Warning: the video below contains a lot of content that would most accurately be described as “annoying.”

It purportedly shows an open carry advocate, identified as “Shayne Butts,” marching alongside a crowd of May Day demonstrators in Seattle. While some individuals appear to be having constructive conversations with him (and the description says as much), at least two people were not too pleased with his presence, nor that of his SKS.

You can watch highlights from the “encounters” below. One demonstrator goes so far as to impede Butts’ travel, calling him racist for carrying a gun.

While we can certainly understand the existence of a diversity of opinions regarding open carry, the notion that simply owning or carrying a gun makes one racist requires quite a few logical leaps.

Edit 5-5-2015: Another video showing some additional confrontations is on YouTube.

Image is a screenshot of video by Rogue Reflections on LiveLeak

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53 thoughts on “Video: Open Carry Advocate Berated by Demonstrators at Seattle May Day March

  1. My favorite is the loud-mouth obstructionist who says “Fuck free speech!”; and claiming that neither he, nor black people, can carry guns. To me, that would be a clear indication that man is a convicted felon or has a PPO/Restraining Order against him.

    Not sure how someone exercising their constitutional rights can be considered racist. If exercising a constitutional right were racist, that constitutional right would be unconstitutional, and therefore, that right would have never have been confirmed and protected by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    1. Goes back to the misinformed notion that the Second Amendment was really included to protect the interests of slave owners, not protect us against government tyranny.

      1. The theory was put forward by Dr. Carl Bogus (yes, that really is his name) of Roger Williams University Law School in Rhode Island in 1998, and Thom Hartman of Truth Out picked it up and ran with it more recently.

  2. If your position is so correct , don’t hide behind your gang affiliated bandana mask…..show people who you are. If you are afraid to be identified with your cause, you are obviously supporting the wrong cause.

  3. Regardless of all the crap called out, why do my fellow pro-gun folks have to keep giving us negative PR? Carrying a gun in that crowd is only going to agitate people. ESPECIALLY in Seattle. I understand that he is making a point, but it is my opinion that he is doing far more harm than good. He has just spread a new article about how us “gun nuts” are out of control. All he was really doing was trying to pick a fight, albeit legally, with the liberal crowd. We really need to stop sinking to their level. Let’s take the high road here!

    1. He open carried as is his norm. I was open carrying while recording these videos. People will berate legal open carriers whether we are in a crowd like this pr buying bananas at the store. I think it is important to not cave to fearful and uninformed people and just live freely.

    2. Cant help but disagree. By allowing liberal attitudes to prevail – policies come into place that now restrict the rights we were assured. Every confrontation with liberals always exemplify just how stupid, ignorant, biased, they really are…”Racist?!?”…really?
      When people finally see enough of this crap, finally understand how stupid this liberal mindset is, than maybe the rest of the Americans will stand up and tell them to shut up. At least they can open carry in Washington. Not so in California, open carry has been banned for rifles and handguns, and depending on the county you live in, good luck trying to obtain concealed carry – and don’t even think about your “Constitutional Rights”, a lot of Sherriff’s will laugh at you.
      Don’t forget that old saying from WWII about when the brown shirts came for the Jews, I did nothing…..it didn’t stop until after millions were dead.

      1. Bans don’t come from free people being free. Bans come from fearful people who make rules for others to follow. If you are afraid to open carry, in an open carry state, then you are acting sort of like a dog whose master throws him a scrap from a table, but the dog is afraid to eat the scrap for fear of being beaten. It is not truly a freedom if it can not be freely expressed.

      2. Not so, does the dog get detained questioned and have to pay a lawyer to “legally” get his guns back? No, the dog does not. I live in a liberal state with open carry laws but, don’t carry open because some a’hole liberal will call law enforcement. I chose not to open carry because I don’t need any b.s. costing me money. I prefer to carry concealed anyway. This dog will keep his money.

      3. That is a fantastic choice, for those who choose to carry concealed. It is also a great choice for those who choose to open carry. Choice is a byproduct of freedom.

      4. Yup, criminals also express their freedom to commit crime. I prefer the element of surprise by concealed carry. Unfortunately, law abiding John and Jane Doe continously have their freedoms threatened.

    3. Anyone exercising their rights is not bad PR! He is not going into a business like Starbucks or Walmart, he is walking down the street! If people are upset about it too bad. Every American should be proud of the rights of our country. If more people exercised their rights then our country would be even better. I’m not just talking about the 2nd amendment either.

