Pacers Star Paul George Wins His First Fishing Tournament


It’s no secret that many professional athletes, such as Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, love to fish. The relaxing and therapeutic nature of angling often gives athletes a much-needed release from the stress of training and high-stakes games. However, sometimes they get really good at fishing—good enough to win tournaments.

George recently won his first bass fishing tournament this week in Indiana’s Geist Reservoir, and he did not do it alone. The second angler on his two-man team was none other than professional fisherman Jacob Wheeler.

“These things are pretty intense but I’m hooked now,” George said on Instagram, where he posted a picture of him and Wheeler holding their fish. “Love the competition!”

The duo brought in 20.17 pounds of fish to win the Tuesday night tournament, beating out 39 other boats. Despite fishing alongside a professional, George more than pulled his own weight—even landing the largest bass of the night. The basketball player’s biggest fish was a 5.49-pound largemouth bass, which tied with another fish for the heaviest catch of the tournament.

“This time of year, 20 pounds is a really, really good bag,” Kenny Phillips, who runs the tournament, told “14, 15 pounds up until this past Tuesday had been the normal because it’s spawning season.”

George, who has been fishing throughout his NBA career, says that he grew up fishing in California and that it has always been one of his favorite ways to relax.

You can see a video of the weigh-in below:

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