Does a no-limit pay lake really have no limits? Not according to Kentucky angler Ron Riordan, who said he was recently kicked out of one pay lake in South Louisville because he caught too many fish. Riordan recently posted a video of a confrontation between him and a representative of Horseshoe Pay Lake, who told the angler that he was catching too much fish and needed to leave.

“You’re done here. Period,” said the representative in the video.

“Why am I done? It’s a no-limit lake,” Riordan protested.

“For you, there’s a limit on you,” the representative answered.

You can see the video below:

Horseshoe paylake that was me

Posted by Ron Riordan on Thursday, May 14, 2015


According to its Facebook page, Horseshoe Pay Lake offers 12 hours of fishing for $20. Anglers are limited to two poles and are advised against fishing dams or bridges, but otherwise are not limited in the number of fish they can keep. According to the property owners, Riordan was asked to leave because he consistently came to the lake and kept large numbers of fish, which took away opportunities from other anglers.

“The lake is a business. We want everyone to have a fair chance to catch fish, including kids and beginners. When a handful of fisherman decide they are going to catch 50+ fish REPEATEDLY through out the week, they not only hurt the business, but the average fisherman’s chance to catch including kids,” the owners wrote on Facebook. “A very good example is an all you can eat buffet. Can you go there pay, then eat breakfast, stay for lunch, stay for dinner, then fill a backpack with food and leave? No, we call that common sense.”

Representatives also said that Riordan edited the video to make them seem unreasonable, and suspect that the angler may have been keeping fish to sell.

“He caught 80 [fish] in one trip, lets say average 3 lbs. That’s 240lbs of fish. 1.65 x 240 = 396$. We didn’t say a word. But when he comes back repeatedly to do the same there is a problem. I’ve never filet [sic] 240lbs of fish in one night in my life, my best bet says they where [sic] sold,” wrote one of the owners.

Riordan, a trucker and reel maker, hotly denies that he was catching fish to sell. He told WDRB that he caught 31 fish during the seven-hour trip before he got booted, which, while it is not a small amount of fish, is also not excessive for an experienced angler in a well-stocked lake. According to property owners, Horseshoe Lake stocks around 6,000 to 7,000 pounds of fish a week.

“I feed my family. I donate them to charity. I give them to people who needs them,” Riordan said.

The angler added that if the lake wanted anglers to watch their fish count, then it should stop advertising itself as a no-limit lake. The owners responded by saying that the lake will remain no-limit, as long as no one abuses the rules.

“Our lake will remain no limit with common sense (not going to take advantage of no limit for personal gain),” the owners wrote.

Horseshoe Lake has been in operation for about one year.

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13 thoughts on “Man Booted from “No-limit” Fishing Lake for Catching Too Many Fish

  1. No wonder I grew up in Indiana hearing so many Kentucky jokes. The proprietor’s logic seems a bit flawed.

  2. Kicking him off for catching too many fish is a no go, but not letting him ever come back is fine. Private business, right to refuse. Our local big box sporting goods store has 22 ammo in stock because they refuse service to the guys that are known for flipping it on the gun show circuit. It’s always nice to see someone stand up to those taking advantage.

  3. Guy may have been “abusing” the system, but you resolve that by making a limit. He loses his fishing, they lose thier “no limit!” Advertisement.

  4. i agree with owner- there is always someone who wants to abuse the system. Put up a “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Greedy fisherman- IMHO.

  5. If they are going to kick people off for being succesful fishermen nobody will want to fish there.and they may be opening themselves to a lawsuit

  6. If they want to enforce a vague concept like common sence they should perhaps set a maximum weight limit after wich you switch to catch and release

  7. I know afew lawyers who are talented fishermen its how they destress on the weekends.I can only imagine what any of them would do to this lake owner.

  8. remind myself not to open up a fishing lake. Check!
    Get the pitchforks! The fish lake owner is part of the eeeeevil one percent and must be taken dowwnnnnnn! hahahahahahahaha

  9. If you say no limit it is no limit. they should give him his money back. Then tell him he is not welcome back. Bad management.

  10. for my 2 cents in here … that person was abusing the place … as all of us know who fish and hunt . if and when all of us fish we keep what we can eat for our family or our-self’s not catch a mass of fish like he was doing and just give all it away and come back … and do it again and again … to me that AHOLE is abusing the whole lake system … time for a change and growth for the lake … limit must be set for fishing and time … that would fix the problem

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