    4. “Regardless of all the crap called out, why do my fellow African Americans have to keep giving us negative PR? Sitting at the front of the bus is only going to agitate people. ESPECIALLY in the 1950’s. I understand that she is making a point, but it is my opinion that she is doing far more harm than good. She has just spread a new article about how us blacks are out of control. All she was really doing was trying to pick a fight with the white crowd. We really need to stop sinking to their level. Let’s take the high road here!”

      I fixed that for you so that you will understand how you sound to those of us who care about our rights and don’t insist that they are only used in a manner we approve of.

      1. Mark, you have the best reply, but you are still completely missing the point. Rosa Parks was not scaring anyone, she was just standing up for herself. A guy walking down the street with a tac vest and a rifle during an already full of tension event, does nothing but cause fear. Liberals often pass laws out of fear, like being scared of our guns, so take them away. Sun Tzu says that if you know thy enemy, and know thyself, in a thousand battles you will always be victorious. I recommend sir, that you take a little time to try and figure out how the liberal voter ACTUALLY feels about guns instead of just what the NRA tells us they feel. You might be surprised. Many of them genuinely believe that guns just occasionally go off and kill people and there’s nothing we can do to keep this from happening. Yes, they believe that an inanimate object has a mind of its own. I’m sure you know someone that thinks Obama is god, try to talk to them about it without getting wound up so you can figure out how to educate them. We are in a fight by the way.
        Oh, and those of us that care about our rights? Really? You’re making a lot of assumptions there bud. You might want to give a little thought about what kind of crowd reads this stuff, because thinking I’m an anti gun liberal that doesn’t care about my rights is laughable. 🙂 You never know when you might be talking to a 30 year retired military combat vet, with more scary black guns than you can fit in the biggest UHaul available, enough ammo to require his own actual ammo bunker, his own half track with real live .50’s, enough machine guns that Ted Nugent stops by to say hey at Christmas, and a place in the middle of the empty lands of Idaho or Montana that CNN, MSNBC, and ABC would never be able to resist calling a compound. I’m not saying that’s me, for one thing I don’t have any machine guns anymore, but I’ll bet that guy reads these articles.
        Just food for thought. Maybe you guys are content with just charging in, waving your guns in the air, hoping that people will vote in favor of your beliefs. But I actually want to keep my guns, and that requires a little more tact.
        Oh, and thank goodness he didn’t have to break out his SKS to defend himself! That really would’ve been bad PR to have an open carry turn into a “Murdered Peaceful Protesters by Angry White Militant” headline. And if you honestly believe that the headline would’ve been anything OTHER than that, you probably wouldn’t be trying to label me as a liberal in the first place.

      2. It seems that you are the one who missed the point if you thought I was labeling you as an anti-gun liberal.

        My point was that our rights are inalienable or they are not. If they can be taken by being expressed in a manner not palatable to the mainstream, then they aren’t rights, but privileges. That’s why people like myself, who care about our rights, support their expression regardless of who is doing the expressing or how they are expressing them.

        If you think that the free expression of a right done in a manner that may offend can cause that right to be revoked, then you are already expressing defeat in that you do not truly believe it is a right in the first place.

        I couldn’t care less how many firearms you own or what your veteran status is (which I am as well) is as it has no bearing on the conversation. You are making the point that making people uncomfortable by expressing our rights sets us back. Rosa Parks had the exact same logic tossed her way, as did Susan B Anthony and every other rights advocate who has taken an unpopular position. Your argument is that by expressing our Second Amendment rights in a way that makes liberals unhappy, it could lead to further restrictions. Mine is that this sort of thinking is how we end up with things like the GCA and the now expired AWB. You believe that utilizing a right in a way that could cause fear will hurt our cause, I believe it normalizes the behavior. I think our lack of reaction when a black man or woman sits where ever they like on the bus proves this to be true.

