Do you need a high-powered nail gun that can be used both in your next home improvement project and at the range? Well, with a bunch of custom .410 shotshells and a handful of nails, YouTube’s MattV2099 effectively turned his Saiga shotgun into a nailgun of epic proportions.

“This is the 410×76 NAIL shotgun slug,” stated the video’s description. “We take a handful NAILS and convert them to a combination glue/nail slug. Conceptualized as the Russian nail gun wacky shotgun load, we [then] discover this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities.”

Yet, it would probably not do that well if used for construction purposes. Seriously, it’s actually quite dangerous, as you can see for yourself below.

Image screenshot of video by MattV2099: Guns & Food on YouTube

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