In normal circumstances, shooting 20 rounds from a 1911 in less than 1.5 seconds—on target, no less—is absurd. Even when you throw in a second 1911, it’s still a tall order for speed shooter Jerry Miculek. He may be a wizard on the firing line, but there’s only so much he can do to challenge the laws of physics.

So in comes the double-barreled 1911 from Arsenal Firearms. Introduced roughly 100 years after the original, this “Second Century” 1911 from the Italian gun maker offers shooters twice the firepower and twice the fun. After all, who needs four arms when you can just make your guns shoot more bullets?

“The experience is quite different,” Jerry said in his summary of the pistol. “I do have to say, there’s a lot of horsepower. You’re shooting two .45 ACP 230[grain] round ball ammunition at one time, at one trigger pull. So you’re getting 460 grains of lead downrange. So the thump that you feel is close to a .500 magnum, maybe a little bit less.”

Image screenshot of video by The Leaders in Gun Control! on YouTube

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11 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Miculek Rapid-fires Two Double-barreled 1911s

  1. is not the definition of a machine gun that it fires more than one round with a single pull of the trigger?

    1. Exactly… 12ga shotguns for example have a special exemption for “sporting purposes” but 9 projectiles leaving the muzzle per pull of the trigger would make it a machine gun. And not only that having a bore diameter of .650 makes it a “dangerous device” as well since any firearm with a bore diameter exceeding .50 (50 caliber) is essentially a cannon requiring a special license.

      All you FUDD’s out there that don’t really participate in the evil black rifles debate, your 12 gauge duck guns already have two strikes!

    2. each pistol has 2 triggers that both need to be pulled independently. The hammers however are connected so the shots are fired simultaneously.

  2. Notice Jerry’s two-gun technique? He never fires both at once — even at that speed, he fires each hand alternately, and quite likely adjusts aim accordingly. Impressive!

    1. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s the ammo making it shoot more than one projectile, the GUN is still legal. This has one trigger, but two trigger mechanisms and two separate hammers. Legal.

      1. The AF-2011 has 2 triggers, but either trigger fires both rounds at the same time and it only has one hammer which is released by either trigger. They are available in the United States, the U.S. importer is International Firearm Corporation out of Oklahoma City. 1-844-IFC-GUNS

  3. What are you a bunch of liberals at least you are talking like one if you are maybe you shouldn’t be watching this you tube channel children buzz kill.

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