Video: Hiker Stumbles into Snake Pit


Why did it have to be snakes?

If Indiana Jones knew that one of the risks of hiking was stumbling into a pit of snakes, he might never go hiking again. Thankfully, the person who recorded the video below is not Indiana Jones, and he had what appears to be a camera on a stick.

Without endangering himself, the man pokes the camera into the snake den to get an up-close view of what appears to be some sort of mating ball.

These kinds of gatherings are not uncommon for certain snake species, and if you’re interested in finding one, you might want to consider a trip to Manitoba, Canada. During mating season, more than 75,000 red garter snakes gather in the aptly named Narcisse Snake Dens to breed. It is the one of the largest gatherings of snakes anywhere in the world, and for those with ophidiophobia, or a fear of snakes, it is quite possibly their worst nightmare.

You can see a glimpse of it below:

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