A lucky couple fishing at the beach in Sanibel, Florida got a shock when they hooked a massive 300-pound goliath grouper last month. Catching such a large grouper from shore is a relatively rare occurrence, and witnesses said it took the anglers about an hour to reel the beast in.

“You would never expect that in a surf situation. You don’t catch fish like that by casting in to the surf,” Taylor Buckley, a local angler who watched the catch, told WRAL TV.

The fish was eventually released safely, but some criticized the anglers for allegedly keeping the grouper out of water for too long.

According to Florida regulations, goliath groupers must be returned to the water as soon as possible. Groupers should never be brought out of the water since their skeletal structure cannot adequately support their weight in a non-fluid environment. Measurements and photographs of the fish are allowed, but only when the fish is already returned to the water.

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Posted by WRAL TV on Thursday, April 23, 2015

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One thought on “Video: Florida Couple Reels In Giant Grouper from Shore

  1. Actually, you are not supposed to take them out of the water at all. Pics and measure in the water. Also I doubt they would be able to lift a 300+ Goliath anyway. It is not that rare anymore to catch them in shallow water. They are on every reef, deep, and now starting to be on every oyster bar shallow too. They reside in every nursery area, and numbers of other fish are in decline. Except the American Red Snapper, another species that is “federally protected”. The results are becoming devastating to other fish species. The regs need to be changed. The populations have swung the wrong way. This is actually a story about a fishery way out of whack.

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