Video: Dogs Retrieve Giant Salmon from Stream


Dogs are great hunting companions, but did you know they can also be accomplished anglers? During an outing to a stream, these two canines decide to take advantage of some lethargic salmon and do a little bit of fishing themselves.

While the video is fascinating, it should be stressed that dogs should not be encouraged to pursue this type of behavior. Not only can this be considered salmon harassment by wildlife officials, but allowing dogs to hunt and consume wild fish can be harmful to their digestive systems. The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Ken Wiesner as a warning to other dog owners.

“I was not there this day.,” he wrote in the description. “A friend took my dogs to the river and they spotted salmon in the river. They instinctively started chasing and catching the fish. My friend had a video camera with her so she videoed the entire event. I would not have let them do this as it’s best to leave the fish to their┬ánatural life cycle.”

Wiesner added that the salmon had already completed their spawn and would die naturally on their own.

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