There’s no lack of wildlife in Florida, and depending on where you hunt, you’re likely to run into anything from alligators to Burmese pythons. Finding an endangered Florida panther, however, is an incredibly rare occurrence. In the 1970s, the panther was considered nearly extinct, with just 20 animals living in the wild. Since then, conservationists and state officials redoubled their efforts to protect the cat’s habitat. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that there are currently 100 to 180 of these animals in the wild, and you’re about to see one of them.

Mossy Oak’s Hunting The Country crew spotted this wild panther while trying to call in a turkey in southern Florida. Remarkably, the cat came with 10 yards of the crew and passed right on by.

Image screenshot of video by Mossy Oak on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: Turkey Hunters Spot Ultra-rare Florida Panther in the Wild

  1. That was incredible ! I’d love to see an actual resurgence of them in the wild, but by most accounts it’s too late :/

  2. Coming down off Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado a few years ago and early AM, my Wife and were stunned to see a large lion cross the road ahead of us, we slowed down and I swear his body length filled our driving lane! Very impressive cat!

  3. I live in Southwest Florida and in the news today there was ANOTHER Panther that was run over on I 75 down by Naples. This is becoming somewhat of a normal occurrence! Not saying they do not deserve protection but it seems to me that there are more here than people know. By the way, These Panthers, as far as I know, are NOT a pure bred Florida Panthers!

    I have been up close and personal to some big cats while bow hunting! They are beautiful but can be deadly!

    I have more respect for animals than I do for most people !

  4. nothing rare about panthers the agencies only count the ones on public lands and the number have exceeded carrying capacity. Within a 3 year time period the panthers wiped out all the feral hogs or wild hogs depending on what you like to call them and all the small mammals literally and most of the deer that used to pass through our yard on Loop Road in the Big Cypress. Thats one of the problems with single species mangement. the money and the agencies mindsets do not allow for proper wildlife management its all politics money

  5. further more modern dna science has proven panther in North America are all one species that came out of 6 specieces vs the 32 sub-species that was once the considered number. so the reality is thre is no such thing as a Florida Panther. A lot of folkks call them hybreds because Fla used some from texas to help alleviate some of the in-breeding troubles due to bthe ones in south fla being cut off from other panther populations the project succeed too wel but due to politics and agencies not wanting to give up federal dollars they continue to mismanage the panthers and we now have far too many and removing them from the Endangered species will not happen due to again money politics instead of truthful science and common sense

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