Video: Incredibly Buff Kangaroo Dominates Australian Town


Nobody knows why “Dave,” a six-foot, six-inch male kangaroo with an intimidating physique, is currently living in the Brisbane neighborhood of North Lake. According to CNN, the muscle-bound marsupial has been wandering all over town for about a week, startling residents and generally being a nuisance.

“He’s very intimidating, he’s a big boy,” local resident Linda Hellyer, who had recently run into the animal while walking her dogs, told Yahoo 7 News.

“He’s got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything and he stood up because he was obviously a bit frightened of the dogs,” she said.

As Australia’s largest native mammal, red kangaroos can become quite big. Large mature males have been known to reach up to almost seven feet in height, and some have even been recorded at weights of over 330 pounds. Kangaroos are also massively powerful animals, especially when it comes to their kicks. Red kangaroos will use their tail to support their weight while they spar with opponents, and a single kick can disable predators such as dingoes.

We’re not sure why Dave is hanging out in this suburb either, but maybe he should think about laying off the protein shakes. This is certainly one roo we don’t want to mess with.

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