Most outdoorsmen and women are familiar with air guns. They’re great for plinking in areas where discharging a conventional firearm might be unsafe or inadvisable, and you can even use them for pest control and hunting some small game.

But have you ever seen one take down a warthog? We hadn’t—until we saw this video from Realtree Global Hunting. In it, host Ian Harford takes a South African warthog with a Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore air rifle.

Image is a screenshot of video by Team Wild TV on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Hunter Takes Down African Warthog with Big Bore Air Rifle

  1. Hey Outdoor Hub, you said in the article that airguns are great for plinking and pest control, but that you’d never seen one used to hunt larger game such as a warthog. Well, here’s a heads-up for you that you may want to follow up on in future articles.

    Many states (such as Arizona) are now allowing Big Bore air rifles to be used in hunting many big game species. I’m on the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Chapter of Safari Club International, and we’ve got another guy on our BOD, Kip Perow, who is affiliated with a company named Airguns of Arizona that specialize in these Big Bore air rifles. Kip has the distinction of being the first person to use Big Bore air rifles to harvest the first Javelina, the first Mountain Lion, and the first Black Bear in the state of Arizona. In addition, Mule Deer and Pronghorn are permitted in AZ. Kip has also hunted several Plains Game species in Africa with Big Bore air rifle. They have produced a series of high quality videos of the hunts and posted them to YouTube. Here’s a link to their YouTube page:

    Hope you find this interesting and useful.

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