This is what happens when you say you can handle it, but you can’t.

In fact, it seems like at least half of the videos on YouTube showing a Smith & Wesson Model 500 feature at least one person smacking themselves in the face with it. While this may be amusing, handing off a powerful revolver to someone who is unprepared for it can be dangerous.

This woman almost manages to knock herself out with one of the big wheelguns—or worse.

No matter what type of gun you’re using, always remember to practice basic firearm safety. In the case of the S&W 500, some additional instruction may be required—such as hitting the gym for a few weeks so you can build up the wrist, arm, and shoulder strength to handle its tremendous recoil.

Image screenshot of video by fullautophx on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Shooter Nearly Knocks Herself Out with S&W 500 Revolver

  1. Whoever she was with, should have gone over body, arm, hand position. This could have wound up very badly. Consider it lesson learned. Do not take it for granted that with safe gun handling over a long period of time, that the accidents can’t happen. That’s exactly when they happen. I lost a cousin at 16 years old, to a hunting accident. In a moment of carelessness, even though everyone present was a life long hunter, well trained and ALL pressed safety, a jammed shotgun fired when a young man tried to eject and reload. Unfortunately for him, and his brother who was accidentally hit with the fatal shot, it’s a burden he has to live with. Sadly too, he has never hunted since. Don’t take your rights for granted…

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