Video: Leaping Bobcat Nearly Turns Turkey Hunter into the Hunted


Bobcats aren’t like your average house cat. These felines are about 40 pounds of tense, coiled muscle with razor-sharp claws and an inclination to give your face an extreme makeover if you get too close. As this hunter found out the hard way, a bobcat only lets itself seen when it wants to be seen.

“Craziest dam [sic] thing I’ve ever seen turkey huntin for sure!” wrote Bobby Greathouse, who uploaded the video to his Facebook page. “I’m just glad I didn’t squeal like a little school girl.”

Greathouse interrupted his hunt to film the cat, but it soon made it all too clear that it did not enjoy being on camera. The bobcat took a running start at him and then jumped forward—probably with claws extended—at the hunter’s face. Luckily, Greathouse ducked and the cat sailed right on by and disappeared back into the brush.

“I about became lunch this morning!” he wrote.

This is a must watch!!!! I about became lunch this morning!!!!!!

Posted by Bobby Greathouse on Monday, May 4, 2015

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