While training for his role as the supervillain and sometimes antihero Deadshot in DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad, Will Smith had ample opportunity to practice his skills at a gun range in Moorpark, California. According to TMZ, Smith spent a day at the range training with consultants from the Navy SEALs and Army Rangers using Glock handguns and a competition-built AR-15. Deadshot, a highly accurate assassin who was initially introduced in the comics as an enemy of Batman, is often portrayed with an AR-15 style rifle. Pictures from the set of Suicide Squad also show Smith carrying an AR-15 prominently.

As it turns out, Smith isn’t too shabby with firearms off the set either.

Will Smith is hardly a stranger to action films, having previously starred in movies such as Independence Day and I Am Legend. Yet the Hollywood icon angered some fans earlier this year when he suggested that “gun culture” complicated racial tensions in America.

“What we’re really talking about in this issue is people walking around the street with guns that can make a decision whether or not they’re going to kill someone, right?” Smith told Esquire magazine. “And that’s even more difficult, because there’s really no way back from that. This is a gun culture. And it’s painful for me, because I cannot figure out how to be helpful.”

Image screenshot of video by Maxlive Media on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Will Smith Shows Off His AR-15 Skills at a Gun Range

  1. He was talking specifically about people carrying guns illegally, not about the law abiding concealed carrier. Gangbangers and dope slingers, not Mass Ayoob.

  2. He’s a liberal. Has body gaurds for himself and his flaky family. This is preporatory work for a part (pretending to be something he isn’t). He still is all about getting his (PERKS), while we bitter clingers should not have ours (we’re stupid, or bigoted, prone to violence, or some other degrading attitude about us). Don’t fall for his pretentious partisan politics. REMEMBER, HOLLYWOOD IS ALL ABOUT DISPELLING DISBELIEF. iT’S ALL ABOUT MAKING YOU BELIEVE THE LIES THEY TELL US. DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES, AND KEEP AS MUCH OF YOUR MONEY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN.

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