Country star Brantley Gilbert is already well-known for his tattoo collection, but the singer recently added his biggest contribution yet with a massive back tattoo that includes two handguns and the full text from the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. According to Gilbert, the tattoo was done in parts by friend and artist Carl Grace, who added the 1911-style pistols in February and later added text as well as the stylized word “Amendment” across the musician’s shoulder blades.

“I wanted to take my support of the 2nd amendment to another level, so my boy Carl Grace came by the house and hooked me up yesterday!” Gilbert wrote on Facebook.

Gilbert has vocally supported gun rights in the past, including playing at events hosted by the NRA. When he is not on stage or getting inked up, Gilbert is also an avid hunter.

Image from Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Country Singer Brantley Gilbert Shows His Support for 2A Rights with New Tattoo

  1. GHETTO. While I’ll die forever supporting the 2nd amendment and all of the other amendments, that tattoo is third world ghetto. Why get a tattoo that looks identical to all of the black, white and Hispanic gangsters across America? That calligraphy on the back reminds me of the BGF gang in various prisons. Again, tattoos are no longer “original” nor “shocking.” But the calligraphy trash is completely, wanna-be “gangster.”

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