      3. No. My point is that introducing a gun into a tense environment is a bad idea. Like carrying a gun in a bar and having a drink is a bad idea. Anti gun people are scared of guns. Scared of guns. The presence of a firearm in this case does nothing to help us keep our rights. Carrying a sign or a 10 foot banner saying owning guns is a right, can help, but probably not much with that crowd anyway. It sends a message without creating fear. I’m not talking about discomfort. Rosa Parks caused discomfort, Susan B. Anthony caused discomfort, a gun carried by a pro-gun fella in an already hostile anti gun owner crowd causes fear. I understand what you are getting at, and I agree with you for the most part, but you are still missing my point. I’m not talking about expressing a right, I’m talking about escalation of force. Since you’re a vet, you have no doubt been given several classes on the escalation of force, and you therefore know that it has consequences. What if Mr. Toughguy that kept trying to get in the way and start something went for the SKS? Why introduce the ingredients for such a disaster? Had that happened, the SKS carrier would have had to defend himself. As I said above, we all know what the headlines would’ve been. You say that acting this way will numb the anti-gun crowd into being fine with guns on our shoulders. I agree that yes, it would eventually go that way. However, this was not the crowd to start with. This wasn’t Rosa Parks on the bus, this was Rosa Parks walking into the Montgomery Community Center and yelling “Howdy Crackers!”. Or another way, what if Rosa Parks had walked onto the bus with a gun? (Although that was against the law in 1955 Alabama so it doesn’t really fit here.) He has the right to carry that rifle, I am not in agreement with where he chose to do it. If you’re trying to get people used to open carry, there are better ways to go about it than picking the Seattle May Day protest crowd. I guarantee you that none of the anti-gun crowd walked away from that fiasco thinking Toughguy was wrong, or bandana gangsta was wrong, or that Mr. SKS made a great point. Just to recap, my point is that introducing a firearm into that situation was a bad idea. It did nothing to protect our rights, it did however cause agitation toward our crowd, it created a situation where the carrier was introducing the ingredients for a scenario that would have no winner and only land him some jail time should things go wrong, and, he had no kind of “out” should hostility occur (a friend videoing won’t always keep you alive). It was irresponsible, and gun owners can’t afford to be irresponsible. But, I guess on that we disagree. I’m not about to change my mind that this was a good idea, and it seems that you are not about to change yours that it wasn’t. The beauty of the good old USA, we don’t have to agree with each other.

      4. Fair enough and thanks for the polite discussion. I imagine we agree on far more than we disagree.

        Have a good week and weekend to follow.

      5. The only problem is, you are totally and completely wrong. If you think Rosa Parks wasn’t scaring people with her defiance, then you are even more wrong. If you don’t want to open carry; don’t. But do not attempt to make that choice for others, it puts you in the same boat with the collectivists.

      6. Really? 🙂 Did you read through all of the above? People on the bus were worried Rosa Parks might ? kill them? Shoot them? I will happily engage in debate with you Bill, but please come up with something more than categorizing me as a collectivist, and perhaps read my back and forth with Mark. You’re right, I don’t open carry and drive around to all the Starbucks that I can find. I just don’t go there. I don’t open carry and go to spoken word poetry readings. I have no need to and it would achieve nothing anyway. My reasons are more out of respect though than anything. They don’t want to see that at their meeting places, and I have no desire to be at their meeting places. Rosa needed to ride the bus, I don’t want a latte. Do you think a guy can help protect gun rights by doing those things? Do not attempt to make that choice for others? So you’re telling me to not voice my opinion about it, while voicing your opinion about it? I’m not making any choices for anyone in the first place, but I see no reason why I cannot comment in the “comment” section about the actions depicted in the article. It’s up to the readers to make their choice. Try harder please sir. I welcome new input/ideas, but not if you just want to fight. There are enough people out there that just want to scream at each other about guns, go find bandana lady if you want to call someone names. Oh, and by the way, guns are my livelihood, why would I ever want to “collect” them all up and take them away?

      7. Yes, Rosa was scaring people, they were worried about black people getting uppity and some saw in her actions the start of a race war.

        Yes, I do believe open carry promotes gun rights, just like exposure to different things, ideas, countries, ideas can change people’s views. But fine, don’t open carry if you don’t want to, but don’t tell others they cannot. If you do, you are a collectivist, period. You clearly don’t know what a collectivist is either.

        Your reading skills appear to somewhat lacking also, I never said you cannot voice your opinion, but you did far more that voice your opinion, you stated nobody should open carry regardless of the law in the State they are doing it in. Because you are ohhh so worried about offending the antis. Who cares if the antis are offended? They certainly don’t care about offending us, in fact that is their mission in life. They offend me every single day I have to hear them whine and complain about real men and women having the freedom to own the best means of protection there is, and a great family bonding experience of going to the range and engaging in the shooting sports.

