Photo: Shark Greets Camera with a “Smile”


Would you be willing to dip your arm in the water just for a chance to photograph a great white shark? What about a shark that was already smeared with blood from its latest meal? Well, filmmaker Dave Riggs wasn’t about to let something as trivial as abrupt amputation stop him from getting close to one of these magnificent animals.

“This is how a great white ‘sniffs’… it looks frightening but this… it really is… the last dinosaur,” Riggs wrote on Facebook.

This is how a great white “sniffs” .. it looks frightening but this .. it really is .. the last dinosaur .. WE MUST PROTECT this magnificent creature!!!! Photo by Luke Thom for Discovery Shark Week

Posted by Dave Riggs on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The photo—which was actually taken by Luke Thom since Riggs was holding the camera seen in the shot—was captured as part of Discovery channel’s “Shark Week.” Riggs and his crew were coming back from Port Lincoln in South Australia when they found the 14-foot shark in the middle of a meal. As curious as they were about it, the shark also seemed fascinated with the humans.

“Of course, great whites don’t have hands, so, she was researching the area in the only way she knows how and that’s with her mouth,” Riggs said in a video interview.

You can watch that brief interview below:

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