Anonymous Armslist Seller Seeks to Trade Gator for Gun(s)

   05.07.15 is a popular website where gun owners can sell, buy, or barter for firearms. These kinds of trades usually involve guns, accessories, or outdoor gear, but rarely involve animals and certainly not a three-foot alligator. Yet that is exactly what one person in Akron, Ohio put up for trade on the website.

The listing asked for $250 in cash or a Ruger SR22—or any number of firearms in 9x19mm, .32, or .380. Included in the posting was an upside-down picture of the animal supposedly up for sale, complete with what appears to be duct tape wrapped around the creature’s mouth.

A screenshot of the listing.
A screenshot of the listing.

Not surprisingly, the listing was later taken down, either by the user themselves or the site administrators. Not only does the listing conflict with’s terms of use, selling alligators in Ohio is also prohibited under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 2012 and can come with stiff penalties. Despite this, officers occasionally see alligators and other exotic animals for sale online, although a marketplace for firearms is not usually a place for such deals.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen for sale on Armslist?

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