Duck Hunt is a Nintendo classic and introduced thousands of young kids to the fun of a simulated duck hunt. That is, a duck hunt in which the birds fly in predictable patterns and your own hunting dog shows up to laugh at your failures.

That said, it was all harmless fun. The game shown in this video, however, is not very safe at all. This would-be duck hunter decides to hunt electronic ducks with a real shotgun, and the results are rather predictable. We’re not quite sure what the purpose of this game was, especially as it looks rather dull. Maybe they just has some extra TVs they needed to put holes in.

Image screenshot of video by NRK on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Video: The Duck Hunting Game You Should Not Try at Home

  1. You mean this guy Out Stupid Himself. Maybe he should get together with Cottonmouth Man and do a Dumb and Dumber Road Show…

  2. As far as the Spitfire, there Beer Barrels. That how some RAF Units, got their beer delivered to them…

  3. What I don’t is why OutdoorHub bothers to show this junk! You should be working to help promote theoutdoor spots we all love, and show them in a more positive light.

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