        I don’t want to just fight as you say, but Fudds also offend me.

    1. Of course, we always try to credit and source to the original creator whenever possible. Thanks for producing some informative videos.

      -Matt Korovesis

  4. So, they don’t feel safe because he has a gun, but even though he has a gun they have no problem getting in his face and harassing him. If he truly was dangerous, wouldn’t they want to avoid a confrontation?

    1. That is what gets me! they seem to think that everyone who carries is a dangerous and unstable person! yet in the video I not once saw any aggression from the gent carrying the rifle and saw that he was cracking jokes to his friends and making sure where they were in relation to him which is great Situational awareness. Being Canadian I see crap like this I get annoyed as we don’t have that right to open carry and out Concealed carry is almost non existent. We are fighting to change that and it will take us years to get it done.

  5. Out of respect for us move to Cuba or some other totalitarian shit hole that you will better fit into.
    Liberalism & the left need some serious psychological help. OMG how sad these people are.

  6. Intent and motivation is everything. He was not threatening and nobody there was in any danger. In fact, they were in less danger because he would have defended them.

    1. I agree up to a certain extent. Depends on where the bullet travels after it hits the intended target. In a crowd, it’s a risky decision.

  7. Nothing like a loud mouthed fat woman and an instigating African to instill peace and harmony in a parade.

  8. i would just have brought pepper spray and put in some earphones with good noise reduction and tuned them out. first person who tries to touch me or my earphones gets sprayed. it’s funny that the anti gun people call us the bullies when the most peaceful guy here was the guy with the gun. its also funny that it always seems to be people that realize they themselves are unstable try to tell everyone else they can’t own a gun because if they themselves had a gun would use it maliciously. I constantly urge my friends and people i know to get their chl. 9 times out of 10 the exact same person that says they are afraid of guns and we don’t need them are the same person telling me confidentially when i mention getting a chl that they would end up shooting someone (like if they got mad or in an arguement). seen here that female and male screaming at him are two people who i guarantee are against guns and are the exact same people i would never want around a gun because they are unstable.

  9. I think it is absolutely disgusting that some black folks openly espouse Jim Crow laws designed to disarm blacks.

  10. Low life cowards needing a gun to make their genitals bigger. Go Seattle! Bet they are from Texas.

  11. The Second Amendment says nothing about private gun ownership. And the one that lunatic was carrying is one that should be banned from private ownership, like what Australia did with certain firearms in the wake of the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania in 1996.

    1. The guy that was filming this is me. I was also open carrying. There were a few hundred other open carriers around, but they were all wearing badges.

    2. You fail civics and English comprehension, for the 2nd most certainly does, go back to 4th grade. In addition, you apparently are missing a backbone and like being a slave.

      1. You fail at common sense and logic. The 2nd Amendment was written back when the USA had no organized military and needed civilians to have access to their weapons to form a militia to fight against an enemy to America, foreign or domestic. That’s the REAL reason why it was written. And that made a lot of sense back when the USA had no well-organized military and when the most powerful hand-held weapon was a musket. But that was then, and this is now. We have a well-organized military, therefore, no need for yahoos to have privately-owned guns. Besides, you do know that many enemies to America have drones, right? You get that? You people are essentially bringing guns to a drone fight.

  12. And yet if a terrorist or a person with the intent to harm that crowd emerged and put lives in danger and this man saved them with his legal weapon while the loudmouth people berating him ran, he would then be called a hero by them…..hate to say it but this world is a bit too full of hypocrisy.oh and stupidity apparently..

  13. Another reason for concealed carry. Why put a weapon within reach of someone else who could over power you and do harm to others. I know open carry is legal in many states but use the right with discretion.

  14. These people are the same ones who elected Ovomitt and support Hitlery and people wonder why our country is so messed up!

  15. I would have eventually punched that big mouthed racists negro so hard his rat haired beard would have ran off in shame. That moron speaks for the majority of big mouthed welfare babies who believe the blacks are entitled to rule the streets because they have the cops running for cover afraid of liberal judges who lay with the liberal dogs who pander to the crooks of the cities. That fat, ugly,hatred poor excuse of humanity would be sucking straws for dinner if he would have been in my face like that. And charges would be filed against him for assault too.

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