Video: Open Carry Advocate Berated by Demonstrators at Seattle May Day March


Warning: the video below contains a lot of content that would most accurately be described as “annoying.”

It purportedly shows an open carry advocate, identified as “Shayne Butts,” marching alongside a crowd of May Day demonstrators in Seattle. While some individuals appear to be having constructive conversations with him (and the description says as much), at least two people were not too pleased with his presence, nor that of his SKS.

You can watch highlights from the “encounters” below. One demonstrator goes so far as to impede Butts’ travel, calling him racist for carrying a gun.

While we can certainly understand the existence of a diversity of opinions regarding open carry, the notion that simply owning or carrying a gun makes one racist requires quite a few logical leaps.

Edit 5-5-2015: Another video showing some additional confrontations is on YouTube.

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