What started off as a routine license check quickly escalated after a man reportedly tried to drown an Oklahoma game warden over the weekend.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), a game warden approached three men fishing near Bunch in eastern Oklahoma on Sunday and asked to see their licenses. Among the men was 29-year-old Billy Joe Patrick, who had an active warrant out in Arkansas for a parole violation. When the warden attempted to arrest Patrick, OSBI officials said that Patrick began fighting back.

“The men fell into a pond where the suspect tried to hold the officer’s head under water,” the OBSI stated on Facebook. “The officer fought his way above the water and shot the suspect. The man died at the scene.”

The officer, who has not yet been identified, was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries. Alongside the state Department of Wildlife Conservation, the OSBI and Adair County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the case. Investigators will later send their findings to the Adair County District Attorney, who will determine whether the shooting was justified.

Although game wardens are usually tasked with protecting wildlife such as game and fish, they also often find themselves in different roles, such as carrying out arrests on outstanding warrants. Since wardens usually work alone or in small teams, they are also among the most extensively trained of state law enforcement officers.

According to Tulsa World, there are currently 117 wardens employed in Oklahoma. Since 1909, only two have been killed in the line of duty. The most recent fallen officer, Melvin Garrison, was drowned while attempting to arrest a ring of fish poachers in 1971. No one was ever charged in connection with his death.

File image from Project Healing Waters on the flickr Creative Commons

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  • Jimbob

    Let me guess, the game warden was white and Billy Joe Patrick was black.

    • asadstateofaffairs

      Its not black versus white its the 99.9% versus the .01%. Your rulers want you divided, don’t fall for it.

      • Jim Nasium

        Baloney! Have you seen Ferguson? Baltimore? L.A. 25 years ago? Savages.

      • Dave

        It’s black and white vs. blue. You are 100% correct about the rulers.

    • Somestupidamerican

      I read that the perp tried to drown the conservation officer. What did you read? Or did you? Or can you? Pull your head out…… Start thinking for yourself

    • Have you found a 7/11 you’re ready to loot, or is there another reason you’d infer such lunacy from the article?

  • Secundius

    According to the Local Press, there were two other men at the scene. What happen to them. Also, man who was killed, was wanted in Arkansas for Parole Violations. And said man attacked Warden, while resisting arrest for Parole Violation. Not for fishing…

    • Memphis Viking

      …while checking for fishing licenses.

      • Secundius

        @ Memphis Viking.

        There were two other men present? Which one was approached first? My understanding of Parole Violations, is you CAN’T leave the STATE you were Paroled IN. This man DID…

      • Memphis Viking

        Yes, he violated his parole, and attacked the warden while being arrested for it. Which all happened after the warden decided to check their fishing licenses. Your comment seemed to imply that the article claimed he attacked the warden because of fishing, which it did not; and you seemed to imply that fishing had nothing to do with it, which it did.

      • charles johnston

        Wow. You worked hard to misunderstand Secundius’ post. He made it plane that it was not for fishing,

      • Secundius

        @ Memphis Viking.

        It wasn’t until after the Warden did a “Background Check”, when he was Attacked for try to Arrest this guy for Parole Violations in Arkansas. The Warden was DOING his job. The man Killed, has to shoulder some or most of what happen to him. If he didn’t leave the State of Arkansas, he would have been SAFE. Getting arrested for Not Having A Fishing License, Doesn’t get you Killed, at the most a FINE. Attacking and trying to Kill the Warden by Trying Too Drown Him, DOES…

  • Red Neckerson

    Me and my homies will definitely loot the Bass Pro Shop over this.

  • EyemNotFree

    You want to eat? Get off your lazy backside and get food stamps

  • Michelle J Moon

    All this black and white, black and blue shit needs to stop. This guy should have stayed home and not broke his parole. His death is his own fault. He did wrong and that’s that. This racist stuff is getting out of hand. I bet if it was a white guy none of this would be said. You all would be like “That’s ok he was white “. So who is the one being racist. He never should have attacked the warden for DOING HIS JOB. Had he not attacked him for DOING HIS JOB, none of this would have happened. As for the other 2, odviosly they were ok and not breaking the law in any way. But you all just wanna focus on the negative.