Video: Turkey Hunters Spot Ultra-rare Florida Panther in the Wild


There’s no lack of wildlife in Florida, and depending on where you hunt, you’re likely to run into anything from alligators to Burmese pythons. Finding an endangered Florida panther, however, is an incredibly rare occurrence. In the 1970s, the panther was considered nearly extinct, with just 20 animals living in the wild. Since then, conservationists and state officials redoubled their efforts to protect the cat’s habitat. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that there are currently 100 to 180 of these animals in the wild,¬†and you’re about to see one of them.

Mossy Oak’s Hunting The Country crew spotted this wild¬†panther while trying to call in a turkey in southern Florida. Remarkably, the cat came with 10 yards of the crew and passed right on by.

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