Video: Alligator Viciously Tears Bumper Off Truck


Do you think you’re safe from North America’s largest reptile just because you’re in a truck? Think again, because this man found out firsthand what happens when you mess with an angry gator.

To review, the American alligator has one of the strongest bites of any living animal, second to only saltwater crocodiles. Scientists found in a laboratory test that an alligator’s bite can produce a force of up to 2,125┬ápounds per square inch (psi). In comparison, the average dog bite only produces 325 psi while even the great white shark, the terror of the seas, produces a relatively measly bite of 625 psi.

An alligator’s bite is, in a word, crushing. It’s certainly not an animal you’d want to play with, even in the relative safety of your car.

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