub6eFu

        Suuure. Florida red neck Clinton supporter. LOL Even you don’t believe that which shows how full of crap you guys are.

        He definitely looks like the “gun control” type. LMAO

      • Robert Melvin

        Oh yeah,,, this asshat’s family are def all teabaggers, and def trump supperrterz. They don’t call it floriDUH for nuttin! Me and that poor snake are surrounded. 🙁

      • Beth Anne Algie

        Exactly what I thought.

      • NiceHarley

        Definitely a Hillary supporter.

      • Nicky Van Walbeek

        Actually, I wasn’t

      • Robert Melvin

        I think he meant the ‘snake’..

      • Pamela Hamm

        Wow…you are so schooled

    • Woody

      Assuming he survives, you can ask him. I’ll bet anything he’s a proud Trump voter.

    • David Cohen

      The snake handling Pentecostals of Appalachia are exclusively conservatives.

      Snake handling – conservatism – stupidity, the formula is well established for those who bother to do the research

  • Yes It Is Political

    What a dumb ass!

  • Ken Cozier

    Like Ron says.. Ya can’t fix stupid…..

    • rob

      You screwballs have totally run that “cute” little saying in the ground!!…can’t fix stupid?…Your living proof!!!

  • Ricado

    Was the snake checked for any evil infection it may have contracted from biting this idiot?

    • Pamela Hamm

      Would,t you think the vem was enough?

  • Charlotte

    Why punish the snake by euthanizing it? Now, had they euthanized the idiot who tried to kiss it, well, that would have made infinitely more sense…. sigh.

    • Lori

      Exactly the same thoughts I was thinking, in my opinion, he was forcing the snake to do things that don’t come natural to it, and keeping it confined in a pillowcase. The snake was only trying to protect itself from what seemed like a predator to it.

    • Pamela Hamm

      I can assure you he will pay for that snake sugar for the rest of his life.His health has defiantly compromised his heath.

  • Bonnie Meadows

    wonder what kind of drugs he was on

    • Cthulhu0818

      Testosterone and stupidity.

  • Dawn Youlldoitandlikeit T

    And he WILL reproduce.

    • Cthulhu0818

      Floriduh. He’s 18, probably already has.

  • Laura Campbell

    if you bite it and it makes you sick it is poisonous…if it bites you and you become ill it is venomous.

    • Beth Anne Algie

      what is the difference between ill and sick?

      • Mike

        Sick is when you pull off an amazing feat, usually sports related. Ill is when you can lace a beat with dope lyrics. Hope this clears everything up. 🙂

      • Pamela Hamm

        Well this remark hit the wall.

      • The same difference between well and good.

    • Pamela Hamm

      What’d the difference between sick and ill?

  • Txwater Man

    As stupid as he is, i figured the snake would get sick and die from biting the idiot and he would had been o.k.

  • Tammy Barbay

    Notice this man is throwing up the devil horns and sticking out a mocking tongue. This is fruit that can be observed and is indicative of to whom he belongs to. “But come here, you sons of a sorceress, Offspring of an adulterer and a prostitute. “Against whom do you jest? Against whom do you open wide your mouth And stick out your tongue? Are you not children of rebellion, Offspring of deceit,” Isaiah 57:3-4

    • Nunya

      Wow. I think you may be crazier than he is. m/ m/ Do you have NOTHING better to do than throw up bible verses on web articles? To answer anyone that comes along later, yes, I do have better things to do than respond to this. I’m just taking a breather.

      • davidmreina

        He’s a kid that is his excuse but there is no excuse for an obviously grown woman to suggest that a teen-ager is demonic because he makes an unfortunately fashionable gesture for a boy his age. He is probably clueless as to what it means. Yea, she is crazier because he doesn’t know any better. She should.

      • Pamela Hamm

        Yeah he was cluelss alright.And he is old enough to have more sense than that and it was not said “He” is demonic but when the jester first came out.It was to metal heads a sign for the devil.

    • byjingo

      my comment was removed for vulgar language. ““I will corrupt your seed and spread dung upon your faces!”
      Mala 2:3 yes, Tammy your Bible is chuck-full of love for all mankind.

    • Denny T

      You’ve never had a ridiculous moment in your life? What if that worldly moment was photographed and you had no way to defend yourself…and someone like yourself came along and accused you of everything you assumed that kid of being. Judging the outward appearance is forbidden by scripture, and basing personal assumptions on an easy target is covert-jezebelism. “You must be feeling conviction for something in your life you’re not taking responsibility for.” See what I did there? I just made the same assumptions about you. It’s not gonna feel pretty when another legalistic, critical believer comes along & catches you making one mistake and begins throwing those same Bible verses in your face to describe you. Time to repent, lady!

      • Pamela Hamm

        Convert Jezebelism.never heard of it.Read about Jezebel.See if you like how her story ends.

    • FFFan

      Um, that’s the sign for Rock and Roll, not the fictional devil you believe in. Judge not… throwing stones in glass houses… yadda yadda. Please do not use the Bible to make yourself look better than others, most unChristian-like and ignorant. More specifically, it’s blasphemy.

      • Pamela Hamm

        Everyone always mid quotes that verse.Um ..when my son was into heavy metal over 20 years ago..that sign was a sign for the devil.

      • Pamela Hamm

        Look up blasphemy. .

    • Pamela Hamm

      This is a bit harsh.

    • Glenn Festog

      A bunch of tribesmen run into a demon in the desert. Demon asserts that they can not worship any “god” but Him, while convincing them to enslave or murder any non-tribal member as their own personal right.

      The hilarious part is the condemnation of Lucifer (Satan, whatever) while pretending Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, etc. are any different.

      Only demons want death and mayhem in their NAME. Figure it out. Best way to do so is to do the same thing Jesus and others have done (including myself); spend 40 days and nights alone in the desert listening for your Deities voice. Ignore the ones that tell you to kill.

      Alternatively, you can continue to worship your personal demon. That pretty much covers the Westboro Baptist type of Christians, Zionists, and radical jihadists. lol

      Practically speaking, Buddhists are closer than most to “god”, and the Cathars followed the actual Christian path. Just saying……

  • Billy Wyatt


  • Heytherenow…

    The work of the devil. Think you can surpass God? Well, think again.

    • San Ducklawz

      What ???

  • Josh Mark

    Here is our price lists for the ATM CARDS: Cards that withdraw $5,500 per day costs $200 USD. Cards that withdraw $10,000 per day costs $350 USD. Cards that withdraw $35,000 per day costs $450 USD. Cards that withdraw $50,000 per day costs $1,100 USD. Cards that withdraw $100,000 per day costs $4200 USD. The price include shipping fees and charge email to get your own

  • moderationpreferred

    It is disgusting that FWC killed the snake for trying to protect itself from this dimwitted moron looking for a Darwin Award.

  • Cthulhu0818

    And he has a girlfriend. What’s that say about HER taste?

  • Kendall Gould

    He should have made sure the snake loved him back before trying to make out with it.

  • Ray Stone

    that picture on the right looks like hes puckering up lol dumbass

  • The fine and time behind bars is to avoid getting free money from the government and insurance to pay for this happening. As a snake specialized/enthusiast it is known he knew it was illegal perhaps so the legal system wants him to pay up. The prosecution wants more free conviction ratings under their belt so when they change location they can get hired easily.

  • Michael Sweeney

    Darwin Award XX2

  • TMabry

    Play stupid games…. win stupid prizes.

  • wildbill5891

    Thinning the herd !

  • Lobster01

    why kill the snake??? that was stupid in itself!

  • Semaj

    That’s what happens when “she’s” not that kind of gal…..

  • David Cohen

    He found out the hard way that snakes are not good kissers.

    The fact that do not have lips really should have been a hint.

    • Glenn Festog

      Bill Clinton discovered the same thing YEARS AGO. lol

  • Scott Bowery

    You can’t fix Stupid! lol

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    Stupid moron. Darwinism at its finest.

  • Goliath1

    This is why we are being overrun with idiots and morons, In the past they would have died before breeding now we are saving their lives and they are out there multiplying.

  • Brian Williams

    VENOMOUS…not Poisonous. Try a getting the facts and your terms right. And the media wonders why people dont believe the stories they report

  • LetFreedomRing

    Perfect example of “thinning the herd”. We used to have more people leave this world naturally until lawyers felt the need to stick warnings on everything. I can’t wait to see the lawyer that assigns the task of putting warning stickers on venomous creatures… LOL

  • Roberta Lippse

    Dumbass got what he deserved. I do not feel sorry for him at all.

  • Dale James

    That was just a fore and afterplay LMAO.

  • Ellen

    So why did the snake have to be put down?…they should have just released it back into the environment..

    • Shadowmgc

      You’re Right, Ellen. They should’ve given the Snake a couple of Mice as a Bonus. The snake did his job. He did just what snakes do.

  • SierraRose

    He knew enough to hold it behind the head, so pretty sure he was aware it was venomous and not a common black snake. Ignorance can be fixable, but you can’t cure stupid.

  • Bill Vermin Clinton

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Jeffrey

    “he had a passion for snakes..” lol

  • Patrick Ward

    Shoulda put old dude down to cull the population of idiot rednecks

  • nuid

    Blithering idiot. I presume if he lives in the area, he should know about these snakes. So WTF did he think he was doing?